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The E-BIKE is Leading the EV REVOLUTION 

E-Bike Usage Around The World

Everywhere in the world, outside of the United States, the primary form of transportation is the bicycle or the "Putt Putt" gas engine Motor Bike.

  • In Asia the pollution from the putt putts became so great that they have been banned or severely restricted. These bikes have been replaced by Electric Assist Bikes and Electric Scooters originally powered with lead acid batteries, but now powered by Lithium Ion technology. In 2010 Asia consumed about 28 million E-Bikes. 
  • In Tokyo practically every mother has an E-Bike with a child seat.
  • In Europe 1 million were purchased and, in Switzerland alone, there are 400 rental facilities offering E-Bikes for conquering the hills and Alps.
NOW KLEENSPEED is offering our own E-BIKEs In America.
After extensive research of the market and available manuafacturers, KLEENSPEED has developed a partnership with one of the leading global E-BIke manufacturers ( over 100K units sold in 2010 ) to develop our own line of sensational, affordable KS E-BIKES.

We believe that Electric BIkes are both good for raising the EV consciousness and also useful, fun alternative vehicles. 

Our bikes are solid machines, with quality components, advanced EV systems and priced to meet the popular market. 

We are now developing a dealer network and, for a limited time, offering individual sales to all EV enthusiasts. 

Please contact us today for more information on retail and wholesale sales and our "Order before XMAS" Incentive Program.


KleenSpeed is Driving the EV Revolution with EV Systems and outstanding new EV consumer products.

Get Your Wheels!

dean seven ::: 

KLEENSPEED director of communications

KLEENSPEED Electric Bikes
* 2 Models : KS Mountain E-Bike & KS Folding E-Bike
* Dual Mode EV System : AUTO Pedal Assist / MANUAL Throttle Control
* Motor : 36V 250 W Brushless
* Lithium Ion Battery : 36V 10Ahr
* 86.4W Charger - Removable Battery Charges in 4-6 Hrs
* Shimano 6-Speed Gearing
* Alloy Frames
* Well Detailed with Many Standard Accessories
* 1 YEAR Warranty on all parts & components
* Dual Disc Brakes
* Polymer Front & Rear Fenders
* Sidestand & Water Bottle
* Dual Rim Brakes
* Alloy Front & Rear Fenders
* Plush Saddle & Rear Cargo Rack
* Sidestand & Lighting Kit
We invite you to contact us soon for more information, to arrange interviews with the principals and to learn more about the company and our innovative technologies.



dean seven ::: director of communications

415 601-2118 direct line 

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