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The energy of the Journey of the Crystal Skull Guardian gathering is building as people from around the world continue to register.  We are very pleased to announce some additional opportunities to explore and understand these Crystal phenomenons and their relationship to our human and planetary journey.

Cyrstal Skull Guardian Flyer


World Renown Crystal Skull Carver 

Leandro of Brazil

It is an honor to share with you that the world renown Crystal Skull carver, stone carver and artist Leandro from Brazil will be coming to the Journey of the Crystal Skull Guardian event. Leandro will present his unique perspective on being the guardian of Crystal Skulls through the eyes of the Crystal Skulls that he is guided to carve. During the event Leandro will be demonstrating the art and energy of Crystal Skull carving, providing a unique opportunity for those present to witness this creation process.
As described by the guardian of one of the Skulls he has carved, "Leandro, is a very interesting man and the Skull's that are now being carved are a whole "new generation" of Crystal Skulls.  His ability to carve outstanding skulls, artistically and intuitively can readily be seen in the eyes and smiles on the Skulls he has/is carving."
Leandro has shared his perspective and connection in these words, "I am fascinated by stones, but even more fascinated by the energy the stones give me and my sculptures. I do not choose what will become of a stone; the stone itself moves me to create the form that it wishes to exist in. I love art, stones, the people that work with me, and I love knowing that people truly appreciate the sculptures that have been created by my hands"

We are also excited to announce that additional sessions will be available with some very special contemporary Crystal Skulls facilitated by their guardians.
Blue Star MaidenThe Pyramid of the Blue Star Maiden is being offered for guided meditations by Gary Butler as well as time to sit with the Blue Star Maiden, the Bearer of light (the Palulucon), the Amber Grandmother and the Ancient Maiden. The Guided meditation will allow each person to sit with the pyramid and have memories awakened and skulls activated through ritual. Space by each of the skulls will be provided for your crystals and crystal skulls to gather energy's and share programming of love and peace from the energies of this sacred space, the gifts of Angel Valley and Sedona.
Sam and Jaap
Jaap van Etten and Jeanne Michaels invite you to experience Sam both for your personal growth and transformation but also to help inspire you to what you can do with your own contemporary crystal skull. Experience the possibility that the healing and transformational powers of a contemporary crystal skull can be similar to that of the ancient ones. All crystal skulls differ from each other in both the amount and type of information contained within them. In general ancient skulls contain more information than contemporary ones. In general ancient crystal skulls also have a higher degree of activation than contemporary skulls. There are a growing number of contemporary crystal skulls, like Sam, that are highly activated and also contain vast amounts of information. 

A Memorable Event  

Setting the Intention for Our


Mitchel-Hedges and Baby


 The Journey of the Crystal Skull Guardian is an event that will take us on a journey into discovering where we have been with Crystal Skulls, where we are and where we are going.
Group Ceremony Crystal Skull alter 

On the last day of the event we will hold a special ceremony that we have named "the calling of the crystal skulls". It is a calling to bring the crystal skulls out into the world and to bring them together. There is no doubt that there are crystal skulls that have not yet been found. There are crystal skulls that are kept in hiding by tribal people, secret societies and private collectors. By sending out the "call" through the energy grids of the Earth it will reach all who need to hear to prepare them consciously or unconsciously for bringing out the skulls that they are the caretaker of or to guide people to crystal skulls that are still hidden in the Earth. We will use the power of the people and the crystal skulls present in what will be an important and powerful part of the event.

Information and Registration 
 For more information about the Journey of the Crystal Skull Guardian event or to register, call
 928-634-1320/800-393-6308 or click on the following link to our web site Journey of the Crystal Skull Guardian
If you are interested in attending please note that regisration will be closing in 2 weeks.
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