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July Shutdown   
It's officially Summer!  We hope you have some fun plans for the summer.  Our crew will be taking off Friday 7/2 to celebrate the 4th of July Holiday.  Production is shutdown 7/5 through 7/9, but we will have some limited staffing in the office during that week, so by all means call if there is something you need!
Part(s) of the Month
 Custom screw and nut
Type 303 Stainless Steel
0-80 internal and external thread
.02 slot
Diameter .077
Overall Length - .700"
Send us your prints today for prompt quotations!
The 2010 W.H. Bagshaw Cycling Team!

Those of you who have been working with Aaron for a number of years would know that he's an avid cyclist.  He started the first team at his high school, studied sports management for his undergrad degree, and formed Galaxy Sports Marketing in his 30's to manage both his team and the criterium he ran in downtown Nashua.  Did you know that Aaron and Peter are long time friends through cycling?  There are other cycling enthusiasts among can ask Lou about his first big bike race last summer next time you talk to him!

Good luck to the racers, and a big thank you to the team sponsors, Citizen Machinery America, Hollis Interactive, Hangsterfer's, and IEMCA.  Click on their logos below to learn more!
 Citizen Machinery
 Hollis Interactive

"Motorcycle Week" in New Hampshire 
As long as Tony Riccio has been working at the W.H. Bagshaw Company, he's been riding bikes (motorcycles, that is) and attending the world-famous Laconia 
I had the occasion to chat with Tony a bit about his week off; while we had heard that it was getting mellower by the year, Tony said it was his favorite week yet.  We're glad he had such a wonderful week, but we're also glad he's back to work!
      Tony RiccioAs
Tony drove away from me snapping this picture, I hollered, "Where's your helmet?"  He had a playful response, "I'm Italian!"  This, after we were chatting about safety in the factory. 
Tony, congratulations on your 31 years of service!!! 
With Aaron in Montreal meeting with Aerospace companies, Peter in Paris and Portugal, and Aubrie on maternity leave, the office was pretty quiet last good a time as any to send an update!
These emails have been Aaron's "babies", but I've been slowly starting to contribute the last few issues. 
I'm going to take the creative liberty of plugging some of our exceptional members of our family business this month.  Notice I didn't call them "coworkers" - that term just doesn't do justice to them!
As always, thank you for taking the time to check out what we're up to! 
Where we are
Eurosatory 2010
When you work for a family business, the line between personal time and work time can get blurred.  We rarely take a vacation that doesn't involve a customer visit, and often try to visit friends & family and sightsee a bit while we are on a business trip.
In the same spirit, as Peter Brennan planned a trip to Portugal with his wife this summer, he happened to notice that his trip coincided with Eurosatory, a big defense trade show.  Peter was able to meet with colleagues of our existing customers as well as scout out some new leads.  Thanks Peter for going the extra mile(s) and big thanks to his wife for dealing  with the side trip to Paris!  
     Paris Fare 
Celebrating 140 years of providing customers with solutions...
140 The Anniversary Logo 
Our dedication to world-class manufacturing that was honed in the manufacturing of more simple pins continues with our CNC department.  
Our 140 years of experience and comprehensive 
manufacturing knowledge allow us to provide solutions to all our customers' continually changing needs.  It is with great pride that this year we celebrate 140 years of business. THANK YOU!

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