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Crafty Angels December 2010

Serving our neighborhood, country and the world -- one stitch at a time!
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Dedication and Fundraiser a HUGE Success!
Angels, I just wish you all could have been in Chicago yesterday, December 5, to be at the dedication and blessing of your love gifts and to be at the fundraiser!  You would have heard so many wonderful things about your handiwork, your dedication to serving the least of these, and your creativity!  You blew people away!

Thanks to your hard work, we were able to raise a grand total of $3,058 at the fundraiser, which broke all of our records!  $100 of that will be given to A Just Harvest (formerly the Good News Community Kitchen) to purchase food for the daily dinners prepared for the homeless there.  That $100 came from a raffle of the gorgeous afghan that was designed by Angel Birgit Yacoub and crocheted by Angel Linda Faubel.  The winner of that beauty is Ana Hohenstein, one of the teens at Edgebrook Covenant Church.  She was so excited -- I just wish you could have seen her face light up when she cuddled that afghan next to her cheek!  The rest of that total will be used to purchase yarn for all of you to use and to cover our shipping costs.

I'd especially like to thank the following Angels who helped set up, tear down, and pack for delivery all your yarny goodness:  Jeannine Patt, Doris Ahlstedt, Phyllis Snodgrass, Sandy Rice, Lisa K, Kathy Waldsmith (who "womanned" coffee hour while I manned the fundraiser table), and Anita Hohenstein (who handled the counting of the money and made the bank deposit).  A SPECIAL thanks goes to "honorary Angel" Frank, my hubby, who took money and made change during the fundraiser, and helped me cart all the necessary stuff between home and church.

I am working this week to deliver and ship out all your yarny goodness to those we serve by the end of the day on Friday.  It has gotten very cold here in Chicago, and it's expected to stay that way for quite some time -- so your warm things will be greatly appreciated by those in need.  On to 2011!
yarn in heart box
Especially for You
Here is the little homily I presented about all of you during our worship service on December 5:

God moved powerfully in, through, and on behalf of, the Crafty Angels in 2010.  Daily "hits" on our blog grew; subscriptions to our new monthly electronic newsletter grew significantly; Angels in other states started local Crafty Angel gatherings -- and even began distributing yarny goodness in their own communities; an article about the Angels was published in "In Spirit" magazine - Women Ministries' magazine; we played an important role in Triennial; and there were "chance" encounters at knitting conventions and gatherings, even the checkout line at Jewel - all these were ways God brought new Angels to us.  Additional knitting and crocheting groups joined us - as did many more individual women - and our numbers are growing on what almost seems to be a weekly basis.  These women have created more yarny goodness than ever before - 45 giant bins - and boxes keep arriving from new places -- all of which allowed us to reach out to new groups serving people in need.  Resources and funds came when needed - as did "super sales" and discount coupons whenever we needed yarn, those little bottles of body wash and lotion, or office supplies.  It truly was amazing to watch the miracles that God is working as we move ever closer to our tenth birthday, which will happen on June 1, 2011!


The Crafty Angels were able to significantly support a wide variety of organizations locally and globally, including:

Afghans for Afghans-an international effort to collect warm things for children and mothers in war-torn Afghanistan

Christmas at Sea Project-an outreach of the Episcopal Church to men and women working on ships on the world's oceans and rivers

Cornerstone Community Outreach Ministries- Jesus People USA's outreach programs to the homeless and poor on Chicago's north side

Edgebrook Covenant Church-prayer shawls, afghans, baby blankets

Halos of Hope-providing soft caps to patients going through, and recovering from, chemotherapy across the United States

Mother Bear Project-providing handmade toy bears to children whose parents died from AIDS in Africa, Asia, and Latin America

North Park Friendship Center-serving needy families on the northwest side of Chicago

Parenting ProGRESS-Ravenswood Covenant's ministry serving teen mothers and their children on the northwest side of Chicago

Red Scarf Project- Orphan Foundation of America's outreach to former foster kids now in college and training programs across the United States

Swedish Covenant Hospital-the maternity ward serving very low-income and immigrant mothers and their newborns

Shawls for Triennial - providing over 100 prayer shawls to be used for worship in the onsite Chapel during the conference in July - and then distributed to visiting missionaries and Triennial speakers 


And all that yarny goodness in the chapel will have an impact beginning next week.  What you see there is only about 2/3 of the total - we've already shipped out or delivered packages of yarny goodness that will end up in Afghanistan, around the world, across the US, and in Chicago.  After our fundraiser today, all the remaining yarny goodness will be delivered to:  Cornerstone Community Outreach, North Park Friendship Center, and Swedish Covenant Hospital


Early in the year, I came across a quote by Oswald Chambers, which seemed to epitomize the Crafty Angels as 2010 progressed:

"Some people do a certain thing, and the way in which they do it hallows that thing forever afterwards.  It may be the most commonplace thing, but after we have seen them do it, it becomes different.  When the Lord does a thing through us, He always transfigures it."

Using sticks and string to make something warm for people in need is indeed a commonplace thing, but God's touch on the women who use those sticks and strings, and the amount of love they knit or crochet into those warm things, does indeed transform the doer, the process, the result, and the result's impact on the recipient.  I call the results "love gifts" and believe me, I have heard story after story this year from the agencies receiving the Angels' love gifts regarding the tremendous impact the Angels have had on people's lives.  I cannot wait to see what God has planned for 2011!


Please join me now in prayer now for each of these loving women - we have so many names now that I would ask that you take some time today to read through the list of those precious names in your bulletin:


Father God, we are so very, very thankful for each and every one of these loving women, your dear daughters, dedicated to caring for the "least of these."  All are committed to showing Your children Your love, using what they know best - sticks and string.  Their gifts are humble and small in the grand scheme of things, but we ask that You take them and use them.  Only You know where they will go - but the Angels trust that You have a plan for each item they made, because You led them to make it.


Please keep their fingers nimble, their sticks strong, their string tangle-free, and their hearts continually open to Your leading to care for those they will never even meet - so that You can use a hat, a scarf, a blanket, or a bear to bring someone closer to You.  We ask all this in Jesus' name.  Amen.

And here are the names of all the individual Angels, groups, and donors which were included in our worship bulletin, mentioned above:

Ahlstedt, Doris
Anderson, Ann-Helen
Anderson, Debbie
Avendano, Naomi
Banko, Jen
Bianchi, Jean
Bowen, Sonja
Boykin, Karen
Bridgewater, Margaret
Caauwe, Kanani
Canino, Jacci
Carr, Elizabeth
Carr, Hilary
Chan, Margie
Christina, Cary
Conlin, Joyce
Courter, Janice
Daily, Pat
Davis, Teresa
Dattalo, Joyce
Domijan, Sally
Egolf, Karen
Ellis, Linda
Falkenstein, Catherine
Faubel, Linda
Flowers, Carol
Frey, Sylvia
Froning, Linda
Gawura, Amy
Gettings, Margaret
Goone, Linda
Green, Kristin
Greene, Martha
Groh, Heather
Grotz, Mary
Hand, Anna Marie
Harder, Twila
Hardwick, Marcella
Hayden, Stacy
Hedrick, Kay
Hohenstein, Anita
Jennifer, Ramey
Johnson, M.
Jones, Cathy
Kerchief-LaRentiis, Kristina
Kerr, Cheryl
Kim, Yunji
Kingsley, Peggy
Klein, Teri
Klemmetson, Talyn
Koerselman, Brenda
Korbas, Debbie
K, Lisa
Kreusch, Debbie
Larson, Joann
Lewis, Janeece
Lind, Jill
Lindsay, Hazel
Lueth, Alexis
Lundgren, Lynn
Lyke, Angie
Lynch, Marilyn
Males, Michelle
Mangin, Mary
Miller, Shirley
Milton, Elly
Nienke, Lori
O'Neill, Carol
Overall, Dianna
Patt, Jeannine
Pokorny, Chris
Pokorny, Eve
Preston, Marya
Rasico, Judy
Renoire, Elaine
Rice, Sandy
Sawczak, Penny
Schlie, Lorene
Schmalz, Anna
Schmalz, Katie
Schnarr, Barb
Schwartz, Marianne
Scigalski, Julie
Seymour, Joan and
Shaw, Gail
Snodgrass, Phyllis
Sotka, Debra
Stenftenagel, Rosalie
Stephan, Carol
Synderman, Elizabeth
Szymkowski, Mary
Tedrow, Pam and Sydney
Vinas, Maria
Wamsley, Alma
Watson, Helen
Whited, Cami
Yacoub, Birgit

Crochet Corner 
Caring Hearts Charity Crafters
Fourth Presbyterian Church Knitting Group
Happy Charity Klickers
Holy Trinity Church Crafty Angels
Knit 1, Purl 2-GloriaDei Lutheran Church
Loops of Love
Padiea School, Atlanta, GA
Schaumburg Twp. District Library, Teen Services
Stitching Sisters
The Armitage Army @ Richard Armitage Central

Bergstrom-Carlson, Jolene
Blanco, Joe
Boykin, Karen
Doucette, Mary and Michael
Edgebrook Deacons
Gartner, Katherine and Jack
Gartner, Marianne and Jack Bonke
Hohenstein, Anita
Larson, Joann
Nelson, Jerome and Joanne
Pokorny, Bob
Pokorny, Frank
Ranieri, Debbie
Schmalz, Frank and Michelle
Schmalz, Franz
Shaw, Gail
Waldsmith, Kathy
Ware, Ginny


 God bless each and every one of you!

caps for good
New Project for Early 2011!
Save the Children, a global nonprofit organization serving children in need around the world, collects baby caps to be sent to Africa, Asia and Latin America once a year -- and in 2011,through their new project "Caps for Good,"  they are asking for more caps.
We've take up the challenge before, and I am hoping that lots of you take the opportunity to follow the patterns Save the Children have published in this newsletter (they are smaller than normal baby caps we make because these are for low birth-weight babies) -- and send them to me NO LATER THAN FEBRUARY 14, 2011.  I will collect them and send them on to Save the Children.

I can't wait to see how creative our Angels can be!  Do you think we can make a goal of 300 hats???

Swedish Covenant Hospitalswedish covenant logo Update
Every year the Crafty Angels make wonderful baby blankets and spa bags for the maternity ward at Swedish Covenant Hospital.  Ever wonder how many babies are actually being born there? 

When I spoke recently with Jo Ann Meigs, head of Maternal Child Health, she told me that the count was up to 200-225 babies PER MONTH!!  That was many more than when the Angels first started supporting Swedish Covenant's maternity ward, and Jo Ann told me that this great increase is caused by two reasons:
1 - several hospitals on the northwest side of Chicago have closed in the past two years, and Swedish Covenant Hospital is taking patients who would have been served by them, and
2 - more and more immigrants, refugees, and low income families are moving into the immediate neighborhood in which Swedish Covenant Hospital resides because of gentrification of neighborhoods all around it - the 60625 zip code still has low rents for apartments.

So that means that our baby blankets, caps, booties, and sweaters, and spa bags, are GREATLY appreciated!  Jo Ann told me that the mothers in need are so touched by your love gifts because many, especially immigrants and refugees, have no blankets to take their babies home in. So keep up the good work, Angels -- you are touching lives daily!
The Crafty Angels were founded in 2001 to join people of all ages who use their skills in knitting, crocheting, and sewing to serve their neighborhood, country, and the world - one stitch at a time.  Everyone, or any skill level, is welcome.  Come join us in serving those in need!

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Our Next Gathering
Our next gathering will be held on Saturday, March 19, 2011 at 10:30 AM at my house at 6357 N. Leoti Ave. in Chicago. See you there!

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Where to Send Your Yarny Goodness
LAUNDERED, finished items can be sent to:

Rev. Chris Pokorny
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6355 N. Spokane Ave.
Chicago, IL 60646

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