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June 19, 2009

Angel Valley with its 70 acres is nestled in a secluded pristine valley approximately 20 minutes from the center of Sedona, Arizona, and is surrounded by thousands of acres of National Forest. The beautiful green belt of Oak Creek adds lushness to this high desert sanctuary with the creek flowing through Angel Valley year round. The famous Sedona Red Rocks assist in creating a unique energy to support your journey of self-discovery, healing and self-realization. 

Angel Valley's mission is to create a nurturing and inviting environment for all who connect with Angel Valley to be supported in fully exploring and expressing their True Natural God Selves and to experience Heaven on Earth. This is achieved through creating facilities, lodging, retreats, services, programs and activities that support those invited, called or guided to Angel Valley.  
For the past seven years we, Michael and Amayra Hamilton, have been the sole legal owners of Angel Valley's 70 acres of Sacred Ground.  The time has come to build the bridge from the old paradigm of single ownership to the New Paradigm of Stewardship. We are building this bridge with other kindred spirits focused on the creation of A New Paradigm Community. In order to manifest this Community we will need to attract and create the financial abundance required.

During this next phase we will attract people who are passionate about the manifestation of this New Paradigm - people who believe and trust that we can begin building today and that by December 21, 2012 the foundations of this new reality will be manifested.    

We are inviting all who have visited Angel Valley, have felt this sacred land talking to them, to now listen to their inner voice for guidance. If you feel your inner guidance calling you to be active in some way we welcome you to become a part of this Birthing Process of creating a Sacred Ground Stewardship for Angel Valley. For more sharing and information please call Michael Hamilton at 928-639-1112.

This is an exciting adventure of being in the Now Moment and Following the Direct Guidance and Instructions from our Higher Self on how to Build the Bridge into the New Paradigm!

Michael & Amayra Hamilton, Founders
Angel Valley Sedona

Anchoring the Inner Knowing
in the Valley of the Angels

I came to Angel Valley without expectation and with an open heart.  Opening to listen and receive, I was gently swept into a journey of unconditional self love.  While on the land, I found a return to immanent light, purity and love - a place of unmediated experience - beyond any religion, dogma or teaching - a place where soul, self and source are one.  

Sitting in the middle of the labyrinth, I received an immense healing.  I was held in a tower of light.  Through my own intent and the intentional fields of the land, the devas, and the angels of the valley, a portal opened
through our Sun to the Great Central Sun and to Source.  Hands of light enveloped and embraced me, re-patterning the light matrix of my heart and the crystal of my third eye.  My third eye sparked and sparkled with a new vibrancy, and I felt doubtlessness enter my whole self, a knowing that my seeing and my heart would forever be reconnected in clarity.  I felt these beings assisting me in my own intention to release my "trust" in doubt and to choose to fully trust in the divine unfolding through me.  

I went into the labyrinth with questions.  I received something far more precious than answers - inner knowing and self surrender.  These gifts are the living keys to abundance and peace.

Angel Valley is a place for seekers who are ready to be found, dreamers who are ready to create, and lovers who are willing to be the love they seek.  Michael and Amayra, the land, the energies, and all the many beings over-souling the space offer a collaborative ministry to the soul.  It is a gem on our beautiful earth.  For one ready to receive, it is place of miracle, magic and grace.


From: Samantha Sweetwater -
A group participant and co-facilitator in May, 2009.
An Ascension At Angel Valley
Interview by
Adam Abraham

Adam talks with Cindy Shields, from Edmonton, Alberta, who recounts a transformational journey she made at Angel Valley retreat near Sedona, Arizona. While visiting the land of the energy vortex, Cindy was "touched" by the cacti, followed by lizards, covered in mud, sung to by frogs, and challenged by a mountain named Rafael, to uncover and be reunited with the love that she had forgotten as her Self.

Exciting Email Interaction
Group Creek
We want to share part of an exciting email interaction that has been inspiring for us, and could be inspiring for all who read it.

From: Anahita
Sent: Friday, June 05, 2009 2:30 PM

Dear Brother or Sister, My name is Anahita. I'm a 28 year young woman living in Amsterdam. I am a born energetic healer. I visited Sedona last April when I visited the Return of the Ancestors Gathering. Visiting Sedona felt like finally coming home for I never felt at home in Amsterdam. To make a long story short; I want to dedicate my life healing people. I heard about Angel Valley from someone I met at the Gathering who really turned out to be an angel. So my question is; is there any possibility for me to come and work for you? I don't need to be paid, but I would need a place to sleep. Please don't get me wrong I don't want to bother you, I just feel really drawn to Angel Valley and the synchronic events that took place in Sedona are leading me to you. So if there is any opening for an energetic healer, please let me know, I would be honored to be able to use my healing abilities and be in service for humanity. In Love and Light, Anahita
Our Reply contained a number of questions, to which she responded with a more detailed description of herself. Wewant to share the following excerpt:

Dear Michael,

The reason I feel I don't need to be paid is that I believe in a world of harmony and love. The energy that I give based on love will be sent back to me by the universe on the same base: love. Working this way I know the universe and mother earth will take care of me. It's just a choice of living on trust, faith and love. Instead of fear and the false security that money brings. It also won't take long before money will have no value, so why not start building a community based on taking care of each other today? There is no lack of anything on earth, and the idea that we need money to survive is just a concept, an illusion that we all support in our daily lives in western society, because we feel there is no other option.

So basically I'm just preparing for what is coming and I hope there are people that feel the same way.
In the end we are all connected, so we should take care of each other. As Don Alejandro, president of the Maya council said beautifully; we are one, like the fingers on a hand.
Live Broadcast from Angel Valley