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Great Buy from Argentina

Pircas NegraPircase Bottle


Famatina Valley Argentina

Mills shelf price $14.99

33.3% Discount

Sale Price $9.99

Mills' Notes

We tasted this Malbec without even knowing that it was "Certified Organic" and found it to be excellent! As you can see from the following tech sheet, Piercas Negras is dead serious about their commitment to the environment

It's not often we are able to offer a high class Malbec from Argentina at a price as good as this. Quantities are limited so don't hesitate on this one.

Technical Information

Organic Certificate:Grapes and facilities have been certified by USDA Accredited Argencert SRL (Argentina) and are compliant with the National Organic Program of the USDA.

Soil: Sandy, calcareous soil of alluvial origin at 3,600 ft. above sea level together with the low humidity and low rainfall make the Famatina Valley an ideal environment for wine growing. The north-south orientation of the Andes provides the vineyards with enough sunlight while protecting them from the wind and the rain.

Viticulture:The watering systems used in the vineyards are a combination of traditional flooding method, which uses glacial run-off or snow melt water, and computerized drip irrigation systems that pump underground water. Grapes are hand harvested in the coolness of the morning to ensure less damage which is carried through to the wine.

Winemaking:Aged from four to six months in 100% French innerstaves.

Notes: On the nose, scents of plum, blackberry and spice. Expressions of blackberry and cherry interwoven with subtle elements of vanilla, allspice and fresh herbs.

Pairing suggestions: pork or tortellini stuffed with prosciutto.

St Supery Cabernet Sauvignon

Supery Cabernet Label 

Supery Cabernet Bottle

St.  Supery


Cabernet Sauvignon

Estate Bottled Napa Valley

Winery Tasting

Room Price  $35.00

Maryland Shelf Price  $31.99


Mills' Sale Price


Mills' Notes

There isn't much we can say about the 2004 St Supery Cabernet Sauvignon.  We all know it is one of the very best under $50 Cabernets from California.  It's really simple - our wine buyer was in a unique position to grab every bottle of the 2004 for the MD/DC area at a great price and simply DID IT!


We know this is the middle of the Summer, but grab this now because we simply can't imagine St Supery making an offer like this in the near future!

Wine Tasting Notes

Plush, complex layers of plum, blackberry and vanilla in the aroma that is deep and persistent. On the palate flavors again show blackberry and are added to with concentrated notes of currents, anise and black cherry. The finishes well proportioned by firm but not over powering tannins. This is a well-balanced wine that will continue to develop for years to come.
Astica - Argentinian Wines

ASTICAAstica Label





Mills Shelf Price $10.99


Mills Sale Price


Mills' Notes


For the last year MILLS has been featuring affordable Pinot Grigio in 1.5 Liter Sizes.  We have sold over 1000 cases of affordable Pinot Grigio since we started last June.   So right now, we just can't find any we like, at our necessary $7.99 or $8.99 price - but we did find some terrific Argentine Chardonnay, Malbec and Cabernet at the great $7.99 Price.


This is really nice wine from the Frederick Wildman people.  We all know that Wildman does not put out run of the mill wine.  This price might be the same as the Beer Stores cheap Chilean plonk, but Astica is worth the price!    Come on by and try all three flavors.

Quilla Vineyard

Domaine de la Quilla

Other Quilla Muscadet Label

Muscadet Sevre & Maine Sur Lie



Regular Price $12.99

Mills' Ridiculous Price




See below for the Domaine de la Quilla story directly from Bobby Kacher.  We just thought we would put our "two cents" in first.


Muscadet is the perfect, ultra dry, Summer White that just so happens to be the perfect companion to shellfish.    Since were not shellfish, er, selfish, we made this special buy and we are passing along these savings to you.  This is almost a 40% savings on a wine that already has a great price. 


We Will Open Quilla this weekend for tasting!

Domaine: Domaine de la Quilla
Vintage: 2008
Producer: Gérard Vinet
Variety: 100% Muscadet or Melon de Bourgogne
Country: France
Region: Loire Valley


It's been nearly twenty years since we first began working with Gérard and Daniel Vinet at the well-known estate of Quilla in the village of La Haie-Fouassière. A little known fact is that this village is the origin of the famous wines of Muscadet. The village is located within the region known as Sèvre et Maine, an area that lies between the two tributaries that flow from the south to the Loire. Of the three zones within the appellation of Muscadet, Sèvre et Maine is the best ripening area for the Muscadet grape type (which is also known as Melon de Bourgogne). The Vinet family owns about 60 acres. The vineyards are tended by Daniel and vinification is controlled by Gérard, his younger brother. With the Atlantic influence, the harvest generally begins early September. The yields are not excessive and all the fruit is harvested by hand. The real key to the wines from Domaine de la Quilla is that the Vinet's keep the wines sur lie for eight months before bottling at the end of May, unlike most in this appellation who bottle in March. The Vinet family work proudly to produce this impeccably dry and fragrant wine. Enjoy!

Brane Cantenac Logo

Chateau Brane Cantenac

Home of the

Lurton Family


Mills Fine Wine and Spirits is pleased to announce that we have entered into a "Direct Shipment" agreement with the most important wine family of Bordeaux - The Lurton family! 


To name a few, members of this family own:  Chateau Cheval Blanc, Chateau D Y'quem, Chateau Camarsac, Chateau Bouscaut, Chateau Desmirail, Chateau Brane Cantenac, Chateau Durfort Vivens, Chateau Doisy Dubroca, Chateau Climens and so many more we could go on for pages!


Having dealt with them in a previous life, our wine manager was approached by a Lurton representative and asked if he (Mills) would like to be the first regional retailer allowed to purchase small properties directly!  No middle men at all, except for an expediter!  We jumped at the chance, and, at a tasting arranged for us in February, the Mills Wine Staff selected twelve different Bordeaux Chateaux that we felt were perfect for you!


It took a while, but they are now all on our floor ready for you to taste and purchase!  These prices are just spectacular.  Read on to find out just a little more about each of them.

Red Bordeaux

Jean Gassie BottlesChateau Jean Gassie

Bordeaux Rouge 2006

Thomas and Jeremie Lurton


Mills Shelf Price  $11.99

Customer Appreciation Card Pricing

1-5 Bottles  $10.79     6 Bottles Or More  $9.59


Thomas and Jeremie Lurton are two of Dominique Lurton's sons.  Their older brother, Pierre, shocked the wine world when he was able to acquire both Chateau Cheval Blanc and Chateau d"Yquem.  Brothers Thomas and Jeremie were asked by Dominique to take over the rest of this part of the Lurton family's holdings:  Chateaux Martouret, Colin de Pey, Jean Gassie, and Mille.  The two brothers joined their talent to do marvelous things with these great vineyards. 


Jeremie is an agricultural engineer, his abilities in the vineyards have transformed Jean Gassie into the top Quality Price Ratio wine in the Lurton portfolio.  With a consulting oenologist from Cheval Blanc this wine is a real treat.  Thomas is their "art director"  As "art" is his passion he sees the beauty of the vineyards and wines and brings his own special elegance to their wines. 


Martouret dates back to the 18th Century.  Dominique bought it in 1971, and the second parcel Jean Gassie in 1996.  Thomas and Jeremie argue about which one is the big brother and which one the little brother! 


Chateau Bellevue Chollet

Bordeaux Rouge 2006

Gold Medal

2007 Bordeaux Expo


Mills Shelf Price $13.49

Customer Appreciation Card Pricing

1-5 Bottles  $12.14     6 Bottles or More  $10.79


This is what the prestigious London house of Laithwaites writes about Bellevue Cholet:  It is extremely rare for a humble Petit Chateaux to strike GOLD at the top competition in Bordeaux - but that's exactly what the Chaveland family's Bellevue Chollet 2006 has done.


Their Merlot and Cabernet vineyards sit at the highest point in Bordeaux's Entre-deux-Mers region. The altitude gives the grapes maximum exposure to the Sun, allowing them to ripen to perfection.


Ripe and elegant with layers of pure black fruit and spice.  A charming drop to open with good food and great company.


Laithwaites goes on to say how very scarce this wine is and that only a few lucky merchants get it in London.  Thanks to Peter's relationship with Lurton we can say the same thing about the USA!


Chateau du Barry

Bordeaux Rouge 2006

Gold Medal

2007 Bordeaux Expo

Mills Shelf Price  $13.49

Customer Appreciation Card Pricing

1-5 Bottles  $12.14     6 Bottles or More  $10.79


This is a historic tale of woe!  Built in 1700, on order of King Louis XIV, for Arnold de Ville, designer of the famous "electric" water generator on the Seine, La Machine de Marly.   The Chateau was inhabited by various grandchildren of Louis XIV during the first years of the 18th Century, and was always planted in well thought of vines.  Given to the infamous Madame du Barry by Louis XV upon her "elevation" to the title of "principle mistress" of the King.   Madame du Barry was arrested here on orders of "The Revolution" in 1793.


The Chateaux was at the heart of an International scandal of pillaging and neglect and was all but abandoned throught the 1950's and 1960's.  It has been carefully restored to its original brilliance, and with the Lurton family management has once again started producing magnificent wine.


Please note here, two of the most important "wine judgings" in France are the Concours at Paris and Bordeaux, the other is Macon.  Mills has managed to acquire the Gold Medal Winners for Bordeaux at Both Contests for the 2006 Vintage.   We aren't sure, but we believe we might be the only American wine retailer to make such an acquisition!



Chateau La Chapelle Maillard

Bordeaux Rouge 2008

Certified Organic by Eco Cert

Gold Medal Winner


Concours de Aquitane

De L'Agriculture Biologique


Mills Shelf Price  $15.99

Customer Appreciation Card Price

1-5 Bottles  $14.39   6 Bottles or More  $12.79


This is the first of the wonderful 2008 to arrive at Mills.  Robert Parker says of the 2008's " The vintage turned out to be excellent, with a number of superb wines that are clos to, if not equal to the prodigious 2005 or 2000 vintages.


La Chapelle Maillard is a blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Cabernet Franc it is well balanced with nice red fruit character.  Notes of cassis and chocolate and a structured, toasty oak inflected finish.


Once again, Mills has come up with a first.  This Gold Medal Winner won at the "Organic Fair" for all of Europe.  This is one of Europe's truly remarkable organic wines, and only Mills has found a way to bring it to you!



Chateau Rocher Bellevue

Cotes de Castillon  2005


Bronze Medal Winner

2007  Bordeaux Expo


Mills Shelf Price  $13.99

1-5 Bottles  $12.59     6 Bottles or More $11.19


This might be the most "under the radar" Bordeaux on the market today.  It has become a cult classic amongst the Bordelais in the know and now we're telling you!  This is a tale of a winemaker.  Rocher Bellevue was just one of the unknown 17,000 Bordeaux Chateau when the owners asked Jaques Begaire winemaker at Vieux Chateau Certan to make the wine for them.  It didn't take long for this wine to reach secret cult status amongst French wine buyers.   While Begaire is now their "consulting oenologist", his fingers are certainly in the cepage.  He is now Michelle Rolland's partner in several worldwide vineyards of renown.


Castillon is considered "Baby Saint Emilion" .  The Castillon area surrounds St. Emilion with the same heavy emphasis on Cabernet Franc and Merlot.  We simply can't believe we could find a 2005 Vintage (one of the greats) with this kind of pedigree, at this kind of price!



Roudier BottleChateau Roudier

Montagne Saint Emilion 2005


Who's Your Daddy


Mills Shelf Price  $17.99

Customer Appreciation Card Pricing

1-5 Bottles  $16.19     6 Bottles or More  $14.39


Who is Roudier's Daddy ? ? ?  One of the most famous Chateaux in Saint Emilion is the Grand Cru Classe Chateau Cap de Mourlin.   There is actually a Capdemourlin family who has owned this estate for over 400 years! 


Roudier is their "baby".  The family acquired this Chateau in Montagne Saint Emilion in recent years and, as expected, the quality has gone thru the roof!   This is another instance where we can't believe we found a 2005 Montagne St Emilion that we can actually sell for under $15. 


Since the Capdemourlin family has owned Roudier it has won placements at the Elysee Palace,  Matignon (headquarters of the Prime Minister),  and other truly prestigious French historical sites!   MILLS is truly pleased to bring you the "child" of a French Wine Aristocrat.



Chateau Saint Arnaud

Saint Emilion 2005


Mills Shelf Price  $19.99

Customer Appreciation Card Pricing

1-5 Bottles  $17.99     6 Bottles or More  $15.99


We're just going to quote Anna Bennett at this point.  She is a famous internet wine guru, a famous novelist, and a famous crusader for Kidney disease charities.


"This is a rich, rich, wine and I like it.  I had dinner out tonight but I wanted a glass of wine when I got home.  Randomly, I opened this bottle.  On my first pour, what a great wine!  I don't know the blend, but it is a rich red.   Deep  lush fruit.  Oakiness for a split second and then a smooth finish!  There is nothing light about it, it is substantial.  If it were a fabric, it would be a thick silk/cotton blend.  Like nice sheets when you have just made your bed, comforting.  To me this could be a $40 Bottle!"



Chateau Le Jurat

Saint Emilion Grand Cru 2005


Mills Shelf Price $24.99

Customer Appreciation Card Pricing

1-5 Bottles  $22.49     6 Bottles or More  $19.99

This is another story of Bordeaux lineage, but just a little bit different.  A Bordeaux Chateaux CAN subdivide and change name for the new parcel, but it can NEVER be changed back. 


This is exactly what happened years ago at the famous St Emilion Chateau, Chateau Haut-Corbin!  The Chateau originally belonged to Edward Prince of Wales, but when England squandered Aquitaine the land was divided by the French.   Haut-Corbin muddled thru uneventfully and quite frankly underproduced from a quality standpoint until it was purchased in 1960.   As part of an inheritance plan, a part of Haut Corbin became LE JURAT! 


Since then, with exceptional wine making Haut Corbin has been elevated to Grand Cru Classe Status and Le Jurat has been elevated to Grand Cru status. 


Just how good is the MILLS price?  The international Internet price watcher - 99 plus wines - says the best Worldwide price is $25.30.  Wait till they see that MILLS beats this price by over $5

White Bordeaux

Blanc de Barat

Chateau Barat 2009

Bordeaux Sauvignon


Sorry Sold Out!!!

Chateau Barrat is the personal property of Thierry Lurton.  This is the other side of the Lurton family.  This is the side of the family that contacted Peter directly.   Thierry manages  Camarsac, Duplesis, Villegeorge, La Tour de Bessan, Bouscaut, desmirail, Durfort Vivens, Brane Cantenac, Doisy Dubroca and Climens in Sauterne.    Barat is his baby......the time, the money and the loving care he showers on this estate is really remarkable.  It is only a matter of time before its name is as important as the others above.


What is truly interesting is the White Bordeaux itself.  First:  it is 100% Sauvignon Blanc.  It is not a blend of SB, Muscadelle, Semillon and Ugni Blanc.  It is a 2009, it is fresh, citric, and delightfull at a price below $10.  What more could one want this Summer.



Chateau du Mayne

Sauternes 2007

(375 ml)


Mills Shelf Price $19.99

Customer Appreciation Card Pricing

1-5 Bottles  $17.99     6 Bottles or More  $15.99


Without question the very best Sauterne buy amongst the exceptional wines of Sauterne.  This estate, owned by Bernard Reglat is the equal to the more famous estates, but has yet to achieve the pricing.  Look at what Chateau Online has to say about the 2007.


"Delicious and ready to be enjoyed today.  It is remarkable for its delicate, elegant and well balanced qualities.  The strength of this great mellow wine is the balance between its richness and sweetness with the freshness of the structure.  This is one of the best values for the money opportunities from this appellation.  More importantly, it is a vintage which could become legendary"

Rosé Bordeaux

Could this be the very best Bordeaux Rosé ?

Chateau Le Gay 

Chateau Le Gay

Festival Rosé

Bordeaux Rosé 2009


Mills Shelf Price  $14.99

Customer Appreciation Card Pricing

1-5 Bottles  $13.49     6 Bottles or More  $11.99


If you are even a casual Bordeaux drinker, you know that Chateau Le Gay in Pommerol is one of the appellations to 5 wines, with pricing in the $200 range per bottle. 


Le Gay's owner Catherine Pere Verge wanted some Bordeaux Rosé for herself so she asked her Le Gay winemaker to maker her some.  All her friends went nuts for it and it became a cult wine of ridiculous magnitude in Paris. 


Knowing that it would be impossible, Peter asked our Bordeaux broker if MILLS could buy 50 cases.  He laughed, but came back a day later and said he found 20 cases at a negociant in Bordeaux.  Needless to say, Peter grabbed it immediately without asking the price.  When we found out what the price was we nearly exploded in disbelief!


If you are a Rosé drinker, this is the ultimate.  Quite frankly if there are ten retailers in the USA with this wine we would be surprised.  We are told that we are the only retiler South of New York with any.



Chateau Barat

Bordeaux Rosé 2009

Mills Shelf Price  $11.99

Customer Appreciation Card Pricing

1-5 Bottles  $10.79     6 Bottles or More  $9.59


Just scroll up a few Chateaux to read the story of Chateau Barat.  To the best of our knowledge this is the only Rosé produced for export by the Lurton family. 


We find this to be a classic Bordeaux Rosé.  A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc, with delightful upfront fruit and a crisp dry finish.  This is already our favorite quaffing Rosé for July thru September.  Unfortunately, we only have 20 cases to sell.

California Dreamin'
California Dreamin

Right now, our Wine Manager, Peter Finkelstein, is on a plane headed towards California!

Peter has over 20 visits already scheduled. Quite a few of these wineries have no Maryland presence, yet. But, if the wine is delicious and the pricing is delightful, Mills will see them soon.

You can ride right along with Peter on this trip as he will be putting all his experiences on our blog every evening

Peter promises that his comments will be fairly interesting and maybe even controversial. Feel free to email him.

Final Days of our Rhone Sale
Chusclan Logo

Domaine de L'Olivette

Chusclan 2009

Cotes du Rhone Villages

Mills EveryDay Price $14.99

Mills Card Price


This is why we so love the Rhone! Spice and fruit all rolled into one exceptional Red Wine! A special blend of 60% Syrah and 40% Old Vines Grenache makes this a bigger wine than anything we have tasted at twice the price!

Gold Medal Concourse des Grands Vin de France 2008

"Les Genets"


Chusclan Cotes du Rhone Villages

Mills Every Day Price $16.99

Mills Card Price


Bordeaux Bonus!

With your purchase of any 12 bottles of the Bordeaux offered in this Email, you can purchase Any quantity of the Following:


Clos du Breuil 2000

Saint Emilion Grand Cru


Exceptional Parker

Reviews and Ratings


Mills Shelf Price  $119.99

Special Offer Price


Bordeaux Futures









Chateau La Favorite

Bordeaux Rouge



Futures Price



Chateau Tayac




Futures Price



Tayac 2009 just received a score of 92 Points



L'Argilus du Roi

Saint Estephe



Owned by

Jose Bueno

Winemaker at

Mouton Rothschild

For 23 years!


L'Argilus du Roi

Just received a score of

90 Points


This sale remains in effect thru July 26

Payment is 50% on confirmation and 50% on arrival.

Expect arrivals between October this year and October next year.

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