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May 2011


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The Regional Chamber of Commerce San Gabriel Valley Awards and Installation Gala
STC talks about Investment on TV
4th of July Parade of Hacienda Heights
CREW Los Angeles Celebrated it's "Women at the TOP 2011" Honorees
STC Friends
STC Topics: Health, Love, Wisdom

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At STC Management, we pride ourselves on being good neighbors to our valued community. Having served the Southern California area for the past 25 years, we have and will always strive for the betterment of our communities, one property at a time.


We hope that through our expertise and people-oriented philosophy, we can impact the lives of others in a positive and productive way. As a company, we will never limit our focus to simply our clients' needs. We will always seek synergy with the community to promote the well-being of those around us, and we will strive to meet our goals and constantly elevate our expectations.





STC Management

The Regional Chamber of Commerce San Gabriel Valley Awards and Installation Gala

Szu-Pei Lu Yang is the New President of The Regional Chamber of Commerce San Gabriel Valley

John Hsu, STC CEO as the Keynote Speaker



Szu-Pei Lu Yang 成為聖蓋博谷區域商會新會長

John Hsu 許惠欽,STC 執行長,作為主講人

John Hsu, Officer

Chamber Installs Officers, Recognizes Businesses

By Melanie C. Johnson

The evening marked a changing of the guard with Szu-Pei Lu-Yang installed as the new president of the Regional Chamber of Commerce San Gabriel Valley.

CITY OF INDUSTRY - The Regional Chamber of Commerce San Gabriel Valley heralded local businesses and recognized the contributions of volunteers and members Thursday night at its annual Awards and Installation Gala.


Hundreds gathered at the Season's Place for the event.  Outgoing chamber President Yvonne Yen, who owns Royal Florist in Walnut, passed the gavel to new leader Szu-Pei Lu-Yang.


Lu-Yang, who has served on the chamber's Board of Directors since 2006, is a senior assoiate at Graves & King, LLP in Glendale and Riverside.  She lives in Rowland Heights with her her husband Kuo Yang, daughter Jaquelyn and parents David and Angela Lu. She serves on the Rowland Water District Board as the director for Division 5.


She chose "Moving into the Future" as her motto.


"We've been crawling and now it's really time to walk and run," she said.  "It's going to be exciting. I want everyone to be involved."


Several awards were given during the ceremony.  Puente Hills Hyundai received the 2010-2011 Business of the Year award.  Angelica Michail, with Sunbelt Business Brokers, was recognized as the volunteer of the year.  Ben Su, of Prosperity Wealth Management Group, received the President's Award for his service to the chamber.


Los Angeles County Supervisor Don Knabe formerly installed the directors on the chamber's board, emphasizing the need for local governments and the business community to work together to create jobs and stimulate the lagging economy.


"Keep the mission going," he said.  "We all know that success is not a destination. It's a journey."


Keynote speaker John Hsu, owner of commercial real estate company STC Management, focused his message on the importance of working together. With the assistance of a young helper from the audience, he took drinks of different colors meant to represent various ethnic groups and mixed them together.  When the drinks were mixed, the crowd could not tell one from the other, he said.


He urged business owners of different backgrounds to work together and seek out customers across cultures as a way to grow and thrive.


"Change your competitor into your friend so we can all race up," Hsu said.  "We can all get to the top together."


Article from http://diamondbar.patch.com/ 

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STC talks about Investment on IAVC TV
STC 財經單元 在國際衛視

Starting in May, STC Management was invited by a popular Chinese TV Station to explore the current Investment Market in the US.

The show will air every Thursday around 7PM. Don't Miss it !! 


Topics: How do lenders determine who to lend to and how much to lend?  What kind of rates are available now?  What are the pros and cons of a variable-rate vs. fixed-rate loan? 銀行如何決定給誰放款以及放多少款?現在的貸款利率最低能拿到多少?固定利率與浮動利率的利與弊
Topics: How do lenders determine who to lend to and how much to lend? What kind of rates are available now? What are the pros and cons of a variable-rate vs. fixed-rate loan? 銀行如何決定給誰放款以及放多少款?現在的貸款利率最低能拿到多少?固定利率與浮動利率的利與弊
The show will air every Thursday around 7PM. Don't Miss it !!

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Community News 

4th of July Parade of Hacienda Heights


The long awaited 4th of July Parade at Hacienda Heights has come to a close.  Crowds came out to salute the holiday despite the scorching sun.  Since 1988, this is already the 24th annual parade Hacienda Heights has held to celebrate this national Holiday. The members of Kiwanis of the Hacienda Heights are the backbone of the parade as usual.  We've had about seventy parade entries and everyone of them worked very hard to put their best performance forward.


This is the first year for STC Center to join the event.  We were fortunate to have creative and wonderful direction from Anne Ma. And with Master Gao at the Dragon team, the dragon practically came alive. STC Associates and friends are the heart and soul of the large team.  Everyone made it to the finishing line with a big smile on their face. And yes, we were honor to have won the First Place for Commercial Entry and the Sweepstake Prize!


Share our excitement with these pictures! 

Video 哈崗國慶遊行STC獲獎 與社區同樂

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Real Estate News

CREW Los Angeles Celebrated it's "Women at the Top"  and "Women on the Rise" Honorees


STC Management salutes CREW-LA's 2011 "Women at the Top" and Women on the Rise honorees.


John Hsu introduction of his CCIM associate Elizabeth Bramen a the "Woman on the Rise"


Pictures Here 

STC Friends | STC 之友 

饕盡美味--食在旺旺 !!!! 


Upcoming STC Center Evnet 

Short Sale Power Session
Fidelity Finance Group

Have you missed  a payment or two on your mortgage and not sure what do do?
Don't let the bank foreclose on your house.

Presentation Topics:
  • How FHA Loan is a good for 1st Time Home Buyer
  • What is a Short Sale?
  • How a Short Sale can help you avoid foreclosure
  • What to look for if your are  seller
  • What to look for if your are a buyer
Find out more information at
Sat, July 9, 2011
10AM to 12PM
: 9:30AM to 10AM
STC Center - Seasons Place
18558 E. Gale Ave., 3rd Floor
City of Industry, CA 91748

Please download flyer here

Recently, our Officer John Hsu asked us to rate the most important things in our lives.  Most of our associates chose "Health", "Love" and "Wisdom",  not necessary in that order. And the following article, written by our associates, explained their reasons why......   


"Health", "Love" and "Wisdom" | 健康, 愛與智慧

Justin TsaiBy Justin Tsai, Leasing Division

Diagnosis -
Health: low
Love:  drained
Wisdom: non existent
Treatment -
Sleep.  Or eat a mushroom. like Mario.

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About Us

STC Management is honored to be recognized as one of the 

exclusively selected 515 companies world wide. And is the first Chinese own Real Estate company being award such honor in Southern California.

STC Management has been honored as the AMO of the year in 2010.    

ACCREDITED MANAGEMENT ORGANIZATIONŽ (AMOŽ) Accreditation - recognizes excellence among real estate management firms. AMO firms manage approximately 2.6 million residential units and 1 billion net square feet of commercial space, the total value of which exceeds more than $289.1 billion.


STC 資產管理公司有幸榮選2010的最佳AMO公司。  

在房地產業的發展中,國際資產管理 協會IREMŽ認知到業主在選擇信譽良好房地產管理的重要。該協會在1946決定核定嚴格的合格標準,認可優良的管理公司,並頒發正統的認證標制(國際認 證資產管理機構AMOŽ)來分歧一般與優良及信譽良好的房地產管理公司。國際認證資產管理機構的公司 管理大約260萬個住宅單位和10.000億平方英尺的商業空間,總價值超過超過289100000000美元。


國際資產管理協會 IREMŽ只頒發給公司企業此認證。



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