Issue: 2010 # 2 March 2, 2010
2010, Year of Truth and Accountability
Angel Valley in Motion
The Secret of Creating Miracles, March 19-21
The Ordination in the Order of Melchizedek

by Rev. Dan Chesbro,

originally scheduled February 13th,

was postponed because of the weather conditions at the Atlanta airport, where Rev. Dan was supposed to catch his flight to Phoenix.

The new scheduled date is

May 15, 2010
We are inviting those of you who would like

 to spend some time
at Angel Valley

in exchange for volunteer work

in an area
of your expertise,
to contact us.

We are working with a small team,
whereas there are many projects waiting to be tackled.

Please, contact us, and let us discuss
whether we can create a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Have you visited
our website recently?

If not,
our new website
has been up
since a few weeks.
We invite you
to follow us as we are developing the site, making it more and more beautiful
and alive.

We decided to have the new site 'live' before it was completely finished.

 Our previous site contained too much that reflected less and less the new flow
that we are in.

We are open to receive
your comments
and suggestions

Your response
helps us to know
whether what we intend to radiate
is reaching you.

There is a real excitement about getting our organic vegetable garden going.

Our team
is having visions of veggies and flowers in great abundance!

Spring is itching inside of us....

And.... with our magical structured water the garden
will flourish
more abundantly
than ever before.

Speaking of water:
Are you aware that you can have the same amazing quality
of the water
in your home
as Angel Valley has?


1. Locals can come and fill up at our faucets and have FREE STRUCTURED DRINKING WATER

2. You can purchase your own structured water device for your home, your shower, your kitchen, your garden or your pool from us!
Please call us!


Did you read some of the prognoses for 2010? The ones that crossed our path had one message in common: this year is going to be a year when TRUTH and ACCOUNTABILITY are values that are going to be in the forefront.
We feel that this will occur on many, many levels, first and foremost inside ourselves. More strongly than ever before we will have opportunities to be true, to ourselves first and consequently to the world around us. We will find truths revealed, maybe not always in the ways we expect. Life will present its truths. Either we are willing to face them or we are not. As always we have choices to make. Our choices do not affect the truth itself, it just creates the circumstances we will live in. Our choices do reflect our sense of INTEGRITY and IMPECCABILITY.

We enjoy being on this path of truth!

After a few quiet winter weeks we have just completed our first two retreats of 2010 and are preparing for the next group coming in this week.
We are excited to have so many Canadian guests, as we want to show off our gorgeous winters. Well, our winter is quite wet this year. Thank you, Creator! Fortunately for those who are used to living with large heaps of snow, Sedona still feels like heaven. We had our first days with temperatures in the 60s.....
Springtime, the magical season of new life and growth is coming, on all levels!

We are preparing for a busy season. For those who have not decided yet, we want to share that Angel Valley IS ready for you and that there is still space on our calendar for both Individual and Group Retreats. It is an honor and a great joy to continue being part of the lives of all those wonderful people who are committed to live from their heart, and to witness the impact that Angel Valley has on them.

In the meantime we are taking care of a number of issues that are on our path. We know that everything happens for a reason and to the best of our ability we uncover what the messages and lessons are behind the more challenging situations that we are facing.

Once again, from the bottom of our heart we want to thank everybody who has sent us prayers and light through the occurrences of the past 5 months. Never before have we been showered with so much love and support by so many. We feel it personally. And we know that the sacred land under our guardianship is bathing in it.

As much as we would prefer to have the challenges behind us, there are still some that need attention. Therefore we ask all of you to continue holding us and our work at Angel Valley in your loving embrace.

We are one with you all!

Michael and Amayra Hamilton

Amayra and Michael Hamilton

and the beautiful beings of the current Angel Valley Steward Team:
Kirstin, Ingrid, Fawn, Sue, Rutilo,
Suellen, Bill, Lynn, Anita, Lindy,
Charleen, Michael, Ceci,
Phil and Michael G.

Program Schedule:

1-4pm             Check In
5:30pm           Dinner
7-9pm             Michael Hamilton:  Trusting Our Higher Self,
                       Balancing the Practical with the Mystical
7-9am             Breakfast
7:30-8:30am   Amayra Hamilton:  Creative Tai Ji
10-12am         Jacquelyn Aldana:  The One-Minute Miracle™,
                       Rapid Removal of Issues in Your Tissues I,

12:30pm         Lunch
1-3pm             Nature Time, Alternative Individual Bodywork
3-5pm             Jacquelyn Aldana:  The One-Minute Miracle™,
                       Rapid Removal of Issues in Your Tissues II, 5:30pm           Dinner

7-9pm            Jacquelyn Aldana:  The One-Minute Miracle™,
                       Rapid Removal of Issues in Your Tissues III,

7-9am             Breakfast
7:30-8:30am   Amayra Hamilton:  Creative Tai Ji
10-12am         Steven Ross:
                       Managing Creative Energies, as We Are All Creators

12:30pm         Lunch
2-3pm             Spring Equinox Celebration
3-5pm             Clayton Nolte:
                       Connecting With Truth, Allowing Energy to Flow

5:30pm           Dinner
7:00pm           Informal Integration & Evaluation
7-9 am            Breakfast
11:00am         Check Out
Your Participation and Contribution Options:
There are no pre-set prices for this 3-Day "Secrets of Creating Miracles Retreat." Instead we are developing a New Paradigm concept called Conscious Energy Exchange. We are creating an opportunity of being in the "Now Moment" and making it a choice for you what energy you wish to exchange based upon your Divine Inner Guidance.

Our financial support comes from The Creator and flows through people like You! We invite you to connect with Your Higher Self and Your Heart to listen closely and feel what is flowing through you from The Creator. Whatever you are guided to offer in exchange for your partici­pation will be divinely inspired and will be the perfect amount for you to share.

The retreat will conclude on Monday morning by 11:00AM. Before leaving the retreat, you will have had an opportunity to assess what has been shared with you and what you have received. We invite you to listen to your inner God-Self and honor the amount your Higher Self is suggesting you give in exchange for the value you received. In other words, if you feel you have received a lot you, then give a lot. If you feel you have received nothing, then give nothing. The choice is entirely up to you and your Inner God-Self. We are aware that this is a concept that may be unfamiliar for many, yet we are committed to explore this path. For more information on Conscious Energy Exchange, read about this subject at  www.angelvalley.org/pages/aboutus/avm/conenex.html

If the Conscious Energy Exchange Concept feels uncomfortable to you, which we fully understand, you are welcome to refer to the standard prices listed below that are based upon an Old Paradigm way of calculating what services or products are worth and what is expected if you wish to participate.

Options of Participation with Old Paradigm Rates:
Full weekend, including 3 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 3 dinners,
and 3 nights lodging                                                               $994.00
Full weekend, (NO LODGING) including 3 breakfasts,
2 lunches, 3 dinner                                                                 $685.00
Full weekend, (NO LODGING) including 2 lunches,
1 Saturday dinner                                                                   $587.00
Saturday only, including 1 lunch and 1 dinner                        $437.00
Sunday only, including 1 lunch                                               $106.00

Old Paradigm Price Breakdown:
A.  In an old paradigm way of establishing the price of a retreat, we would start with the workshop pricing based upon who was doing what and what would be their regular charge per participant based on an intimate group. This would be as follows:
Jacquelyn Aldana, The One-Minute Miracle Makeover:        $397.00
Steven Ross, Managing Creative Energies:                          $  44.00
Clayton Nolte, Connecting With Truth:                                  $  44.00
Michael Hamilton, Trusting Our Higher Self:                         $  44.00
Creative Tai Ji Movement Class: 2 X $9.00                           $  18.00
Total Amount                                                                         $547.00

B.  Then we would add separate pricing for the meals and the lodging. These are established amounts based on what Angel Valley needs to receive in order to meet our expenses. The standard pricing for a group retreat is $155.00 per day per person. The breakdown is as follows:
Breakfast:            $  12.00
Lunch:                 $  18.00
Dinner:                 $  22.00
Lodging:               $103.00

C.  Based upon the individual prices above, the price for a full weekend in the Old Paradigm would be $994.00. With the New Paradigm, as we said before, there are no set rates.

Various Forms of Conscious Energy Exchange:
The Conscious Energy Exchange option includes both monetary exchanges and exchanges in other forms, such as your time and skills in the areas of gardening, plumbing, electricity, kitchen (before, during or after the event), office assistance or other tasks that need to be fulfilled at Angel Valley in order to flourish.

In our commitment to build this bridge between the Old and the New Paradigm, we invite you to give us a call and discuss the issue with us.
Michael will be happy to speak to you at (928) 634-2400.

Or, if you are up for the experiment, just come and take every opportunity that presents itself during the weekend to explore this theme with us.


Since overnight lodging accommodations and meeting space is limited, it's to your advantage to make your reservations early. This way, we can be of service to you in the most optimal way. For reservations or questions about anything, please call Amayra or Michael Hamilton at (928) 634-2400.