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Happy Holidays from Urban Ed! Dec 2008
Holiday Greetings!

On behalf of Urban Ed, Inc., I would like to wish you and yours a very relaxing and joyous holiday season. Despite a year of challenges for all of us, we are an organization of strength and perseverance and have endured the struggles and capitalized on the positive strides. Our reflections back on 2008 makes us proud as we have accomplished alot and 2009 is in motion for many more powerful moments. Thank each of you for your belief and support in helping Urban Ed change the lives of children, youth and communities!
2008 Accomplishmentsuei_youth
Even in the face of cutbacks and funding crunches, Urban Ed served over 130 disadvantaged children, youth and families. We provided over 20,000 hours of instruction in business and technical training and maintained a 92% program completion rate. In addition to our regular Pathways activities, some of our special programs for the year included the second launch of our Lil Bitties program during the summer and completing our work with detained youth at the Oak Hill Juvenile Detention Center. Click to see all of our accomplishments over the years.
2009 Foresees Growth and Changeyouth_growth
Urban Ed has alot on tap for the year 2009 which includes developing a new strategic plan, upgrading our course offerings, solidifying our programs with young children, working more closely with the public school system, and strengthening our job placement function. We are looking for volunteers to help us mentor and provide academic support to children ages 5-7 and teens. Enrollment is open for our Winter 2009 classes beginning Jan. 13, 2009 and we are recruiting children for our Lil Bitties TechnoAdvantage, a progressive computer technology and academic program. Click on the links to learn more about how to volunteer with us, learn more about our programs and view our 2008-2009 schedule.
SUPPORT INNOVATION! Urban Ed needs your support. Tax time is around the corner and we invite you to take advantage of one last deduction by making a contribution to Urban Ed! If you care about our children's education, teens and violence prevention, ex-offenders or homeless and foster care parents then Urban Ed is your investment for change. Our mission - to provide education, information and skill development to low-income people of color to foster economic independence. Our solution - "When I first came to Urban Ed I was a single mother with two young boys ages 2 and 4 living in a shelter receiving about $60 per month from public assistance. I knew something had to change and was hopeful it would. Urban Ed helped make change for me and now I have my own apartment, a car and a career making three times the minimum wage..." - Marquita, Urban Ed participant.
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2008 Accomplishments
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