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Cyrstal Skull Guardian Flyer 

The Evolving Relationship Between Guardian and Crystal Skull

Join us for an adventure and exploration in to the depths of working with crystal skulls; of the journey of being a crystal skull guardian and caretaker. We will explore this journey through the eyes and the experiences of those who are the guardians of ancient skulls as well as those who are guardians of contemporary skulls.
Many people who are already a crystal skull caretaker have begun to understand the depth of their continuously unfolding journey with these wonderful tools and friends. With a deeper understanding of what crystal skulls are and what they do for us the role of the caretaker begins to change. During the event we will explore these changing roles and consequently the change of responsibilities.
Guardians have stories about their skulls. Several years ago it seemed as if only guardians of ancient skulls had stories. Now we find that guardians of contemporary skulls also have beautiful and touching stories about their experiences with their crystal skull(s). At the event you will have the opportunity to share your own personal stories and those of others who will be attending.


 Explore the Power of Crystal Skulls


People who connect and work with crystal skulls, whether ancient or contemporary, find that crystal skulls have something special. Many feel powerful energies, go into a deep meditative state, receive information and even experience powerful healing. Although skeptics may say it is imagination, there are increasing indications that crystal skulls do have an effect on us. Experiences show that crystal skulls are wonderful and powerful tools that support many people in different ways on their journey of discovering who they are.
Crystal skulls have qualities that impact all who work with them. They are reflectors and refractors, they help us to attune, they are transmitters and they store information. While working with crystal skulls at least one of these qualities is experienced. The most commonly used quality is that of reflection: the 'mirror' that helps us to see ourselves.
Crystal skulls not only have an effect on human beings, they also affect the energies of the Earth. Earth energies are important because they support all living beings. Connecting with these energies contributes to health and well-being. This task of stewardship belongs to mankind. Crystal skulls help us to reconnect to Earth energies, to re-activate these energies and to give form to our stewardship.
During the event we will explore these qualities of the crystal skulls.
                           This event will be a journey in itself!

Registering for the Event 

There are only a few rooms still available at Angel Valley for the event. 
For more information about the event and registering for it click on the following link to The Journey of the Crystal Skull Guradian or call Angel Valley at 928-634-1320 or 800-393-6308.
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