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Part(s) of the MonthAntique Record
A cutting edge Aerospace company based in Florida has had us hopping lately!  They have showered us with more than 60 new parts to quote in the last two months.  We've been awarded 33 new part numbers/jobs to date, with many more pending.  Here are two of our favorites....
Stainless Steel Part
Slot - .025"
Thread - 2-64 UNF
Overall Length - .390"
Brass Part
Hole Dia. - .015"
Head OD -.183"
Base Dia - ..051"
Send us your prints today for prompt quotations!

HS KidsAlvirne High School Field Trip.

The WH Bagshaw Company is in partnership with Alvirne High School and Project Lead the Way.

Project Lead The Way (PLTW) prepares students to be the most innovative and productive leaders in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) and to make meaningful, pioneering contributions to our world. We had the pleasure of hosting 24 students from a local high  school for a field trip earlier this month where they got to learn about the WH Bagshaw Company manufacturing process from start to finish.
 Project Lead The Way
Mike, a chaperone who teaches Aerospace Science said,


"I would have to say that the absolute best part of my Bagshaw experience was realizing the incredible family heritage and pride in your company. Knowing the story of how your company has grown over the last 140 years makes me honored to know you...Thanks for letting me be part of the Bagshaw experience!


Thank YOU, Mike, and thank you to the students for their interest and questions...and for sharing pizza!

As always, thank you for taking a few minutes out of your day to check out what we're up to!  We know you're busy!
One of the things we love most about sending these emails out (in addition to the orders that seem to materialize...) is the feedback we get and the random contacts who check in after receiving this.  So thank you for all the positive feedback and check-ins we got after last month's mailing.
Happy Spring! 
Big shout out to...
Aotco Metal Finishing 
While we are getting kudos for our deliveries on all the first articles we have been pushing out, we know we can't take all the credit ourselves. 

We have gotten (seemingly) effortless one day turns, excellent communication, and perfect quality from Aotco Metal Finishing.
Big thank you to everyone at Aotco for their support in helping us in turn meet and exceed our customer's expectations!
Celebrating 140 years of providing customers with solutions...
140 The Anniversary Logo 
Our dedication to world-class manufacturing that was honed in the manufacturing of more simple pins continues with our CNC department.  
Our 140 years of experience and comprehensive 
manufacturing knowledge allow us to provide solutions to all our customers' continually changing needs.  It is with great pride that this year we celebrate 140 years of business. THANK YOU!

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Customer Service/Sales:
Shop Talk!
We thought Roger Blanchette's (WH Bag Co Shipping Manager) submission to last month's contest was a winner, too!

Our History........

A family owned company for more than 140 years,

With determination and dedication to our customers,

And most importantly, a company that cares.


Our Success is Measured......

A Successful business is not always defined by the bottom line,

But more importantly, did we satisfy our customer's wants

needs, requests and was it delivered on time.


Our Family......

From Wire Products to CNC Machined parts,

WH Bagshaw can accommodate your every need.

Once a customer, consider yourself part of the family,

A loyal Family indeed!

Roger joined our team/family business in October, and has a unique perspective on the business from his position in shipping and receiving.  
Big welcome aboard and thank you for putting pen to paper!   
Aaron Bagshaw, President
W.H. Bagshaw Co., Inc.