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Having It Up! Summer at Urban EdJun 2011
Guest Speakers Needed 
It's hot outside and it's even hotter at Urban Ed as we gear up for a great summer! We are a part of the city's Safe Summer Intiative this year and thanks to funding from the Justice Grants Administration we are hosting a special evening program from 4 PM - 8 PM to keep teens safe and off the hot streets of DC. But we need your help! Starting July 7 thru RG_teens_session2011Aug 11 we need guest speakers to give one hour presentations on various topics to our teens ages 14-15. These mini sessions are a lot of fun and we need about 20 people to select a date and a topic and come inform and inspire our teens! All sessions are held at Urban Ed at 2041 MLK Jr. Ave. SE, Suite M-2. Click here to view the calendar and pick your topic! For more information call Mr. Reggie at 202-610-2344 or email [email protected]


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Lil Bitties  TechnoCamp
Although alot of funding has gotten cut for many summer programs this year, we are still implementing our unique Lil Bitties technology camp. Thanks to a mini grant from Far Southeuei_lil_exec_webast Family Strengthening Collaborative, we are moving forward with the camp. The camp will operate Mon - Fri from 11:30 am - 3:30 pm, July 6 - Aug 5. Children ages 5-6 are eligible for this year's camp and because of limited funding there is a $40 enrollment and camp fee per child that covers the entire camp. We only have 20 slots available so enroll your child quickly. Computers, learning, recreation as well as daily lunch provided. Click here to view the camp flyer. For the enrollment application and requirements click here. For additional questions contact Ms. Browne at 202-610-2344 or email at [email protected]. 


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Teens - Having it Up!
There is still uei_youth2011space in our safe summer program for teens ages 14-15. Beat the heat and sign up! Fun, kool, and engaging. Field trips, mentoring, and technology. Knock down some of your community service hours and get a small stipend. Can't beat being at Urban Ed this summer. Sign up today! Click here for more info or call Mr. Reggie at 202-610-2344 or email at [email protected].


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Guest Speakers Needed
Lil Bitties TechnoCamp
Teens - Having It Up
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