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Volume 5 Number 1 

Five years ago on July 1, Angel Valley Retreat Center began its mission to support and assist those who wished to connect with and express their True, Authentic Selves.  We built a spiritual center and dedicated it to the idea of creating Heaven on Earth.  Angel Valley's journey, not unlike many of those who work, live, and visit here, has been beautiful, challenging at times, and full of transformation. In this newsletter, we would like to share some of the beauty that is being created here at Angel Valley.


at Angel Valley October 4th - 7th, 2007

Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull 

We are happy to announce that the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull will be made available to the public at the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull Event at Angel Valley October 4th through October 7th, 2007.


The Mitchell-Hedges skull has been a phenomenon from the moment it was discovered in 1924. No doubt it is the most famous of the crystal skulls that so far have been called ancient. Several books have been written about it; it has appeared in many programs, has been the subject of many articles and has been subjected to quite a bit of research and even controversy. It is a human sized crystal skull made of clear quartz and it is of great beauty. Its weight is 11.7 lbs. It has a detachable lower jaw, which makes this crystal skull unique.


The event will feature:

-        Over 200 crystal skulls 

-       "Aligning to the Cosmic Code" intensive workshop which introduces the psycho-acoustic healing properties of the Peruvian Whistling Vessels in combination with the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull.

-        Experiencing the power of meditating in an activated field of crystal skulls.

-        Guided and silent meditations

-        Understanding and inducing activation of crystals and crystal skulls in a new way

-        How crystal skulls effect the energies of the Earth and thus the environment we live in.

-        Charging crystals and crystal skulls with the energy of the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull

-        A newly released book by Jaap van Etten, PhD, titled 'Crystal Skulls, Interacting with a Phenomenon'

For complete event information click on the following link: Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull event


New Pleiadian Cabins and Star Village

Pleiadian new cabins 

We have completed construction of the first six of seventeen new log cabins started in January 2007.


This group of cabins is located closest to the existing guesthouses. They are called the Pleiadian Cabins. Each cabin in this area received its name from one of the Seven Sisters of the Pleiades and of their parents.


Each of the six new log cabins is 12x14 feet and has a balcony. They accommodate two persons, furnished either with two single beds or with a kingsize bed. Each cabin also has its own bathroom in the Pleione bathhouse which is a short walk.

Star Village
The Star Village is going to replace the Tipi Village. It forms the center of the cabin area. It will have a unique design and each cabin will have a special form. The layout is a 6-pointed star and each cabin forms a hexagon. Why is this layout chosen and why the hexagonal shape?


The 6-pointed star is also called a hexagram, Star of David or 2-dimensional Merkaba. It symbolizes Heaven on Earth. It is an expression of Angel Valley's mission to create Heaven on Earth. The triangle with the point upwards represents the spiritual, Heaven and the upper three chakras (chakra 5 to 7). The triangle with the point down represents the physical, Earth and the lower three chakras (chakra 1 to 3). The physical and the spiritual, Heaven and Earth are integrated into One through unconditional love, which is the center of the 6-pointed star. It is through unconditional love that we transcend the duality and truly experience Heaven on Earth.

The Star Village cabins have received names that are connected with the Sirian star system. They can be furnished with two or three single beds and each has its own bathroom.


Star Village walking tour

New Chartres Labyrinth

Chartres Labyrinth 

On September 21, 2007 we will celebrate the inauguration of one of the worlds largest Chartres Labyrinths currently in the creation phase. If you are not familiar with the Chartres Labyrinth it is designed based on the 11 circuit labyrinth in the Chartres Cathedral near Paris, France. Built around 1200 it has 11 concentric circles that contain a single meandering path which slowly leads one to the center.


A labyrinth is a spiritual tool. It can be defined as a single path magical tool that is experienced by walking it. Walking a labyrinth helps you to let go of your thinking and is therefore considered to be a right-brain activity.


The labyrinth is constructed in such a way that you start at the entrance (mouth), walk the path that is delineated and end at the center, the goal. The process of walking the labyrinth without the need to think - you will always reach the goal - allows you to connect deeper with yourself. Going within the labyrinth helps you to go within yourself.


Creating Heaven on Earth Summer Specials

Summer in the Valley of Angels is a special time; it's quieter, the sun rises early, the mornings are cool as guests begin their day by strolling along one of the many trails, hiking up the surrounding hills or into the Coconino National Forest, viewing the surrounding red rocks from their deck or from the terrace outside the dinning room overlooking Oak Creek. The afternoons are a perfect time for meditation in the Crystal Hall, swimming in the cool waters of Oak Creek or by receiving the gift of "Self-Love" offered through a massage or other Holistic service in the Light House. Nourishment of your body will be supported through the vegetarian breakfast, lunch and dinner creations of Chef Aron.


To support you on your journey to Creating Heaven on Earth we have created some special connection programs for couples and friends as well as those coming for a day visit now through September 4, 2007. Click on the following link for more information:  Summer Specials


Connecting as an Angel Investor

to Angel Valley's Mission of Support

One aspect of Angel Valley's mission of support for those on their journey to their True Self is our plans to create additional accommodations and other facilities. There are many ways to connect with Angel Valley in support of this mission; one way is as an "Angel Investor." If you feel this connection contact Amayra Hamilton at 928.639.1112 or email her at For more information visit our web site at Angel Investors


A personal request for one of our guests?

On a more personal note, we have been wondering for some time now about a curious finding in the center of our 7-circuit labyrinth.  In the past few years, there have been many unique items left at our labyrinth -- physical reminders of the change, awakening, or invocation that we wish to create, or perhaps simply tokens of our appreciation or commitment to our journey.  We were especially curious to recently find a full set of golf clubs at its center!  We would love to hear more about this story, if the person who left them would like to share.  They have been a topic of conversation for visitors and staff alike!


Blessings to you from the Angel Valley Family!

Angel Valley Spiritual Retreat Center