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December 12, 2011

Happy Holidays Friends and Colleagues!

Just a quick and warm Holiday Hello.  I am struck by how many Holidays, with religious or spiritual origins that circle among us and circle us along throughout the month of December!  Christmas (as a Christian, my favorite and most personally meaningful as it celebrates Christ's birth and is rich with cherished memories and traditions from my childhood to present).  Hanukah (a beautiful tradition among many of my Jewish friends honoring spiritual rededication in the gift of a miraculous oil burning lamp).  Winter Solstice (a day that marks Earth's Northern Hemisphere's latest dawn and earliest sunset, also honored by Wiccan, Celtic, and other pagan cultures and religions as a time of rebirth and light returning).  Kawanza (Celebrated by many African Americans in honor of their community, family, heritage and culture).  And New Year's Eve (a time of reflection, new vision and renewed hope, often celebrated with New Year Resolutions, parties, champagne, kissing and fireworks). 

Whew!  As you read through these, there can be an exhilaration for each powerful experience, the meaning that each symbolizes, and the fun that can be had! There can also be a sense of overwhelm with the many different deeply spiritual, religious, cultural, and hallowed traditions and their potential materialism that makes these days both Holy Days and exciting Holidays.  If you honor or participate in more than one of these many traditions and holidays, it can even create potentially conflicting meanings and energies within.  However, what I find so beautiful and profound is that each of these Holy Days occur within the same month or season and when celebrated, incorporate a time of friends and family coming together, the sharing of a meaningful and delicious meal, and lighting candles which represent sacred and cherished stories or events.  Each holiday attaches different meanings and colors to the candles, but they all share in the miracle and splendor of light emerging and burning brightly while celebrating birth, rebirth, remembrance and rededication!

My invitation to each of you as friends and colleagues, is to take a moment on your deeply cherished Holy Day and give the day and its meaning pause.  Invite yourself to seek new and refreshed meaning within old and long-held traditions.  Consider a fellow life traveler's Holy Day in this season.  Light a candle, grasp the hand of a beloved friend or family member, honor your and their spirit and journey, relish your meal...and celebrate the beauty and miracle in being human, honoring the cycles of birth, rebirth, return, remembrance, rededication and hope renewed.

Merry Christmas!

Happy Hanukah!

Merry Yule!

Habari Gani?

Happy New Year!


Elisabeth and the Moonstone Center Team!            




Relax and Renew, Restore Yourself,

Oh Amazing Healer!

Restoring Healer

Come join us at The Beach House in Hermosa Beach, California the weekend of Saturday, Feb 4-Sunday Feb 5, 2012 for a weekend of dynamic learning in a setting of self-care with a focus on attending to your and your patients' or clients' somatic transference and counter-transference.  Consider and attend to your own possible, developing, or developed compassion fatigue.  Learn, Heal, and Restore.  Enjoy a healthy and delicious continental breakfast in a beautiful setting at the Beach.  Didactic and Experiential Learning with Dynamic Lecture and Yoga Therapy throughout both days.  See the information and links below to learn more and to register.  Space is limited, so Register Today for Moonstone Center's 9 Hour Boutique CE Event! 

Click on the link or read below:

Restoring the Healer: Exploring Somatic Transference and Compassion Fatigue  

Please Forward this Newsletter to a friend.  Plan to come together.   It will be a life-changing and practice-changing experience you will deeply value. 

See you in the New Year!


Elisabeth and the Moonstone Center Team


Restoring Healer

Upcoming Event:


Restoring the Healer:  Exploring Somatic Transference & Compassion Fatigue



Elisabeth R. Crim, PhD

Licensed Psychologist & Certified Relax and Renew Yoga Trainer

Simone Marke't

Certified Yoga Therapist, Certified Yoga Teacher, Certified Yoga Teacher Trainer


8 CEUs - Psychologists, MFTs, LCSWs


Saturday-Sunday, February 4-5, 2012

The Beach House - Hermosa Beach, CA

Continental Breakfast & Beverages Served

Hotel Reservation Discount for Moonstone Center

For More Info & TO REGISTER TODAY! (click here)


Come join us

for a Weekend Away of Dynamic Learning

in a Setting of Self Care!


This course will delve into the neuro-psycho-physiological processes that are at play for both our patients and therapists in the process of psychotherapy.  Somatic Transference for both patient and therapist will be explored.   Special attention will be given to the issue of Compassion Fatigue that psychotherapists can experience over the course of providing psychotherapy, supervision and consultation.  Yoga will be incorporated with dynamic lecture throughout the first day for purposes of experiential learning.  The second day is a half day yoga experience in which participants will be guided through restorative yoga for purposes of further experiential education and physiological rebalancing directly attending to issues of therapist's somatic transference and compassion fatigue.


For More information or assistance in registering, please contact: 

Julie Brown, Moonstone Center Events Manager     

Email:  Events@MoonstoneCenter.com                   

Phone:310-371-2800, ext 2#  

Looking forward to seeing you there! 


Elisabeth, Julie, and The Moonstone Team

Restoring Healer

Upcoming Events 

Restoring the Healer

February 4-5, 2012 


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