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Bulb Flange 


Industry: Advanced Light Source
Material: T-4 Aluminum
Diameter:1.06 inches
Features:  3 tapped and counter bored holes on flange. 3 milled .03 slots on flange
Run on: Tsugami


Highlight: Quick turn part....received print on Sunday and shipped on Tuesday!  


Social Marketing: What does it take to go viral?
Social Marketing:
What does it take to go viral?

You've likely seen the Kony 2012 video by now - it has had over 76 million views (as of 3/13/12) since it was uploaded on March 5th.  Per the intro, there are more people on Facebook than there were on the planet 200 years ago.  

We can all think of viral videos - but what is the formula that determines which will go viral?



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