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The Nut Family 


Industry: Machine Tooling
Material: 1215 Steel
Diameter: 5/8 Hex and 7/16 Hex
Highlight: Multiple flats, Hole, Black Oxide
Run on: Citizen L-V20



Finally, the WH Bagshaw Company indoor soccer team gets its FIRST win. This team has been know as the "Fun Team" all year. We like to say it's because we work together. That statement alone takes a lot to digest. We work together and play together. It makes a very strong bond.

On 1/31, we had our first win and brought our record now stands at 1-9-1. We had to show an amazing amount of perseverance to come this far.  Not many teams would keep playing with losses week after week.  But we show up for fun.  As we did on 2/7....when we won again!!!!  Feels like a streak is forming!


The Winning Team 

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Customer Service/Sales: 

Peter Brennan


When was the state of Wyoming established? 

 State of Wyoming


We pride ourselves on our history - our decades and decades of manufacturing, reliability, and quality.

This year we celebrate 142 years of manufacturing. We have been in business longer than the 44th state in our United States. Wyoming became a state July 10th 1890....20 years after we were established. 


Is it any wonder why PERSEVERANCE is one of our core values....



The WH Bagshaw Company continues to grow. As we approach each hurdle we jump faster and higher. Our employees agree that a major part of our success over our 142 year history is our PERSEVERANCE.  


What has allowed us to persevere?  Our vision, commitment and relationships!  Part of our plan this year is to reach out to our customers more and see how we can strengthen our relationships.


We hope to see you this year on one of our "family business trips".  Or maybe you're planning a trip to scenic New England???    


What can we help you with today?

Perseverance - a trait of the New England Sports Fan 


Here in New England, we are often associated with our love for our sports teams.  This passion is frequently cultivated at a young age and can be responsible for instilling values which will serve us well in many endeavors throughout our lives.
One of the most important values to which we can make this connection is "perseverance". One needs to look no further than the backyards, playgrounds, and frozen ponds of the region to witness perseverance first hand.  Children of all ages and skill levels can always be found at these places trying to emulate their sports heroes.  Whether it is throwing a touchdown pass like Tom Brady or hitting a home run like David Ortiz, any child will experience a tremendous amount of failure and disappointment before, ultimately, realizing the goal they set out to accomplish.
By the time many of us become adults, perseverance is a core value which is embedded in many aspects of our professional and personal lives.  Our evolution to adult sports fans is no exception.
While teams like the Bruins, Celtics, Patriots, and Red Sox are all associated with recent success, any fan over the age of 30 will proudly tell you how they have persevered through embarrassment, poor performances, and some of the most heart-wrenching losses evah witnessed in the world of sports!  These setbacks are almost worn as a badge of honor and, in some way, a display of the perseverance we have exhibited both collectively and individually as fans.
While we often associate perseverance with some of the more serious aspects of our lives, the next time you watch a sporting event or drive by a group of kids playing sports, you may think of perseverance in a completely different light.
-submitted by Dave Dyer, Production Control and Logistics Manager and Die-Hard New England sports fan for 4 decades and counting!


Aaron Bagshaw, President
W.H. Bagshaw Co., Inc.