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   The Crystal Skulls are coming to Angel Valley 
                     September 26 - 28, 2008
 Cyrstal Skull Guardian Flyer
 'The Journey of the Crystal Skull Guardians', is an Event for EVERYONE who is interested in crystal skulls. A Crystal Skull Guardian is a person who takes care of and has responsibility for a crystal skull. That person is in charge of or has custody over a crystal skull, whether small or big, ancient or contemporary. Everyone who has an interest in crystal skulls may become a guardian in the future or may have been a guardian in the past.
The Event is about what it means to be a Crystal Skull Guardian, which, in reality, is about understanding crystal skulls. And we cannot understand crystal skulls without also looking at the role a guardian plays in the present and the role they have played in the past.
During the Event we will honor the pioneer guardians and researchers for the work they did to bring the crystal skulls to us. We are proud to announce that during the event two well-known ancient crystal skulls and many contemporary crystal skulls will be present. The ancient skulls are the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull with caretaker Bill Homann and Synergy with caretaker Sherry Whitfield.
We wanted those who attended the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull event in 2007 to be the first to know. Given all of the interest in Crystal Skulls that the Indiana Jones movie and the recent SciFi channel documentary "The Mystery of the Crystal Skulls" has helped create we know that the event will fill up quickly.
For more information about the Journey of the Crystal Skull Guardian go to or click on the following: Journey of the Crystal Skull Guardian Link
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