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www.fiction-addiction.comJune 2011


Fiction Addiction is collecting summer reading lists! Please bring your list by so we can make a copy and get your child's required reading on order.


If your kids don't have required reading, we can recommend plenty of fun, summer reads to keep them entertained and out of your hair. Here are a few suggestion from Penguin:


Fantastic Mr. FoxWhat Happened to GoodbyeFor middle readers, you can't go wrong with a zany tale from Roald Dahl.


For teen girls, Sarah Dessen is always a hit. And for teen guys, Anthony Horowitz keeps the action coming with his Alex Rider series.

ExposureFolly BeachAnd for grown-ups, don't forget about our Signed First Editions Club. Sign up to purchase at least 10 of the 12 monthly pre-selected signed first edition titles, and s
Start growing your collection today! June's pick is Exposure by Therese Fowler (Ballantine Books, hardcover, $25.00). July's will be Folly Beach (William Morrow, hardcover, $25.99) by Dorothea Benton Frank. Click here for more information or to sign up.
Volunteers Needed

We're looking for one or two people interested in volunteering at the store for 5-10 hours per week. Tasks will not be glamorous and will include shelving books, wrapping packages, data entry, etc. Volunteers will receive a free advance reading copy (ARC) of a not-yet-published book for every three hours worked + a 20% discount on all merchandise purchases. If you or someone you know is interested, please contact us at 864-675-0540 or at
June Events


The Bird SistersTuesday, June 7th: Book Your Lunch with Rebecca Rasmussen @ The Lazy Goat, 12-2pm, $25 per person
Take this rare opportunity to meet St. Louis author Rebecca Rasmussen, whose debut novel, The Bird Sisters (Crown Publishers, hardcover, $24.00), "is a unique, beautifully written, and heartbreaking story that explores the fierce bonds, wounds, and tender complexities of the human heart."  -Beth Hoffman, bestselling author of Saving CeeCee Honeycutt. To purchase a ticket, call us at 864-675-0540 or buy on-line at
The Art of Saying GoodbyeSaturday, June 11th: Ellyn Bache In-Store Book Signing
Greenville author Ellyn Bache will be signing copies of her new novel, The Art of Saying Goodbye (William Morrow, paperback, $13.99), at her first bookstore signing for this title at Fiction Addiction on Saturday, June 11th, from 12-2pm. If you can't make the signing, just give us a call at 864-675-0540 to reserve a copy.



Folly BeachThursday, June 16th: Book Your Lunch with Dorothea Benton Frank @ The Greenville Country Club, 12-2pm, $55 per person

New York Times bestselling South Carolina author Dorothea Benton Frank is back in the upstate with her latest Lowcountry Novel, Folly Beach (William Morrow, hardcover, $25.99). The $55 ticket price includes one copy of Folly Beach. To purchase a ticket, call us at 864-675-0540 or buy on-line at



Patterns Are Everywhere: An Upside Down Picture BookSaturday, June 18th: Tiffany A. Flowers In-Store Signing, 11am-1pm 
Children's author Tiffany A. Flowers will be signing copies of her book, Patterns Are Everywhere: An Upside Down Pattern Book (Golden Butterfly Publishing, paperback, $12.00), at Fiction Addiction on Saturday, June 18th, from 11am-1pm. If you can't make the signing, just give us a call at 864-675-0540 to reserve a copy.


Little BeeTuesday, June 21st: Fiction Addiction Book Club @ Java Jolt (1099 E. Butler Rd., Mauldin), 7pm
The Fiction Addiction Book Club is open to the public and meets the 3rd Tuesday of each month. In June, come discuss Chris Cleave's bestseller, Little Bee (Simon & Schuster, paperback, $15.00).
On July 19th, we will be discussing A Reliable Wife by Robert Goolrick (Algonquin Books, paperback, $14.95).


Dear KillerSaturday, June 25th: Linda Lovely In-Store Signing, 1-3pm
Upstate South Carolina author Linda Lovely will be signing copies of her debut novel, Dear Killer (L&L Dreamspell, paperback, $15.95), at Fiction Addiction on Saturday, June 25th, from 1-3pm. If you can't make the signing, just give us a call at 864-675-0540 to reserve a copy.

Mercy CreekWednesday, June 29th: Book Your Lunch with Matt Matthews @ The Lazy Goat, 12-2pm, $25 per person
Join Greenville pastor and South Carolina First Novel Prize-winner Matt Matthews as he discusses Mercy Creek (Hub City Press, hardcover, $24.95), his debut coming-of-age novel that's part mystery and part love story. To purchase a ticket, call us at 864-675-0540 or buy on-line at


Children's Storytime
Froggy Goes to HawaiiJoin us for storytime every Thursday morning at 10:30am. We will be reading the following titles during June:
9th: A Sick Day for Amos McGee by Philip C. Stead (Roaring Brook Press, hardcover, $16.99)
16th: Daddy Adventure Day by Dave Keane (Philomel, hardcover, $15.99)
23rd: Froggy Goes to Hawaii by Jonathan London (The Viking Press, hardcover, $15.99)
30th: Huck Runs Amuck! by Sean Taylor (The Dial Press, hardcover, $16.99)
We Love This Book!

RoomKeep an eye out for our new "We Love This Book!" shelf-talkers around the store. These tags will indicate books that have been read and enjoyed by our staff, and will feature a "good read" guarantee: you will have 30 days from the date of purchase to read the book, and if you don't like it, you can return it (as long as it's in sellable condition) for full store credit!
Our first "We Love This Book!" promotion will be for Room by Emma Donoghue (Back Bay Books, paperback, $14.99). Nancy, Melissa, and Cyndi -- who tend to have very diverse tastes -- have all read and loved it. 5-year-old Jack, the narrator, will win you over with his innocence and bravery.
June Store Picks


Before I Go to SleepBefore I Go to Sleep by S.J. Watson (HarperCollins, paperback, $25.99)

Before I Go to Sleep was one of the most unusual and gripping psychological thrillers I have ever read. Christine has an unusual form of amnesia. She wakes up every morning not remembering anything. She remembers what she does or is told during the day, but then after sleep, she starts all over again with no memories. We share Christine's confusion and her fears as we read along with her the journal she has started to keep, something she hopes will help her to remember. Christine goes through a roller coaster of emotions as she reads her journal each day and doesn't know what she has remembered or what she has imagined. She doesn't know who to believe or who to fear. We are carried right along for the ride by the brilliant writing and the vehicle that Watson has chosen to tell his story. 
- Recommended by Nancy McFarlane, store employee



True (...Sort Of)True (...Sort Of) by Katherine Hannigan (Greenwillow Books, hardcover, $16.99)
Fast-talking trouble-maker Delly draws you in with all her Dellylicious words and stunts, but that is just window-dressing for the utterly moving story Hannigan sneaks up and hits you over the head with. For ages 9 and up.
- Recommended by Jill Hendrix, store owner 

F in ExamsF in Exams by Richard Benson (Chronicle Books, paperback, $9.95)

When students are confronted with a question to which they don't know they answer, some leave it blank, some reason it out, and some get it dead wrong--in a hilarious kind of way. This book collects some of the best wrong answers you're ever likely to see across all your favorite (or despised) subjects. 
- Recommended by Melissa Oates, store employee



Welcome to BordertownWelcome to Bordertown by Holly Black (Random House, hardcover, $19.99)
If you've never been to the Borderlands, you're in for a treat. Today's best urban fantasy writers are revisiting that crazy town on the border between Elfland and the human realms, where teens come from both races to find sanctuary and a place where they finally fit in. Recommended for teens and adults who are young at heart.
- Recommended by Jill Hendrix, store owner 
Still MissingStill Missing by Chevy Stevens (St. Martin's Griffin, paperback, $14.99)
Still Missing is psychological suspense at its best. Annie Sullivan is kidnapped and help captive for a year by a Hannibal Lecter-type psychopath whom she calls The Freak. The book alternates masterfully between Annie's year of captivity and her attempts to adjust to life after escaping. She finally decides she needs a therapist to help her get rid of the fear she still lives with. This leaves Annie and the reader to figure out whether Annie's fears are a result of PTSD or if she still really has something to fear.
- Recommended by Nancy McFarlane, store employee


VaclavVaclav & Lena by Haley Tanner (The Dial Press, hardcover, $25.00)
Haley Tanner takes us from the childhood games and dreams of Russian immigrants Vaclav and Lena to a blossoming adolescent romance. However, a disturbing shadow is present in Lena's life and the circumstances threaten this sweet love story as they grow into adulthood. Can they endure through the ensuing time and distance? Read this beautiful book to find out. 
- Recommended by Cyndi Clack, store employee


Murder OneMurder One by Robert Dugoni (Touchstone, hardcover, $24.99) 
Robert Dugoni shows that he and his main character David Sloan are as at home in a criminal court as they are in a civil one. The courtroom scenes and surprises rival those of Perry Mason. Good police work, terrific legal expertise, and superb character development all contribute to a very believable legal thriller. Dugoni just gets better and better, and I can't wait to see what David Sloan will face next time.
- Recommended by Nancy McFarlane, store employee
In the Belly of JonahIn the Belly of Jonah by Sandra Brannan (Greenleaf Book Group, paperback, $14.95)
In the Belly of Jonah immerses you in spine-tingling evil from almost the first page. The setting of a working limestone mine in Colorado is extremely interesting and richly described. Liv Bergen, the strong, spunky, female mine manager and FBI agent Streeter Pierce both contribute to an exciting beginning to a new series. The murders are both gruesome, the serial killer is bizarre, and the investigation is exciting and smartly done. What more could a thriller fan ask for?
- Recommended by Nancy McFarlane, store employee 
Upcoming Releases

Please email us at if you would like to reserve a copy of any of the following:



The Beekeeper's LamentThe Beekeper's Lament by Hannah Nordhaus (HarperCollins, paperback, $14.99)

The honey bee is a willing conscript, a working wonder, an unseen and crucial link in America's agricultural industry. But never before has its survival been so unclear-and the future of our food supply so acutely challenged. Enter beekeeper John Miller, who trucks his hives around the country, bringing millions of bees to farmers otherwise bereft of natural pollinators. Even as the mysterious and deadly epidemic known as Colony Collapse Disorder devastates bee populations across the globe, Miller forges ahead with the determination and wry humor of a true homespun hero. The Beekeeper's Lament tells his story and that of his bees, making for a complex, moving, and unforgettable portrait of man in the new natural world.



OutliersOutliers by Malcolm Gladwell (Back Bay Books, paperback, $16.99)
In this stunning book, Malcolm Gladwell takes us on an intellectual journey through the world of "outliers"--the best and the brightest, the most famous and the most successful. He asks the question: what makes high-achievers different? His answer is that we pay too much attention to what successful people are like, and too little attention to where they are from: that is, their culture, their family, their generation, and the idiosyncratic experiences of their upbringing. Along the way he explains the secrets of software billionaires, what it takes to be a great soccer player, why Asians are good at math, and what made the Beatles the greatest rock band. Brilliant and entertaining, Outliers is a landmark work that will simultaneously delight and illuminate.
Role ModelsRole Models by John Waters (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, paperback, $15.00)

Here, from the incomparable John Waters, is a paean to the power of subversive inspiration that will delight, amuse, enrich-and happily horrify-readers everywhere. Role Models is, in fact, a self-portrait told through intimate profiles of favorite personalities-some famous, some unknown, some criminal, some surprisingly middle of the road. Role Models is a personal invitation into one of the most unique, perverse, and hilarious artistic minds of our time.

Marcus of UmbriaMarcus of Umbria by Justine van der Leun (Rodale Press, paperback, $14.99)

Readers will delight in this tale of an urbanite who leaves her magazine job to move to Collelungo, Italy, population: 200. There, in the ancient city center of a historic Umbrian village, she sets up house with the enticing local gardener she met on vacation only weeks earlier. This impulsive decision launches an eye-opening series of misadventures when village life and romance turn out to be radically different from what she had imagined. 

Hitch-22Hitch-22 by Christopher Hitchens (Twelve, paperback, $14.99)

Over the course of his 60 years, Christopher Hitchens has been a citizen of both the United States and the United Kingdom. He has been both a socialist opposed to the war in Vietnam and a supporter of the U.S. war against Islamic extremism in Iraq. He has been both a foreign correspondent in some of the world's most dangerous places and a legendary bon vivant with an unquenchable thirst for alcohol and literature. He is a fervent atheist, raised as a Christian, by a mother whose Jewish heritage was not revealed to him until her suicide. In other words, Christopher Hitchens contains multitudes. He sees all sides of an argument. And he believes the personal is political.

This is the story of his life, lived large.
General Fiction
Ten Thousand SaintsTen Thousand Saints by Eleanor Henderson (Ecco, hardcover, $26.99)
Adopted by a pair of diehard hippies, restless, marginal Jude Keffy-Horn spends much of his youth getting high with his best friend, Teddy, in their bucolic and deeply numbing Vermont town. But when Teddy dies of an overdose on the last day of 1987, Jude's relationship with drugs and with his parents devolves to new extremes. Sent to live with his pot-dealing father in New York City's East Village, Jude stumbles upon straight edge, an underground youth culture powered by the paradoxical aggression of hardcore punk and a righteous intolerance for drugs, meat, and sex. With Teddy's half brother, Johnny, and their new friend, Eliza, Jude tries to honor Teddy's memory through his militantly clean lifestyle. But his addiction to straight edge has its own dangerous consequences. While these teenagers battle to discover themselves, their parents struggle with this new generation's radical reinterpretation of sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll and their grown-up awareness of nature and nurture, brotherhood and loss.
One SummerOne Summer by David Baldacci (Grand Central Publishing, hardcover, $25.99)
It's almost Christmas, but there is no joy in the house of terminally ill Jack and his family. With only a short time left to live, he spends his last days preparing to say goodbye to his devoted wife, Lizzie, and their three children. Then, unthinkably, tragedy strikes again: Lizzie is killed in a car accident. With no one able to care for them, the children are separated from each other and sent to live with family members around the country. Just when all seems lost, Jack begins to recover in a miraculous turn of events. He rises from what should have been his deathbed, determined to bring his fractured family back together. Struggling to rebuild their lives after Lizzie's death, he reunites everyone at Lizzie's childhood home on the oceanfront in South Carolina. And there, over one unforgettable summer, Jack will begin to learn to love again, and he and his children will learn how to become a family once more.

MatterhornMatterhorn by Karl Marlantes (Grove Press, paperback, $15.95)

is an epic war novel in the tradition of Norman Mailer's The Naked and the Dead and James Jones's The Thin Red Line
. It is the timeless story of a young Marine lieutenant, Waino Mellas, and his comrades in Bravo Company, who are dropped into the mountain jungle of Vietnam as boys and forced to fight their way into manhood. Standing in their way are not merely the North Vietnamese but also monsoon rain and mud, leeches and tigers, disease and malnutrition. Almost as daunting, it turns out, are the obstacles they discover between each other: racial tension, competing ambitions, and duplicitous superior officers. But when the company finds itself surrounded and outnumbered by a massive enemy regiment, the Marines are thrust into the raw and all-consuming terror of combat. The experience will change them forever.


Historical Fiction


The ReservoirThe Reservoir by John Milliken Thompson (Other Press, paperback, $15.95)
On an early spring morning in Richmond, Virginia, in the year 1885, a young pregnant woman is found floating in the city reservoir. It appears that she has committed suicide, but there are curious clues at the scene that suggest foul play. The case attracts local attention, and an eccentric group of men collaborate to solve the crime. Detective Jack Wren lurks in the shadows, weaseling his way into the investigation and intimidating witnesses. Policeman Daniel Cincinnatus Richardson, on the brink of retirement, catches the case and relentlessly pursues it to its sorrowful conclusion. As the identity of the girl, Lillie, is revealed, her dark family history comes to light, and the investigation focuses on her tumultuous affair with Tommie Cluverius. Tommie, an ambitious young lawyer, is the pride and joy of his family and the polar opposite of his brother Willie, a quiet, humble farmer. Though both men loved Lillie, it's Tommie's reckless affair that thrusts his family into the spotlight. With Lillie dead, Willie must decide how far to trust Tommie, and whether he ever understood him at all. Told through accumulating revelations, Tommie's story finally ends in a riveting courtroom climax.




Bet Your BonesBet Your Bones by Jeanne Matthews (Poisoned Pen Press, paperback, $14.95)

The fire goddess Pele, ancient myths, families, friendship and greed all play a part in this intriguing mystery set in Hawaii.  Diana Pellerin  has doubts about the wisdom of a wedding on the rim of an active volcano but her interest in anthropology, especially ancient myths and  legends, convinces her to say yes when her best friend asks her to be the maid of honor at her wedding. She soon finds herself in the path of an erupting volcano and a murderer.  Many interesting Hawaiian myths and legends as well as Hawaiian landmarks and  culture are woven  expertly in the storyline.



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Science fiction, Fantasy, & Horror

The PackThe Pack by Jason Starr (Ace, hardcover, $25.95) 

When Simon Burns is fired from his job without warning, he takes on the role of stay-at-home dad for his three-year-old son. But his reluctance pushes his already strained marriage to the limit. In the nestled playgrounds of the Upper West Side, Simon harbors a simmering rage at his boss's betrayal. Things take a turn when he meets a tight-knit trio of dads at the playground. They are different from other men Simon has met, stronger and more confident, more at ease with the darker side of life- and soon Simon is lured into their mix. But after a guys' night out gets frighteningly out of hand, Simon feels himself sliding into a new nightmarish reality. As he experiences disturbing changes in his body and his perceptions, he starts to suspect that when the guys welcomed him to their "pack," they were talking about much more than male bonding. And as he falls prey to his basest instincts, Simon must accept that werewolves exist if he is to turn the tides of his fortune...


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Romance & Paranormal Romance

My Dangerous PleasureMy Dangerous Pleasure by Carolyn Jewel (Forever, paperback, $6.99) 

Strong-willed and independent, Paisley Nichols is used to taking care of herself. But when an insane mage begins tracking her every move and threatening her at every turn, she has no choice but to put her life in the hands of a demon. Burned by betrayal, demon assassin Iskander won't get too close to anyone. He spends his days serving his warlord and his nights indulging in carnal pleasures . . . and that's exactly how he likes it. But when a mage wages a wrenching psychic assault on his beautiful tenant Paisley, Iskander must defend her. Under his protection, she will be drawn irresistibly into his life and learn about her own mysterious powers. And not a moment too soon. The mage haunting her isn't acting alone-and he won't rest until he destroys both Paisley and Iskander.

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Children's and Young Adult


Gilbert Goldfish Wants a PetGilbert Goldfish Wants a Pet by Kelly DiPucchio (The Dial Press, hardcover, $16.99)

Gilbert has almost everything his fishy heart could desire: a castle, a chest filled with treasure, and food that falls from the sky. But there's one BIG thing missing from his life: a pet. And so begins Gilbert's harrowing search for the perfect fishbowl companion - a search filled with loud barking, quiet buzzing, and one giant whiskered surprise! With snappy, rhythmic text and the most irresistible goldfish in picture book history, this tale of fish woe and triumph will make readers long for a pet as lovable as Gilbert.


Moomin's Lift-the-Flap Hide and SeekMoomin's Lift-the-Flap Hide and Seek by Tove Jansson (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, board book, $6.99)

Pre-readers can sharpen hand-eye coordination as they join Moomintroll's search for that rascal Little My, who has found a very clever hiding place. Along the way, they will meet Moomintroll's family and many friends. The funny names-from Snufkin to Fillyjonk-beg to be sounded out and repeated again and again. Based on characters and artwork created by Tove Jansson, whose original Moomin books have been translated from the original Swedish into more than thirty languages.


If Rocks Could SingIf Rocks Could Sing by Leslie McGuirk (Tricycle Press, hardcover, $15.99)

Amazing rocks, found on a stretch of beach near the author's home, comprise this unique alphabet book. A is for Addition, and there are rocks in the shape of real numbers, too. B is for Bird, and there is a bird rock on a nest with an egg. G is for Ghosts, and there is a host of rocks that look like ghosts! Children and adults alike will pore over these fascinating rocks, and will be inspired collect their own.


JunoniaJunonia by Kevin Henkes (Greenwillow Books, hardcover, $15.99)

Returning to the beach cottage-a cottage named Scallop-where she has always celebrated her birthday is a special occasion for Alice Rice. Who will see the first dolphin this time? The first pelican? What will have changed? Stayed the same? And will this be the year she finally finds a junonia shell? Alice's friends are all returning, too. And she's certain her parents have the best party planned for her. Alice can't wait. If Alice is lucky, everything will be absolutely perfect. Will Alice be lucky?


Imaginary GirlsImaginary Girls by Nova Suma (Dutton, hardcover, $17.99)

Chloe's older sister, Ruby, is the girl everyone looks to and longs for, who can't be captured or caged. When a night with Ruby's friends goes horribly wrong and Chloe discovers the dead body of her classmate London Hayes left floating in the reservoir, Chloe is sent away from town and away from Ruby. But Ruby will do anything to get her sister back, and when Chloe returns to town two years later, deadly surprises await. As Chloe flirts with the truth that Ruby has hidden deeply away, the fragile line between life and death is redrawn by the complex bonds of sisterhood.


Thirteen Reasons WhyThirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher (Razorbill, paperback, $8.99)

Clay Jensen returns home from school to find a mysterious box with his name on it lying on his porch. Inside he discovers cassette tapes recorded by Hannah Baker-his classmate and crush--who committed suicide two weeks earlier. On tape, Hannah explains that there are thirteen reasons why she decided to end her life. Clay is one of them. If he listens, he'll find out how he made the list. Through Hannah and Clay's dual narratives, debut author Jay Asher weaves an intricate and heartrending story of confusion and desperation that will deeply affect teen readers.


My Life UndecidedMy Life Undecided by Jessica Brody (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, hardcover, $16.99)

PLEASE READ THIS! MY LIFE DEPENDS ON IT! Okay, maybe that was a bit melodramatic, but I'm sorry, I'm feeling a bit melodramatic at the moment. Here's the deal. My name is Brooklyn Pierce, I'm fifteen years old, and I am decisionally challenged. Seriously, I can't remember the last good decision I made. I can remember plenty of crappy ones though. Including that party I threw when my parents were out of town that accidentally burned down a model home. Yeah, not my finest moment, for sure. But see, that's why I started a blog. To enlist readers to make my decisions for me. That's right. I gave up. Threw in the towel. I let someone else decide which book I read for English. And whether or not I accepted an invitation to join the debate team from that cute-in-a-dorky-sort-of-way guy who gave me the Heimlich maneuver in the cafeteria. (Note to self: chew the melon before swallowing it.) I even let them decide who I dated! Well, it turns out there are some things in life you simply can't choose or have chosen for you-like who you fall in love with. And now everything's more screwed up than ever. But don't take my word for it. Read the book and decide for yourself.  You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll scream in frustration. Or maybe that's just me. After all, it's my life.


The A CircuitThe A Circuit by Georgina Bloomberg and Catherine Hapka (Bloomsbury USA Children's Books, paperback, $9.99)

The A Circuit is the top of the top when it comes to horse shows. It's a world with its own rules and superprivileged lifestyles. Teens travel the circuit all year, showing horses that cost as much as some homes. Tommi, Kate, and Zara are all elite competitors on the circuit, but they come from totally different backgrounds. Tommi is a billionaire heiress trying to prove she has real talent (not just deep bank accounts). Kate puts the working in working student-every win has been paid for with hours of cleaning stalls. She's used to the grueling schedule, but Fitz, the barn's resident hot guy, is about to become a major distraction. And then there's Zara. She's the wild child of a famous rockstar, but she's ready to take riding seriously. Can a party girl really change her ways?


Blood MagicBlood Magic by Tessa Gratton (Random House, hardcover, $17.99)

This page-turning debut novel will entice fans who like their paranormal romances dark and disturbing. It's a natural next-read for fans of Stephanie Meyer, Carrie Jones, and Becca Fitzpatrick. But instead of mythical creatures, blood magic has everything to do with primal human desires like power, wealth, and immortality. Everywhere Silla Kennicott turns she sees blood. She can't stop thinking about her parents alleged murder-suicide. She is consumed by a book filled with spells that arrives mysteriously in the mail. The spells share one common ingredient: blood, and Silla is more than willing to cast a few. What's a little spilled blood if she can uncover the truth? And then there's Nick-the new guy at school who makes her pulse race. He has a few secrets of his own and is all too familiar with the lure of blood magic. Drawn together by a combination of fate and chemistry, Silla and Nick must find out who else in their small Missouri town knows their secret and will do anything to take the book and magic from Silla.


The WarlockThe Warlock by Michael Scott (Delacorte Press, hardcover, $18.99)

In the fifth installment of the bestselling Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel series, the twins of prophesy have been divided, and the end is finally beginning. With Scatty, Joan of Arc, Saint Germain, Palamedes, and Shakespeare all in Danu Talis, Sophie is on her own with the ever-weakening Nicholas and Perenelle Flamel. She must depend on Niten to help her find an immortal to teach her Earth Magic. The surprise is that she will find her teacher in the most ordinary of places.




Graphic Novels

Astronaut Academy: Zero GravityAstronaut Academy: Zero Gravity by Dave Roman (First Second, paperback, $9.99)
Hakata Soy's past life as the leader of a futuristic super team won't stay in the past! The former space hero is doing his best to keep his head down at Astronaut Academy. Things aren't going so great, though. The most popular girl in school has it in for him. His best friend won't return his calls. And his new roommate is a complete jock who only cares about Fireball. Hakata just wants to make a fresh start. But how will he find time to study Anti-Gravity Gymnastics and Tactical Randomness when he's got a robot doppelganger on its way to kill him?

GarfieldGarfield & Co., No 1: Fish to Fry by Peter Berts (Papercutz, hardcover, $7.99)
The famed orange cat comes to comics from Papercutz! In the first story, "Fish to Fry", the tables turn on Garfield when he is put on trial by fish everywhere for his crimes against aquatic life (namely, stealing them out of fish bowls). Also featuring the stories "Family Picture" and "Nice to Nermal" with Garfield, Odie, Nermal, Jon, and more!


The Three MusketeersThe Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas (Papercutz, paperback, $16.99)
"All for one, one for all!" Presenting the action-packed adventure from Alexandre Dumas in a special longer-format Classics Illustrated Deluxe. Alexandre Dumas's novel is one of the most celebrated literary works of the last 200 years, making it a great fit for Classics Illustrated Deluxe. Veteran writer and editor Jean David Morvan worked closely with breakout artist Rubén to capture the excitement and action of the story of D'Artagnan and the Musketeers Athos, Porthos, and Aramis, which took three years to complete. The longer length and depth of this Classics Illustrated Deluxe volume matches the epic proportions of Dumas's historic novel.


Thanks for your continued patronage!

Jill Hendrix, Owner
Fiction Addiction
1020A Woodruff Rd.
Greenville, SC 29607
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Hit List
We have gotten in signed first edition copies of Hit List by Laurell K. Hamilton (Berkley, hardcover, $27.95, releases 6/7/11). Reserve yours today!


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Shia LaBoeuf returns as Sam Witwicky in this action-packed sequel. The Autobots learn of a Cybertronian spacecraft hidden on the Moon, and race against the Decepticons to reach it and to learn its secrets. Get your kids motivated to read this summer with these high-interest Transformer books:

Transformers: Dark of the Moon The Junior Novel
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Living Beaches of Georgia and the Carolinas
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