Angel Valley Ministries

   News from Angel Valley 
  Volume 5 Number 3

September 2007

Greetings from Angel Valley:


Over the past week we have felt the first signs of Autumn entering the Valley, the change in the temperature at first light, a few leaves beginning to share their message of change. We are entering one of the most beautiful seasons of the year. As the fall colors begin to change and paint our landscape canvas framed by the red rocks of the Valley, we wanted to share more of the changing and evolving of Angel Valley.


The Chartres Labyrinth will be dedicated at the Equinox; the Mitchell-Hedges crystal skull will be here soon, Amayra shares an insight about Removing Self-Imposed Limitations and more about how you can participate in the legacy of Angel Valley. We also wanted to provide some of the messages we have been receiving from some of the wonderful Angels that have come into our lives - we are truly grateful for them and all of you.


Thank You!

Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull Event update

October 4th - 7th, 2007
Mitchell-Hedges Crystal SkullThe excitement is building in the Valley of Angels as October 4th is rapidly approaching; the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull will be here soon!


The event will be touching those present on many different levels; of course through the presence of the Mitchell-Hedges crystal skull, the incredible workshops, the hundreds of other crystals and crystal skulls that will be there but we also feel that the people that are coming will bring an equally impact full energy. People from around the world are coming, people who have been connected to crystal skulls and crystalline energies for a long time are coming, authors are coming, families are coming, people who are new to crystal skulls are coming. The stories we have been hearing from them are not only interesting but say a lot about the power of the Mitchell-Hedges crystal skull in the ways in which it is reaching out and touching everyone.


There is also a wonderful addition to the event program, Vandria Dorland, widow of Frank Dorland will be attending the gathering and sharing some of Franks Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull research during a Saturday morning presentation.  Frank Dorland, author of "Holy Ice: Bridge to the Subconscious" conducted years of research on the Mitchell-Hedges skull. We anticipate that Vandria will be providing insights and information that has never been presented before.


We still have some rooms available for those interested in the all inclusive program. To learn more about the programs, the Mitchell-Hedges crystal skull or to register for the event click on the following link to our web site Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull Event Information

The Chartres Labyrinth is here!
by Amayra Hamilton
Chartres Labyrinth
Angel Valley is proud to announce that all of the stones have been laid for our new Chartres labyrinth-and it is the most beautiful Chartres labyrinth we have ever seen (almost more beautiful than its original in the famous cathedral)! The stones were carried at sunset, after the warm Arizona summer sun retreated behind the mountains, and stones were laid during the cool dawn hours-sometimes even in the moonlight. We made a rough calculation of the number of stones that form the labyrinth and it must be around 6,000 that have been collected on the property along the creek. One day, when we are in a truly meditative mood, we may actually count them (any volunteers?).  We are also very proud of the impressive stone work done by our landscapers/stone artists, which is still in the process of being completed.
I recall my memorable first walk in the labyrinth, during the early morning stillness of the August 28 lunar eclipse.  As the shadow in front of the full moon moved down, the stars in the western sky became brighter and brighter, while simultaneously the eastern sky became lighter and lighter from the rising sun behind the mountains.  This was an experience beyond words!
We plan the inauguration of the labyrinth on the autumn equinox, on Friday, September 21. Whoever is inspired to be part of the inauguration, please join us at 5pm for a simple ceremony and walk the labyrinth with us!
Insight of the Month
Removing Self-Imposed Limitations
by Amayra Hamilton

The Message

How often in our lives do we think things are a certain way, without ever checking whether it is really true? How often do we accept something as a given and live with it, when it does not even occur to us that we could try out new ways or have a different perception of the situation? How often do we truly explore our boundaries, or cross them to find out what works and what doesn't?


It is our mind that sets those limits. Our mind "perceives" situations a certain way. But can we allow in the intuitive hits or signals that come from outside, to question all the 'givens' that we may have built in our lives? How open are we to stepping away from common opinions, ideas, ways of thinking or behaving, from emotional patterns which do not truly serve us - some of which we may have been holding on to all of our life?


What is required

We have to be in a space of openness and willingness to consider the possibility of letting go of what we have so far seen as the obvious. Sometimes it is even a challenge in our life that takes us out of that kind of complacency, stuckness or lack of creativity. With this openness, alternative options will show up by definition. The next step is often times much simpler than we think: just try it out.



Are you open for an experiment? Take one issue in your life that you think is 'just a given," apply the above and watch what happens. You may be surprised!

Participating in Angel Valley's Legacy


Angel MountainFive years ago, two people with a vision, Amayra & Michael Hamilton, purchased a 70-acre property outside of Sedona, with the intention that this vision they had been given would be held and shared by many.


As Angel Valley grows, as does our awareness that we have been given the beautiful gift and invitation to co-create with all who feel guided to connect with Angel Valley.   


Up until recently, Angel Valley Ministries, the nonprofit legal entity that is behind the heart and soul of Angel Valley, has simply operated on the 70 acres that Michael & Amayra purchased.  Now, however, as more and more people reach out to Angel Valley in their journey of connecting with their divine and authentic selves, we are guided to take steps to ensure that Angel Valley will become a self-sustaining organization, independent of its "parents," and that its legacy continues.  It is time for all of us to "step up" and pave the way for Angel Valley to continue long past our own physical lifetimes.


There are many ways that Angel Valley's legacy can be sustained.  These options are discussed below:


Angel Mountain for Sale

Four parcels, collectively called Angel Mountain, are located to the west and right when entering Angel Valley. The sale of these pristine, undeveloped 17.65 acres will be a tremendous enrichment to Angel Valley, and will support the conditions that best allow Angel Valley to continue to grow in a rapid and effortless way.  We know that we will attract exactly the right person or group to purchase all or part of these parcels.


The most ideal situation would be if we find a buyer who has a similar focus as we have; who will use this sacred land with its powerful and supportive energies to do their spiritual work and broadcast their message out into the world.  This would be an ideal place dedicated for study or quiet meditation. 


 Another vision has been a buyer who feels that this land is so special that he/she would want to leave it in the pristine state and keep it as a preserve. 


The land would also be made available to private persons who can appreciate the serenity of the land and who would want to build their dream house and live in the special energy that Angel Valley radiates.


 Angel Mountain is officially listed on the market with Luminous Realty and you can find additional information at  or by clicking on this link to our web site Angel Valley - Luminous Realty Link  (


How you can support this goal:

  • Purchase the 17.65 acres for your own home or center!
  • Be a Heart-Guided Investor by providing interim financing.
  • Share with us in holding the vision of Angel Valley-aligned individuals purchasing the property through a quick, equitable, and effortless process.


Transfer of Legal Title to Angel Valley Ministries

All of the land on which our current facilities exist is currently owned by Angel Valley's founders and directors, Michael & Amayra Hamilton.  To have the land transferred to Angel Valley Ministries will be a huge step towards creating a solid financial foundation for Angel Valley Ministries, the 501C(3) organization that will sustain all of Angel Valley's Spiritual Expressions! 


How you can support this goal:

  • Contribute financial support to purchase the parcels required to fulfill Angel Valley Ministries Vision and Mission.
  • Be a Heart-Guided Investor by providing long term financing.
  • Share with us in holding the vision of attracting Heart Guided Investors who wish to contribute and share in Angel Valley's vision and mission.


"Partner Parcels" at Angel Valley

Partner Parcels are two parcels that are visible upon entering Angel Valley, and which are located directly to the east and front Oak Creek.  These parcels will be sold or developed in a partnership or joint venture that is in alignment with the energies of the land and Angel Valley in general.  We are currently considering the possibility of constructing additional overnight accommodations on these parcels, and would love to hear the ideas from those who have a Heart Connection with Angel Valley and are interested in co-creating  on a piece of Heaven on Earth!


We feel that those who will be guided to us as Angel Valley Investors will invest from their Heart, where returns are measured First in the benefits for mankind and Second with an agreed upon Heart Guided Interest Rate.




Upcoming Retreats and Events at Angel Valley


September 15 - 18, 2007

Art of Living
Rishi Nityapragya
Advanced Course and Silent Meditation

September 22 - 28, 2007

Spiritual Warrior Retreat with James Arthur Ray



October 4 - 7, 2007

Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull Event


October 17 - 21, 2007

The Light School

Cosmic Keys for Light Body Mastery
with Amoraea & Kerrie Dancing Butterfly


October 26 - October 29, 2007

Barbara De Angelis
Transformation Circle


November 1 - 5, 2007

"Connect with your True Essence" - A Women's Retreat

Facilitators: Colleen, Philomene and Frannie Hoffman

Barbara Lupton, Kedzi Morgan and Judith Onley


November 10, 2007

Ringing Rocks Foundation

Walking Thunder


For more information about these and other future retreats and events click on the following link Calendar of Events


Gratitude for all the Angels in our lives!

Gift of a Fairy

We want to thank all of you, known and unknown, seen and unseen, who have been guided to support Angel Valley. It has been a challenging and rewarding time as we continue to dive deeper into our beliefs and what they have created.


As we discuss the challenges and changes with our staff we found something interesting occurring. With all that is happening we find that Angel Valley is assisting everyone to be happier and more committed than ever before. We can only contribute this to expressed love and openness on the deepest and most authentic Heart Level.


People are being guided to Angel Valley for day visits, individual stays and group events like never before in the history of Angel Valley. It is beautiful to see that five years of focused energy is producing the results we have dreamed about.


We include five different letters from Heart Connected Supporters of Angel Valley sharing their stories and their feelings.


Michael, Amayra and All of the Angel Valley Family



From J.E., Minneapolis, MN:


Having recently quit my job I've been grappling with some of the same abundance issues you spoke of in your letter.  A few days later the opportunity for me to take a refresher course on abundance and prosperity came along and I took it. One of the things I was reminded of in this course was the spiritual law of tithing: giving 10% away to the people/places where you have been spiritually fed.  In taking time to look back over my life, I could see that this spiritual law has always worked for me.  The kicker is that it's one of those spiritual laws that is the hardest to practice at the times you need to the most. Though just having quit my job, I made the decision to move forward in faith, knowing this law is like the law of gravity: it never fails.  I reflected on how I had recently been "spiritually fed" at Angel Valley during a wonderful 4-day stay. After having read your letter I knew it was the perfect opportunity to demonstrate my faith in the laws of prosperity.


The majestic beauty of your retreat was breathtaking; pristine forest, buildings nestled within a ring of red rock mountains, nourished by Oak creek winding through this little bit of heaven on earth.  During our stay we experienced the Vortex tour, walking the labyrinth, healing energy/body work, a Mayan signature reading, hiking each Angel mountain trail, and I had a wonderful grief guidance session with Amayra, which was particularly helpful in dealing with the recent sudden death of my younger brother. Yes, we were well fed in the spiritual realm during our stay at Angel Valley.


Thank you for making your vision a beautiful reality that we can share in. I wish you and your group continued abundance & success in your mission and hope to return to Angel Valley again soon.

From D.M., Littleton, CO


In this fast-paced, fragmented world we call Earth, we need to discover a haven for peace.  As a healer/teacher of mind, body and spirit, I have thought about creating a center for all those needing that quiet connection of the heart.  But, it was only a thought.  I was unable to find just the right combination of energy.  Then I received a wonderful email from Michael and I knew without hesitation, it had all the components needed to create a Heaven on Earth.  It was, simply, right. 


I am reminded of William Soyoran's words:

In the time of your life, live. Seek goodness everywhere and when it is found, bring it out of its hiding place and let it be free and unashamed.


Angel Valley is a place to find goodness and now it is time to bring it out of its hiding place and let it be free.  In my support of this project, I feel a great connection to the future of this planet.



From R.P., TX


For me, Angel Valley is a Vision, a material embodiment of a spiritual quest for higher consciousness and harmony in the world.  


Some are called to share this vision, some are not.  They have their own vision.  I say "they" because, shortly after my arrival on my first trip to the Valley, I knew without doubt that this was "my place."  My being there was not by accident.  I quickly discovered a piece of my heart patiently waiting for me to arrive.  The time was, and is, right.  I am part of this place and it is part of me.  The sudden desire to share a small portion of what has been given to me was just as surprising and rewarding as my finding the Valley in the first place.  At the interface of spiritual and material realities, which I see the Valley to be, a "threshold" between these worlds, the stuff of both worlds interact.  So, the mundane materiality of money is part of the deal.  I am personally rewarded by participating in both realities, symbolized by my gift.  Thanks to all of you.  We are blessed to be on our assigned path together.


'Vocatus Atque Non Vocatus Deus Aderit'

'Bidden or not bidden, God is present'



From M.M., Sedona, AZ


Over the years I have discovered that we are the Universe and the Universe is in us. I often see visions of stars from various dimensions, knowing that they are giving me a very clear message of what will take place in my life in the near future.  Also, most all the time I do not know what these messages are, only that they will unfold. About two years ago there was one exception. One morning after attending a ceremony at Angel Valley I woke up to the vision of a star and quite clearly the message it was giving me was to "go back out to Angel Valley."  I did so and after a few days found myself deeply involved in creating "The Universal Gathering of Hearts" event held in the fall of 2005. I did my part to emphasize that the event was first and foremost a vehicle to create Heaven on Earth. The event was a breakthrough for those involved, especially on an energetic level. My role in supporting Angel Valley in a multitude of formats, including financial support, has been unchanged ever since as Angel Valley continues to play its role in allowing us to co-create Heaven On Earth.



From T&D, Glendale, AZ


The first time I visited Angel Valley, there was a small sign above the door that read "Follow Your Heart."  I cried when I read it without knowing why.  Now I know that it was my heart crying with joy to feel the love and energy here.  We are grateful that Michael and Amayra had the vision and the heart to create such a place and invite us in. My husband and I decided to volunteer our time here because we truly enjoy being here, and wanted to convey our feelings of appreciation in some way. Everyone here has genuinely made us feel like we are a part of a family- warm ,welcome and a place you can't wait to get back to.  We feel like our heart and spirits can play and dance here. 

Blessings of Peace to you from the Angel Valley Family!
Angel Valley - Sedona