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June 2010

It's just barely June and we're seeing our first heat waves and each day we question more and more whether or not there is still an ozone layer above Tennessee.  After spending a couple of days outside revamping the garden, I'm sure I could attest to the negative.  The heat aside, though, we have been celebrating the amazing support all of you have given The Family Jensen!  It was on the USA Today Best Sellers list three weeks running, debuting at #50!

In other great news, every month I receive hundreds of emails from readers asking about the Ashes series and when they will continue to be reprinted.  Well, the publisher has finally responded by releasing the entire Ashes series available as E-Books.  You can click here to check out the books at Ereads.com.

And as Memorial Day has just passed, I want to take a moment to remember the fallen, those brave soldiers who have died to provide us the freedom and liberty we all enjoy.
There's two new releases this month, Sidewinders, Mankiller, Colorado and The Loner.. Seven Days To Die. There's also a re-issue of another one of those hard to find Mountain Man books, Triumph of the Mountain Man.

Until next month.. Keep your powder dry!

New Release!
Mankiller Colorado
Sidewinders: Mankiller Colorado
Bo Creel and Scratch Morton have a lot of experience with the law: they've been breaking it most of their lives. But now the drifters are down to their last dime, and they accept the best job they can get in a boomtown called Mankiller. Their boss is a drunken sheriff named Biscuits O'Brien. They start to take their new job seriously-until they're standing between a cunning clan of killers and the town's cowering citizens-
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New Release!
The Loner:
Seven Days to Die

The Loner: Seven Days To Die
Once he was a young, happily married businessman. Then he lost his wife to human madness and that young man was gone, replaced by the Loner, the wandering son of legendary gunfighter Frank Morgan and now the current occupant of a cell in the brutal and unforgiving Hell Gate prison ...
Father's Day 
June 20th is Father's Day; a day honoring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence these very special people have made in our lives.  
In memory of Bill, I would like to share this special insignia basket from Longaberger with you. 
Yes, two drawings in one month!  I just couldn't resist this one though.
 Please email me at dogcia2006@aol.com by June 12th, with the name and address of the special Father.  in your life. Indicate in the subject line of your email the branch of the service: Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard.. There's one of each.
It would be fantastic if you would let me know a little about him in your email.
God Bless and Happy Father's Day to all you Dads out there!
American Valor
Newly Reprinted!
Triumph of the Mountain Man

Triumph Of The Mountain Man
Legendary mountain man Smoke Jensen becomes the only obstacle standing between robber baron Clifton Satterlee and the timber-rich New Mexican land. The greedy thief seeks to wrest the hills from the Tua Pueblo.
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This month we will be giving away ten copies of Sidewinders: Mankiller Colorado and ten copies of The Loner: Seven Days to Die. We will be drawing names from all entries received between now and the 10th of June. Email your NAME AND ADDRESS to reviews@williamjohnstone.net.

Winners will be notified via email.
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