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January 19, 2010
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First and foremost, we continue to send our prayers to the families of those that died or were injured as a result of the Sweat Lodge Ceremony that took place on October 8, 2009 on the sacred land of Angel Valley. We offer our love and support to the other participants that were impacted. We understand that recovery from the trauma and the physical and emotional wounds takes time and we wish for all to find the best path to heal and a full integration within themselves.
By now many of the details around what occurred on that day along with all that lead up to and then followed the incident have been documented and released by the Sheriff's Department and reported by the media. Because of the several lawsuits that include us and that are pending, we will not be making any statements until after our private interviews with Yavapai County Sheriff's office are released.

We do want to share what we have done since the event. Our focus has been on healing and on responding to all that is requiring our attention. Our focus is on learning from the experiences as we continue on our path. In that process we have returned to our roots and are ready to put our Ministry out into the world in a more pronounced way.
Since we arrived on this sacred land in 2002 we have done our best to live in harmony with the land under our stewardship, to respect and honor this sacred land. We invited others to Angel Valley to be supported on their journey, even if we would not fully understand or necessarily agree with their programs or methods. Our Vision, Philosophy and Mission have been important to us. Yet we did not make it a requirement that every facilitator should embrace our beliefs.
We have come to see that, in giving them the space to have their own perspectives, we were not impeccable as Stewards of Angel Valley. We have taken the opportunity to reevaluate our Vision, Philosophy, and Mission statements. They clearly state where we are going. You can find them on our website. Angel Valley's doors are wide open for those who find a resonance with our Philosophy. They are encouraged to become Co-Creators with Angel Valley in the commitment to experience the birth of a New Paradigm Reality. Those who do not feel in harmony with Angel Valley will be guided elsewhere.
Living our Ministry and its philosophy fully has far-reaching consequences, including financial ones and policy changes.
Actual steps that we have taken are multiple. First we are proud to announce our new website, which is now almost completed. Please, re-visit over the coming weeks and you will find more and more pages to enjoy.
Those of you who have been here recently or who have been following us closely, are aware that we had started to bring in new concepts. We have shared the vision that Michael had in July 2008, about a New Paradigm Community. A new approach around money went hand in hand with the community concept, which we call Conscious Energy Exchange. We have done several experiments that have been quite fascinating. Recent events have prompted us to move from being experimental to making the leap of faith and go for it. You can read more on the New Paradigm Community and on Conscious Energy Exchange on the website.
People keep asking us whether we are open. Absolutely, we have been open. Even though we still keep our gate closed, we invite people in when they call at the gate. The response from both individuals and groups who were here has been that Angel Valley feels more tranquil than ever before. It feels like all that has happened is creating a deepened experience. The land and everything on it has been cleansed and healed by a variety of healers from different traditions, including Native American. We welcome you to return and experience all that is new at Angel Valley and continue what has been put in motion during your previous visit.
We are grateful for prayers and financial support from all those who feel connected with us!
Revs. Mic
hael and Amayra Hamilton

Amayra and Michael Hamilton
Special Ceremony
Ordination in the Order of Melchizedek
by Rev. Dan Chesbro

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