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Update from Urban Ed!Jun 2010
Urban Ed's President Hits Hole in One!
Mason Michael Gambale congrats Roxanne,
Urban Ed's President

The St. John's #11 first golf tournament was a huge success! They reached their goal to raise $5,000 on behalf of Urban Ed. And to add icing to the event, Urban Ed's president who has never played golf (other than in health ed class), hits a hole in one! This amazing shot rocked the golf course and made the event even more monumental

Roxanne was placed on a team at the last minute, but the group made a great connection and still won 2nd place. Urban Ed truly thanks the St. John's masons for a great day with lots of fun and networking! Click here to see more images. Congrats to Urban Ed's president and another high five to the masons, particularly Michael Gambale for coordinating the event and to all the sponsors who helped make it happen!
Got An Hour? Volunteer This Summer with Urban Ed!urbaned_teens

Urban Ed is seeking a number of volunteers to help out this summer. We need you to bring your experiences and expertise to help teens gain knowledge about life, careers and technology. Part of our year round program - the Teen TechnoAcademy, Urban Ed provides leadership and character development workshops that supplements our business and technical training. HOW CAN YOU HELP?

Do a presentation on any topic you think will interest and add value to teens functioning better in the community, the workplace and just in general. Select what you are good at and come share it with our youth! Some ideas for topics include handling conflict, financial litercy, sign language, basic web design, exploring careers, sex and heathy living, winning resumes, and the list goes on. Available workshop times are between 2 pm - 6 pm Monday - Friday and will begin July 12. You can do just one hour or multiple hours and days. You tell us what you want to do! We welcome your creative ideas. A little bit of your time will make a difference this summer! Contact Violet Browne for more info at 202-610-2344 or [email protected].
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