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ScholarShot UpdateMay 2012

We are pleased to update you on your investment in ScholarShot.  Whether your support has been financial, in kind or in prayer, you are helping turn Dropouts into Degrees!  I hope you will enjoy reading about the differences you are making in the lives and futures of our students.  

Dan Hooper
ScholarShot, Inc.

ScholarShot has one focus - Turning Dropouts into Degrees.  Each year thousands of at-risk students in Texas will get into college through well meaning access programs.  Sadly, unprepared and underfunded, over 71% of them will drop out. You can help ScholarShot fix this one degree at a time!  Support here.
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What to Know
ScholarShot's First Graduate
New Program Director On Board
Making Tough Decisions
What to Know...
85% & 91%         The college dropout rates for at-risk Hispanic and African Americans in Texas. 
$80 million        Lost tax payer dollars on failing student grants in Texas annually.
        3.5%              Percent of DISD 11th graders achieving Commended TAKS scores.
24% vs. 4%         Unemployment rate for high school vs. college graduates.
      12:1                 Ratio of incarcerated high school vs. college graduates.
  $21,390              Annual cost to incarcerate an individual in Texas.
    $3,600              Average annual cost to support a ScholarShot student toward a degree.
      100%               In school retention rate for ScholarShot students earning degrees.
ScholarShot's First Graduate
Mayra Graduate
"I want to be the first college graduate in my family."

Meet Mayra. She has the distinction of being ScholarShot's first college graduate. On May 9th, 2012 Mayra graduated from Mountain View College with an Associates Degree in Science. She will attend TWU this fall where she will enroll as a junior toward a Bachelor of Science.


ScholarShot met Mayra through Mercy Street Dallas in 2011. She was starting her senior year in high school at Trinidad Garza Early College High School at Mountain View College. Because of her class rank she was accepted into several 4 year Texas universities. Well-meaning voices told Mayra to go, even her high school counselor was telling her to move on from Mountain View. But Mayra is like so many who are given access to college, but little chance or plan for success. Mayra was smart enough to know she was not ready. More importantly she said "I have family members that dropped out, I want to be the first in my family to graduate, I want to finish something and get my Associates Degree." ScholarShot mapped out a plan for Mayra and provided scholarships to bridge the costs she could not cover. She did the work, met her goal and is the first member of her family with a degree.


Congratulations Mayra! ScholarShot will continue to support you to complete your next achievement by getting your Bachelors Degree in Nutritional Sciences at TWU. This is just the beginning!!

Melva Franklin Joins ScholarShot
Melva (r) with one of our incoming 2012 scholars.

As the recently appointed Program Director for ScholarShot, I am so very pleased to join with this great effort to improve college enrollment and completion rates for Dallas area at-risk students.


In my previous experiences in working with students in educational intervention programs both statewide and nationwide, one of the most compelling lessons learned was the extent to which students need access to quality advisement, mentoring and coaching in their pursuit of higher education and career goals. 


Today there is even more comprehensive research supporting the efforts of ScholarShot inasmuch as THEA research indicates that at risk students are getting into college, but unprepared and underfunded they do not complete college. Further although many low to moderate income students, who are often also first generation students, are deemed eligible for some form of financial aid, very few of those resources cover the full cost of a college education. This gap in funding creates yet another barrier for students who may have no knowledge of these costs until they are due, and who are at that point left with no recourse except to drop out.      


ScholarShot is intended to address both these critical areas of need.  Over the next coming months we look forward to growing the number of students participating in ScholarShot.  We also look forward with much anticipation to your support and participation in this very worthy endeavor as we continue to advance the cause of ScholarShot, Inc. 
Quote from John, one of  ScholarShot's 2012 incoming students.
Making Tough Decisions...


Meet Xavier. Big man on campus is an understatement. Xavier is a popular football player at L.G. Pinkston High School and will graduate in June 2012 with a 3.19 gpa and in the top 11% of his class. Xavier was thinking he would  enroll at UTA where he had been accepted. He got $11,000 in grants and was planning to enroll in the fall of 2012. There's just one problem. Like so many, there are serious gaps in Xavier's academic preparation for college, and while $11,000 is a lot of money, no one told Xavier he was about $8,000 short of the total cost for a year at UTA.


ScholarShot provided Xavier with the College Board's Placement Test to assess his college readiness in reading, writing and math. Those test scores revealed serious deficiencies making college success completely out of reach. So, with ScholarShot's help, Xavier made the very adult decision to go to community college first, get ready, get his Associates Degree and weigh his options from there. In the process Xavier told us he feels much better about this path to his ultimate goal of achieving a bachelor's degree.  We're pleased to be helping Xavier get his degree and avoid being next year's dropout. He has a lot to smile about as do we.

 Thank you for your interest in and support of ScholarShot.  We have a great group of returning students who were successful in their first year of college and we are excited about the incoming students for 2012.  We hope you'll consider continuing your support of our efforts by making a donation online or by check.  All contributions are tax deductible. 

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Together, we are turning Dropouts into Degrees!

ScholarShot, Inc.


Read more or visit us online at www.scholarshot.org.