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Big Ring


Industry: Industrial Sector
Materials: Stainless Steel
Diameter: 1 Inch
Threas:10-32 Tap Through Wall, Counter Bore
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Accenture: Off-Shore Sourcing has not Worked

The strategy embraced over the past decade by U.S. manufacturing companies to shift production to countries with cheap labor may no longer be appropriate, according to a consulting firm that has been a big promoter of offshore outsourcing.




 "Companies are beginning to realize that having offshored much of their manufacturing and supply operations away from their demand locations, they hurt their ability to meet their customers' expectations across a wide spectrum of areas, such as being able to rapidly meet increasing customer desires for unique products, continuing to maintain rapid delivery/response times, as well as maintaining low inventories and competitive total costs," according to Accenture analysts John Ferreira and Mike Heilala, who head the company's North American Manufacturing practice. The complete story is available from:

Manufacturing News/Accenture

Adult Learning Center Ride to Read
Team Bagshaw is setting out this weekend to support the Ride to Read fundraiser for the  Adult Learning Center in Nashua.  We have three members riding 50 miles, another doing 100 and two families walking!  One of our Directors is also participating as well as some of our friends at People's United Bank.

To find out more or to donate: ALC Ride to Read   



Confidence is starting to emerge. Taking a look at the articles in this month's edition, we see some positive trends. Maybe its the spring air and the newness of a fresh summer but confidence is there.


One trend we are excited about - business moving back to the U.S.  We have heard repeated stories from customers who have sourced overseas to save money only find out later that they weren't getting what they paid for.  For instaance...stainless steel parts they thought they were getting were in fact NOT stainless steel.


Please call on us if you are tired of the offshore buying struggles, or if you just want some personal service from a U.S. based family business!   We are here to help!  


Let's quote some parts!!

Team Bagshaw Wins The Jack Wagner Celebrity Golf Classic...

 Jack Wagner Golf Classic

(Pictured above from Left:  Tim Currren, Lou Davis and Aaron Bagshaw)


What an experience at the 5th annual Jack Wagner Celebrity Golf Classic held in Los Angeles California. The W.H. Bagshaw Team plus David Berganio, Jr (PGA Tour Pro) won the tournament with a -36 net score. The WH Bagshaw team was recognized at the Banquet after the tournament and presented with trophies. It was a great ending to our business/personal trip to Los Angeles.


The main reason for the tournament was to raise money for LLS cancer foundation - this year, the tournament raised over $150,000.  Four years ago, Tim saved Dennis Wagner's life through a stem cell donation.  It was amazing to meet Dennis and see the bond between Dennis and Tim, and to really appreciate what Tim did.  He has inspired others to register - and you can, too.  Click on Be The Match  for more information! 


We also give a proud shout out to Daren Rathbone, who does our IT support, for also donating last week.  Truly inspirational!!!  It is amazing to think that additional lives could be saved in the coming year.  But...now the pressure is on for next year to defend our championship!!!!

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Peter Brennan


Manufacturing Stages a Comeback

This year's survey of the best cities for jobs contains one particularly promising piece of news: the revival of the country's long distressed industrial sector and those regions most dependent on it. Manufacturing has grown consistently over the past 21 months, and now, for the first time in years, according to data mined by Pepperdine University's Michael Shires, manufacturing regions are beginning to move up on our list of best cities for jobs. Read the full story at: Forbes




Aaron Bagshaw, President
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