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December 2011

It's time for snow already? This is
It's the time of year when more people than usual reflect on how thankful they are, we tend to help those in need, volunteer, or perhaps plan on how we want to change something in our own lives. We make a special point in making new year's resolutions. Unfortunately, many of those resolutions are long forgotten by February and many won't volunteer again until next year.

I hope that your continued practice with Yoga for Good enables you to connect with yourself and with others. Through our donations and our community we are truly making a difference all year long. 

As I think about the spirit and generosity surrounding holiday events. I resolve to volunteer year round, to commit to my health and well being for twelve months, to appreciate my family and friends every time I see them. After all, every day is a holiday. In which case it gives me even greater pleasure to wish you all..Happy Holidays!


Meg Wambach
Yoga for Good

Mom and Me Yoga
Share this wonderful experience with your child! This class uses props, books, and music to engage kids in a fun and meaningful yoga experience. Kids are able to move and play while learning different ways to stretch and strengthen their bodies. Class is taught at a pace which keeps kids interested and excited.

Class begins Monday, January 2nd. Check the website to sign up or call Megan at 772-1204.

Prenatal Yoga
Prenatal yoga is a wonderful experience to nurture and honor the body while pregnant. Class is taught with modified yoga poses to help open the body for birth and relieve muscle tension caused by changes during pregnancy. Breathing exercises are also incorporated to reduce stress and help prepare for the birthing process. Stay connected and grounded within your body throughout your pregnancy with this class.

Class begins Monday, January 2nd. Check the website to sign up or call Megan at 772-1204.

Featured Charity
Empty Stocking Club


The Wisconsin State Journal Empty Stocking Club has been a cherished Madison-area tradition since 1918. The Empty Stocking Club's mission is to make sure that every child in the area, no matter how needy, will receive at least one new Christmas gift this holiday season. You make the work of the Empty Stocking Club possible, and we invite you to continue your support by completing a secure donation by clicking the photo.



Yoga Store

We have joined forces with Amazon to enable safe, secure shopping at A portion of each sale will be donated to local charities. If there is anything you can't find in the store, just ask!
Shop today!

You can now purchase:
  • China Gel 
  • Yoga blankets, mats, straps, and blocks.
  • Yoga pants, socks, dresses, shorts, and tops
  • Pilates Equipment
  • Harcover and Kindle Books
  • DVD's
In PrintEnlightenup
Interested in expanding your practice?
Stop by the book store to find both paperback, hard cover, and kindle yoga books.

Find Titles by:
  • Shiva Rea
  • B.K.S. Iyengar
  • Dharma Mittra and more.


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seniors chair yoga

Our chair Yoga Program continues to expand. We have added classes at St. Patricks Church in Cottage Grove. Contact Megan if you are interested in attending.

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Mind Body Boot Camp
yoga for guys
Another session of Mind Body Boot Camp begins after the holidays! We will be adding advanced weekly web pages for those of you who are continuing for your second or third sessions.

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