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Summer UpdateJun 2012
Lil Bitties Enrollment Open
Urban Ed's Lil Bitties program is now open for enrollment.  The most fun filled camp in Anacostia, our camp is for children ages 5-7 and teaches them technology while also helping them with grade level subjects. The camp includes breakfast and lunch, recreation and auei_lil_exec_webt least one fun field trip or outdoor outing. Don't miss this creative camp to give your child something fun and constructive to do for the summer. Learning should continue over the summer, but it doesn't mean it can't be fun! Seats are limited. The camp runs from Jul 2 - Aug 3, Mon thru Fri, 9:00 am - 3:00 pm. Click here to view the Camp Flyer. Click here for Application for Enrollment info. There is a $40 fee per child for the entire 5 weeks of camp. Need more info, call us at 202.610.2344.  
House Parties 
The season's first house party was held with outstanding success!!!!

Urban Ed gives a special thank you to a couple of friends and colleagues who joined together to put on a house party that brought more than 25 people together for a great cause and raised nearly $800!!!! The duo called it Game Night, requested at least a $20 drop in House Party Imagethe donation bowl and with good food and drinks, the party was a huge success. Not only did it raise funds but Urban Ed has gotten a few new volunteers that will be doing various activities over the next couple of months. A big thank you to C & E for endorsing the house party concept and supporting Urban Ed!  Want to host your own party? Call or email Violet Browne at vbrowne@urbaned.org, phone 202.610.2344 or click here for more House Party Info.  Thanks for helping out! 
Board Members Needed

Urban Ed is looking to expand its Board of Directors.  We have been a part of the DC nonprofit fabric for more than 12 years with a focus on serving disadvantaged children, youth andBoard of Directors Needed adults.  

With so much promise ahead, we are looking to add new perspectives, creative energy and untapped networks to move our organization forward.  If you are interested in bringing your leadership capabilities to building community, a position on our Board of Directors may be right for you! Local residents encouraged to serve. Click here for more info.


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Bitties Enrollment Open
House Parties
Board Members Needed
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