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October 1, 1996
Known throughout the centuries by many different names, Cantrell seeks refuge in a small town in Arkansas, hoping to find peace, but violent hate crimes tear the land apart and he finds himself once again the hunted.
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Savage Texas

September 6, 2011


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Halloween is a couple of months away, but we are wanting to share with you the opportunity to purchase these out of print, collectible Horror Books and Bill's very first Fiction novels.
We've scoured the internet checking for the best prices, so we've lowered these book prices for you, his dedicated fans.
We have both used and new books available. In appreciation for helping me not having to pack these books up for our upcoming move, I'll be adding a special gift for all orders over $50.00.
Next weekend, September 3rd..  Along with the newest series release of Savage Texas, the western books will be marked down. Eagles series, The Last Gunfighter series, Blood Bond, Blood Valley and the Special Omnibus Editions of The Last Mountain Man and Preacher.


The Ashes series, Preacher, Smoke and Matt Jensen books are still available.
Many Thanks!




March 1, 1997
Speeding out of a city that has been violently destroyed, a Vietnam veteran who has not held a gun for years and a woman trained in the art of military intelligence realize they are facing the Breakdown
second American revolution. Original     
Breakdown  by William W. Johnstone  



This review is from Amazon:  The Devil's Kiss (Paperback)

Devil's Kiss is not for the kids and it's not for easily disturbed readers either.



Did you know that this was William W. Johnstone's first published book?


The Devil's Kiss

August 1980


The Devils Kiss




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