Vol 4 - Rel II
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         Locating Pin

Ironically called a Locating Pin 


Industry: Scientific Instruments
Material: 316L Stainless Steel
Features: .020 center drill .024 DP-.030 x 60 degrees
Run on: Citizen L20


Highlight: No we aren't making dimes but parts much, much smaller in size!  


Adria Bagshaw and Senator Jeanne Shaheen
Adria Bagshaw and Congressman Bass

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Having been around for 142 years, the W.H. Bagshaw Company has made lots of connections in the community and the state.  We have been grateful for the support of various organizations and strive to give back as well. 


Adria Bagshaw was recently asked to serve as Chair of the New Hampshire Small Business Development Center Advisory Board.  The NH SBDC provided valuable  business advising in 2010 when Aaron and Adria became owners.  The SBDC provides free business advising to small businesses like ours. As Adria put it recently, the SBDC is about "helping small businesses feel not so small".


Below are some photos of Adria's recent visit to Washington, D.C. advocating for New Hampshire small businesses and the NH SBDC. 



Click here to learn more or search the web for the SBDC in your state! 




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Adria Bagshaw and Senator Kelly Ayotte
Adria Bagshaw  with:  (top left) U.S.  Senator Jeanne Shaheen, (above) U.S.  Senator Kelly Ayotte  and (above left) NH SBDC State Director  Mary Collins,  U.S.  Representative Charlie Bass, and NH SBDC  Associate State Director  Janice Gregory.


Aaron Bagshaw, President
W.H. Bagshaw Co., Inc.