W.H. Bagshaw Company
March Update
Road trip of the month...
At the end of February,we hit the road and visited Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona.  We called on many longstanding customers, and also knocked on some new doors.  And saw lots and lots of cacti!
   Tucson from A Mountain
We ended the week at a PMPA Management Conference in Scottsdale, where we attended some great sessions on sales, business growth, and leadership and connected with peers from across the U.S.  The experts say our industry is growing...but we knew that!
As much as we love to meet our customers, and appreciate how going offsite also tends to encourage more high-level strategic thinking...it's great to come home and get back to the office!
A few things we learned during our Arizona travels (with some help from our 6 year old son):

  • Arizona scorpion bites won't kill you, they'll just make you very very sick
  • El Charro Cafe is the oldest family-run Mexican restaurant in the U.S., established in 1922 (we found this very cool!)
  • It takes 100 years for a cactus, like the saguaro, to grow 25 feet, and 75 years to grow its first arm
  • Char Thai used to be a western resturaunt, and is now a Thai Cuisine with Thai battles painted into the previous western wall murals.
  • Mt Lemmon overlooking Tucson climbs to 9,157 feet above sea-level, but "A" Mountain is pretty cool, too!

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Customer Service/Sales:
Mastering the Rockefeller HabitsWhat We're Reading
"This book was recommended by Jack Daly during a session at the PMPA Conference.  There are some great tools for small businesses that want to go the distance"



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Shop Talk!
We challenged our employees to contribute a creative submission this week.  Here's the winner:
If you were our customer,
it would be plain to see
that after 140 years
we have perfected quality.
Competitive prices
and precision CNC parts,
happy customers is our art.
Check us out!
We will give you this and so much more,
promptly delivered
to your door.
Congratulations to Doyle for the winning entry!
Celebrating 140 years of providing customers with solutions...
Our dedication to world-class manufacturing that was honed in the manufacturing of more simple pins continues with our CNC department.  
Our 140 years of experience and comprehensive 
manufacturing knowledge allow us to provide solutions to all our customers' continually changing needs.  It is with great pride that this year we celebrate 140 years of business. THANK YOU!
Aaron Bagshaw, President
W.H. Bagshaw Co., Inc.