Vol 3. Re. 11
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.22 - Projectile 


Industry: Ballistics
Material: 4340 steel
Diameter: .215 x .254
Highlight: 2 flats
Run on: Citizens


          KAN BAN ANYONE?


Wouldn't you like to :


-eliminate stock outs?

-reduce your inventory levels?

-collaborate with your supplier to         improve on delivery?

-save money?

-make your controller happy?


In an effort to expand on our world class service, we are encouraging our customers to place KAN-BAN style purchase orders.  


We'll stock one to two releases of your product so you can have it shipped and on your dock within days!


Less inventory and safety stock means more money in your bank account.  


Let's take a look at your products and see if it's a fit!  





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Customer Service/Sales: 

Peter Brennan




Happy New Year! 


Wow, so 2011 was full of hesitation and uncertainty in the business world.  Let's break out of that cycle, move ahead with confidence and take action. 


As we say at the Bagshaw Co...

"Let's make it happen!"


Get ready for great things in 2012!   


What can we quote for you today?

Chrysler building
How much steel in the Chrysler Building?


According to Aaron Bagshaw, 5th generation President of The W.H. Bagshaw Co. : 


"After combing through records, with my best mathematics skills, I have discerned that we have shipped, since our inception over 140 years ago, almost 42,000,000 lbs. of steel and stainless steel to happy customers all over the world". 


Amazingly...enough steel to build the Chsysler Building in New York City.




What's YOUR frog?
Eat that Frog!

You may have heard about our daily huddles, where our team gathers and talks about what's on their plate, reviews key numbers and discusses where people are "stuck".  

We've also started identifying our frogs.  Funny as it sounds, it's bringing great energy to our team (which was already pretty great!).  We're cheering each other on through the morning when we "eat our frogs".  
Don't know what we're talking about?  Click on the frog and see a 90 second video.  


Aaron Bagshaw, President
W.H. Bagshaw Co., Inc.