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Volume 5 Number 2 

Greetings from Angel Valley!  The lazy, hazy days of late summer are upon us, and we at Angel Valley are busily preparing for an exciting autumn ahead!  The monsoons have arrived, giving us much needed rain here in the high desert, and reviving our plant and animal life.  There is new growth all around us.


There is much to share with you in this month's newsletter about our new growth and journeys of creation.  People from around the world have been connecting with the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull event, the new Angel Arch welcomes everyone who enters Angel Valley, there's an update on the creation of the Chartes labyrinth and the organic gifts that are being presented to us by our garden. The Fall Calendar of Events and Retreats offers some very special energies to support our journeys and Amayra Hamilton provides insights in our Topic of the Month. Michael Hamilton, Co-founder and Director of Angel Valley, shares about his journey and the beautiful journey of creation evolving at Angel Valley.



October 4th - 7th, 2007

Mitchell-Hedges Crystal SkullThe energy of this special event continues to build. We have been hearing from people around the world, those that are familiar with Crystal Skulls and those that are new to this beautiful energy. Amayra Hamilton and Jaap van Etten have written an article about the Mitchell-Hedges crystal skull and crystal skull energies in general which you might find of interest. The following link will take you to this article Crystal Skull articles


If you are planning on attending the Mitchell-Hedges event please note that the event pass prices will be increasing after August 15. To register click on the following link Mitchell-Hedges registration

Topic of the Month
by Amayra Hamilton 


As of this month we re-introduce 'A Topic' as a standard part of our newsletter. The theme of this month is 'Control Issues'. I was inspired by a teaching from Bashar.

Have you ever had any control issues? Or did anybody ever suggest you may have some? Maybe you don't, but I am sure you know others who have them.


Being Out of Control

Where does this feeling come from? To some degree control issues are connected to the ego. Even more they have to do with having been brought up with belief systems and definitions that make us feel disconnected from our life. Because we feel disconnected, we feel we have to get a handle on it and steer whatever it is back into position, instead of assuming that all we have to do is just be ourselves and that everything will automatically fall into place.

Feeling out of control may cause concerns, fears or panic. We then start trying to have control over things or people in ways that are not beneficial and lead to dysfunctional relationships. There is every reason to work on this issue.


Being In Control

If we are not fully there yet, we can use some 'tricks'. First of all, we work on what is the core issue: our feeling disconnected from Source, which results in lack of self-love, self-worth and self-appreciation and all that that leads to. In situations where we feel out of control, we can visualize and pretend that we are in control, that it is me who is on the steering wheel. When something unexpected happens, I can repeat to myself: 'I wanted to do that'. We practice this until we are willing to let go and can extend the trust in ourselves, knowing that we are always still in control, because all of our life is coming from within us. We are creating our version of all the other people in our life, as part of our life. So even if somebody else seems to be at the steering wheel, it is still included in our bubble of 'me creating my own reality', and thus we are still in control. We can give over to the thought of our life appearing to be in control and be comfortable with it as just a symbol of the fact that our life is already doing fine. And that we don't have to have such a tight grip on the wheel to know that everything is going fine and smoothly sailing.


The Paradox

The only way to get rid of unhealthy control issues is the knowingness that in reality I am always in control. This means that I can surrender to what life presents, trusting myself and others that whatever happens is exactly what is meant to happen for my highest good. Enjoy the flow of life!


The Angel Arch

Angel ArchOn the photo you see our new welcome when you enter Angel Valley's land. These beautiful cedar logs have been waiting to be erected for a while. It took profound and dedicated work from our dear friend Moses, his son Taylor and his friend Kamil to get the arch where it is today, its anchoring secured with engineered precision. There is a little story connected to it. From the time the plan was made, we always had in our mind to place it with the wider end towards the mountain and the narrower end pointing towards the valley. On the day of moving the logs into place Moses brought up that it felt better to do it the other way around. A total shift of what we had envisioned for so long. It took us a few hours, but we decided to follow his suggestion. Today we feel that it is exactly the way it was meant to be. The essence of the story: When you enter Angel Valley, be prepared to shift and to make 180 degree turns from where you thought you were.

Chartres Labyrinth update

Chartres LabyrinthEverything we design at Angel Valley is done in the most optimal alignment with the existing energies of the land, as much as it is practically and humanly possible. We know the energies of the land very well, but we still run into surprises. One of these surprises is connected with the new Chartres labyrinth that we are developing. This labyrinth will have a diameter of 88 feet. It is surrounded by an earthen wall, with a red rock circle of 104 feet at the inner side and a river rock ring at the outer side.
We selected the location of the labyrinth based on its energetic qualities as far back as 2002. Five years later this location still felt as the most optimal place. As soon as we started with the ground work the energies started to shift. Several members of our staff and also visitors noticed this shift. As soon as the earthen wall emerged as a result of our decision to level the labyrinth area, we discovered two distinctly different types of energies. It appears that one is like a "normal" vortex, reinforced by the shapes we are creating, and reaches far beyond the earthen wall. The other is confined within the inner red rock circle. Even before the actual labyrinth has been laid we have created a very special energy place, truly a sacred place. We can't wait to see what we will experience once the labyrinth is completed. Even more so, how it will be after a period of time, when every person who walks it will be contributing to further activation.
This sacred place will help every person who will walk the labyrinth to connect deeper with their true authentic self. We plan to inaugurate the labyrinth on the autumn equinox. We will keep you informed on the progress.


Fall Retreats and Events at Angel Valley

September 22 - 28, 2007

Spiritual Warrior Retreat with James Arthur Ray

James hosts a number of events as part of his Journey of Power program, one of which is his Spiritual Warrior event. Each year Spiritual Warrior takes place at the beautiful Angel Valley Spiritual Retreat Center in Sedona, AZ. During this weeklong event, participants join James on a heroic quest for higher consciousness, through a variety of experiential activities and learning opportunities. It is truly a life changing event that is attended by forward thinkers and those wishing to accelerate their results in all areas of their lives. SOLD OUT FOR 2007

October 4 - 7, 2007
Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull Event

The event will feature:

-        Intensive workshop "Aligning to the Cosmic Code"

-        Over 150 crystal skulls

-        Experiencing the power of meditating in an activated field of crystal skulls

-        Understanding and inducing activation of crystals and crystal skulls in a new way

-        How crystal skulls effect the energies of the Earth and thus the environment we live in

-        Charging crystals and crystal skulls with the energy of the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull

-        A newly released book by Jaap van Etten, PhD, titled 'Crystal Skulls, Interacting with a Phenomenon'


October 17 - 21, 2007

The Light School

Cosmic Keys for Light Body Mastery
with Amoraea & Kerrie Dancing Butterfly


The Light School is a concentrated activation course designed to provide essential tools, knowledge and experience for mastering the Light Body.  Sacred ceremonies, engaging workshops, personalized instruction and the natural frequencies of Sedona provide the backdrop for deeper learning and exploration.  Integrating The Cosmic Keys initiates a complete transfiguration of the psyche, spirit and anatomy.


October 26 - October 29, 2007

Barbara De Angelis
Transformation Circle



November 1 - 5, 2007

"Connect with your True Essence" - A Women's Retreat


Featuring Unique and Gifted Spiritual Guides


The Hoffman Triplets

Colleen - Author, Inner Workout Coach

Philomene - Musician

Frannie - Author, Spiritual Intuitive


Kedzi Morgan - Healer, Shaman

Judith Onley - Dance with Spirit

November 10, 2007
Ringing Rocks Foundation
Walking Thunder
A day with Walking Thunder: Dine Medicine Woman
An experiential workshop
For more information about these and other future retreats and events click on the following link Calendar of Events

Organic Garden

Organic GardenAngel Valley's Organic Garden is producing abundantly. We are enjoying yummy squash, shiny cucumbers, ultra-sweet cantaloupes and juicy water melons. We are battling with clever competitors in nature to get some good tomatoes. Guests will partake in this bounty through the culinary adventures created by Chef Aron.

Donations to Angel Valley Ministries

Angel Valley Ministries is a non-profit organization. During the 5 years of its existence it has been financed by Michael and Amayra Hamilton. This has been quite a journey for them as you can read in Michael's journey in this Newsletter. They believed that they needed to be able to create this organization without the direct financial help of others. They realize now that this is no longer the way to go. After all Angel Valley Ministries is an organization in its own right and has to function independently.

Since 2002 Angel Valley has evolved and is becoming a strong and viable organization. At this point it needs to bridge a period of about one year in order to complete the last phase of its development. Michael and Amayra can no longer carry the financial load by themselves. A plan is in development and some aspects of this plan are mentioned in "Michael's Journey". In the meantime Angel Valley Ministries asks for help.

All who receive this Newsletter have felt that Angel Valley is a special place. You have experienced how it supports people on their journey to understand who they truly are. We at Angel Valley want to continue to give this support. For that reason we now ask you for your support.

As a response to our previous newsletter we had some spontaneous gestures in the form of a donation. Thank you so much! We also want to acknowledge some particular friends, two who have contributed over the years both in moneys and in valuable time they gave us for which they never charged and another who recently flew out to explore with us in what way he could be of service. We feel their sincere support and are very grateful. Besides, this is a good opportunity to thank every person who has ever contributed to Angel Valley, such as the friend who donated to us many, many crystals for our gift shop and all those who left us smaller or bigger gifts.

We now reach out to each and everyone of you. Together we can achieve a lot! Please, help us to bridge the last phase to independence by giving a donation (tax deductible) to Angel Valley that is in alignment with your heart. To make this easy for you we have installed a Paypal account on our website specifically for donations. Click here to go to Angel Valley donation site.


Thank you from our hearts.

Jaap van Etten 
A Journey of Creation at Angel Valley
by Michael Hamilton

I write this first part in the first person, from where I can express a singular point of view. In no way do I intend to take anything away from my 'We' experience with Amayra. For without Amayra, and all that Amayra brings with her, I would not be the person I am today and I would not be here at Angel Valley - So Thank You, Amayra! Nor do I take away from the 'Our' experience with the many other beautiful spirits that have assisted me in the past and those that are now assisting me at Angel Valley - So Thank You to all of You that have visited, worked or stayed at Angel Valley.


I came into this Magical Valley, which is now called Angel Valley, in 2002. Upon entering the land I felt and I heard the Angels and the Sirens playing their music; spinning their charms and luring me to enter into this 'Surreal - Divine Experience'. I have since come to recognize this 'Surreal - Divine Experience' as my Divine Authentic Self wanting to play, to express and to live life as my True Self.


I came with a background in Real Estate, Construction and I was armed with creativity, trust, dreams, good credit, the ability to borrow and the belief that I was to be here. I also had this Belief arise in me that Anything Is Possible!  There was no logic to what I did and to the project that I said "YES" to. I said "YES" without being able to fully identify what "YES" really meant. I went by:

     'Build it and they will come', and 'If you can dream it, you can do it'


I now understand that for me "YES" meant I would have to become more fully aware of ME and ask myself questions such as: Why am I here on planet Earth now? What does it mean to fully express myself? What does it mean to Follow My Heart and My Excitement? It would also mean I would have to get out of my own way. I would have to let my light shine and be my true self.


It also meant that I would have to open up and be Vulnerable! What a concept! For me this meant that I would have to reach a deeper level of trust within myself. It would mean that I would have to be connected with My Higher Self, My Heart and to function from that space. It also meant that I had to remove attachment from what others Think, Say or Do. This in particular has been one of the most challenging aspects of being at Angel Valley. I had to come to the realization that I would never please everyone and that some of my words and actions would not be understood. At the same time I came to understand that the Angels and the Masters such as Jesus, Buddha and Krishna in their time were not understood by all. Who am I to think that everyone will love and understand me? From that space I move forward and do my best at being my authentic Divine Self and Honor all other opinions as their truth. One of my foundational beliefs is that 'All truths are true to the people who hold them'.


I am now faced with the result of my choices made in the past five years. I knew that a project of this size and magnitude would require a lot of money, for which I had no immediate solution. In my past I would buy land, develop it and then sell it, being left with an amount of money, but with an empty feeling. This was not the purpose for the purchase of this property.


I made a conscious choice that I would not repeat that pattern. Instead of selling certain portions of the land, I chose to borrow the needed money for the operation and development of Angel Valley Ministries, the legal umbrella over Angel Valley Spiritual Retreat Center. I used the land, which at this moment is still legally owned by Amayra and Michael Hamilton as security for the loans. I would build then borrow - borrow then build and on it went. I was more concerned about developing and creating a beautiful Angel Valley, realizing my dream, than I was about the amount of loans I was creating personally for Amayra and myself. I justified the borrowing by saying: 'It is an investment and it will return some day'. Also, I knew that, based on the real estate market, the value and therefore the equity of the property continued to increase with all of our work and investment. Yet, I now find that the burden of the loans is getting too heavy. In that process I asked more of myself and Amayra than I asked of the Ministries. When the Ministries needed more money for payroll and expenses than it had coming in, I would lend the required money. I now see that this action, while understandable and coming from my desire to help the good cause, was not healthy in the long run, neither for Amayra and myself, nor for the Ministries. In the Sunday morning Services I would not even 'Ask for an offering'. I would just assume that those guided to contribute would and if not, so be it. Some did leave an offering and we are eternally grateful. More however did not. It was just easier to put the money that I could find into the Ministries myself than it was to "ASK".


Here we I am five years later and new choices need to be made. Michael Hamilton, Amayra Hamilton and Angel Valley Ministries must create a healthy working relationship. Angel Valley Ministries is off the ground. They have a bright future and are targeted to be self sustaining by the summer of 2008 or definitely during the summer of 2009. However, during the next period many of the high interest rate-short term loans used to develop and build Angel Valley are coming due and need to be paid off or refinanced. In this short term I must find ways to borrow additional money at rates that ideally do not exceed 5%, in order to keep the interest payments manageable. I need to step away from Institutional Lenders in favor of individuals that want to use their money in ways that yield a high rate of return for mankind and do not need the highest monetary return on their investment.


In the past I have always had a difficult time in asking for help. Fears of being rejected, judged and talked about in a negative way were some of my childhood teachings. I also had to deal with that little voice inside of me that says: "Do you really feel worthy?", "Do you really deserve help?", "Is there anyone that believes in Angel Valley as much as you do and are they willing to invest their time and money as you have?", "If that happens will you lose control?", "Do you dare to trust in others? Will they not want something from you that you cannot give?"


For the past 5 years I avoided dealing with these issues with the motto "I can do it myself". I went about doing just that and secured the loans myself. This "I Can Do It Myself", coming from my ego and my physical-personality mind, has created some challenges for me.


NOW is the time for me to deal with all my issues around ego, money, and financing! It is time for what is said in the bible: "Ask and you shall receive, seek and ye shall find". I am asking for 'Help to help myself' and for 'Help to help Angel Valley'.


From this point on I will be writing from an expanded and shared 'We' perspective. I will outline possible solutions for our current situation.


Two years ago we received a message that said "Gather My People Together". We believe the message was and is from Jesus, the Christ inviting us to look at Angel Valley from an expanded point of view. From this expanded perspective we have decided to open up the 18 acres located west of Angel Valley Road and make three parcels of land available for sale. We believe that the sale of this land can be done without adversely impacting the current plans and operation of Angel Valley. This sale will provide the opportunity for Angel Valley to expand its Community Base with other like-minded groups and individuals all working toward 'Creating Heaven on Earth". It will also provide the necessary funds required to create a solid financial base for Angel Valley Ministries. Please email me for details on the Parcels being offered for Sale


If you have felt guided to Angel Valley and you have felt a connection with Angel Valley then it might be the time to step forward and say: '"YES" I am here and I want to help'. Your Guides and Your Angels will help you to understand what "YES" means for you. You will just know that you are being guided and from that space you will be in Alignment with Your Divine Higher Self and will take action from that space.


Help can be offered in many different shapes and forms, which could be in one of the following ways:


A. Tax Deductible Donations - to assist in the day-to-day operations of Angel Valley Ministries.

B. Tax Deductible Donations - to create a fund for Angel Valley Ministries to purchase parcels of land to be exclusively owned by the ministry for the further fulfillment of its mission.

C. Tax Deductible Donations - towards special projects, such as the new Chartres labyrinth, which still needs quite an amount before its completion for equipment rental, material and labor.

D. Cash Contributions - to create the 'Angel Valley Conservation Preserve Fund' that would purchase one or more of the Real Estate Parcels. This would insure that the land is preserved for future generations, without ever being built upon.

E. Short Term Loans - secured by one of the Real Estate Parcels owned by Michael and/or Amayra Hamilton and currently being used by Angel Valley Ministries, to be purchased by the ministry in the future.

F. Purchase - of one of the Angel Valley Real Estate Parcels. This can be done in a partnership with others or entirely by your self for your own use.

G. Ideas - that you might have that we have not yet thought of.

A gift of Love from a guest
The mission of Angel Valley is to support our journey to our true-Self. The "our journey" means everyone that connects with Angel Valley. We sometimes receive a gift from a guest that we like to share as the Love it expresses can support us all.  

To the staff of Angel Valley,


I want to thank all of you so much for a truly life altering experience. I had no idea what my stay at Angel Valley would be like, but I was pleasantly surprised to find myself on a journey of self-healing. Spiritually, emotionally, physically and psychologically, I am a new person. All of you were helpful, friendly, compassionate and concerned about my well being while I was a guest. Again, thank you for such a joyous, wonderful week.


May God be with all of you, JW

Blessings to you from the Angel Valley Family!

Angel Valley Spiritual Retreat Center