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Greetings Friends and Colleagues,

Welcome to the Moonstone Center Newsletter, The Healer's Life! 

I am so excited!  Fall has arrived!  Not just by the calendar date marking and naming it, but in the very sunlight and feel of the air around us!  The ocean tides roll in differently.  The air's breeze has a new energy.  The sun's warmth is changing.


I was at The Beach House this week with Simone Marke't, Certified Yoga Therapist, who will be co-leading the portion on Somatic Transference at Moonstone Center's upcoming 6 hour Continuing Education Event being held there: [Dancing the Transference:  Honoring the Relationship Between Therapist and Client.  Friday, October 28, 2011  To Register, click here] Simone was delighted with the space and the chairs, quickly moving through a myriad of affecting yoga poses we will incorporate in the Somatic Transference portion of the Dancing the Transference Event.  Simone is an incredible Yoga Therapist, Teacher, and Teacher Trainer.  I have partnered with Simone for years in leading workshops, presentations, and teaming for mental health treatment of shared patients.  Most recently we presented together at the International Association of Yoga Therapy's annual Symposium on Yoga Therapy and Research, on the topic, The Power of Collaborative Treatment Teaming:  Bridging Yoga Therapy and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy for Whole Person Treatment.


As I looked over The Beach House's well appointed beach-themed room located just steps from the ocean in Hermosa Beach, I felt a wave of excitement and anticipation for the experience that awaits each of you who are joining us in our Boutique Continuing Education day away at the beach!  It has been a long held passion of mine to provide a creative and alternative experience to the typical continuing education (CE) experiences too many of us have endured over the course of our careers.  I wanted to produce a CE event that provides attendees meaningful and dynamic continuing education in the context of integrated, self care for the attendees!  Thus this Boutique CE Event...  A Boutique CEU is Moonstone Center's term for capturing the high quality and more intimate experience that can only be had a in a smaller boutique hotel located in a beautiful natural setting; in this instance the delightful seaside of Hermosa Beach, California.   Moonstone Center was created in part as an organization that creates and produces events that allow for focused and integrated learning in an atmosphere of care for you, the professional, allowing integration of the mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and relational aspects of yourselves.  Each event planned will incorporate yoga to some extent, both as a route to care of self and also as an experiential teaching modality. 


Go ahead, check out The Beach House!  Plan an overnight or a weekend away!  The rooms are truly wonderful.  And when you contact reservations, mention Moonstone Center to get a special rate for the weekend!


Why CEUs at the Beach?

The beach in the fall is a wondrous time.  It is more quiet and calm.  The tourists have gone home and the wonderfully rowdy skateboarding and beach-biking teens have returned to school, sports, marching band and other activities.  The ocean in the Fall is a more quiet, yet powerful, energy.   Whether sunny or foggy, the beach in Autumn offers an arresting beauty and energy to those who enter its physical space.  The Beach House invites and allows a letting go and opening of spirit and mind to new inspiration and knowing.  What a powerful setting to take in dynamic and deeply relevant knowledge and education in the very field we were drawn to for stimulation, challenge and fulfillment!  Dancing the Transference and other future CE Events held at The Beach House will both heal and invigorate.  New Truths will emerge in this setting.  Old Truths will come to life again here.   This CE Event at The Beach House is already so much more than 6 CEUs.  It is a full day of healing, grounding, rejuvenation and integration for you as a Fellow Professional Healer.   I can't wait to meet you there!  Join us and Register Today!  Bring a Friend!  Let's meet together and share in a powerful, revitalizing and developmentally relevant professional learning experience together - at The Beach House in Hermosa Beach.


 As Healers and Therapists with years of educational training, Fall can stir a desire to learn and gather fresh knowledge.  Come join us at The Beach House for a day of dynamic and motivating education and self-discovery in a climate and setting of beauty and holistic integration of self. 


Enroll today!   Early Registration is still open, but ends October 14, 2011.  Due to this being a Boutique CE Event, space is limited.         We can't wait to see you there!

Please forward The Healer's Life! to your colleagues and professional network! 


Happy Autumn!


We look forward to connecting with you soon! 


Peace and Gratitude,

 Elisabeth Crim, PhD,  

and the Moonstone Center Team! 






Upcoming Event:



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Dancing the Transference:  Honoring the Relationship Between Therapist and Client

Friday, October 28, 2011

6 CEUs - Psychologists, MFTs, LCSWs

The Beach House - Hermosa Beach, CA

Continental Breakfast & Beverages Served

Hotel Reservation Discount for Moonstone Center

For More Info & To Register (click here)


Why a course on Transference and Counter-Transference?

Transference is a lifespan developmental issue for both therapist and client. What can unconsciously trigger us in relationship to another will change over the span of our career as clinicians as we continue to develop as human beings. The ultimate good and safe treatment of a client or patient requires that we as therapists and healers have awareness of the underlying attachment processes that are continuously at play in the therapeutic relationship. The transference process based in our unconscious and neurological organization of emotion and attachment never ceases to operate in our highly relational work as therapists both with clients and with fellow healing professionals.  Regardless of theoretical orientation, treatment modality or setting, the transference is active.  In this multi-layered CE offering, I will be speaking to my passion as a therapist, the role of transference and counter-transference, including somatic transference, in the process of ethical and effective therapeutic relationship.  I will give special attention to the complex transference effects that occur within a treatment team of healthcare professionals, both hindering and fostering a collaborative process. Understanding your transference issues is a core component in treating your patients as well as managing your own health and success as a Healing Professional!

Dancing the Transference is a topic I have spoken, consulted, and written to steadily over the last decade with consistent positive acceptance and feedback and requests for more.  This 6 Hour CE Workshop is an answer to those requests over the years.  In this workshop, I will focus on how to understand and address transference as both a psychodynamic concept and a neuro-psycho-biological process.  I will explore and teach its application across many and varied theoretical orientations and therapeutic modalities.  And I will introduce and attend to the concept of Somatic Transference, a term I have used in the last few years as I have begun to more deeply understand the powerful role of physical and neurological expressions of trauma, attachment disruption, and life stress in otherwise traditional mental health treatment.   

If you ever find that something is happening in your psychotherapy with a client that does not make sense to you, if you have ever experienced strong emotion, positive or negative in response to a patient, and if a day away at the beach sounds divine! - Then this workshop is for you!  Please spread the word and bring a colleague!  We would love to have you join us for this day of meaningful and dynamic learning in a nurturing and restorative setting at the beach!    To check it out and to register, please see below and visit our website:  http://www.moonstonecenter.com/Event-DancingTransference.html

Julie Brown, Moonstone Center's Events Manager, will be the guiding force in getting the word out, marketing this and other events, and registering those of you who want to join us for this and future incredible "days away" in 2011-2012.  Please don't hesitate to contact her if you would like more information, a brochure (print or digital) or to register.   (Julie Brown - Email:  Events@MoonstoneCenter.com    Phone:310-371-2800, ext 2#).  

Looking forward to seeing you there! 


Elisabeth, Julie, and The Moonstone Team

Upcoming Events 


Dancing The Transference 

October 28, 2011 

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