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3 Life Lessons from 
Super Bowl XLVI

Sports are a metaphor for life. So what did the Giants win over the Patriots teach us? Watch Dr. Eddie on FOX-17 to find out and read below:


Giants seal the win 

  1. Ignore Expectations. The Giants did not have  a strong regular season and the Patriots are consistently great. Yet the Giants set a playoff record for beating teams with the most combined wins in NFL history. The Patriots were expected to win and lost. The next time you play a higher ranked opponent remember the Giants and ignore expectations. They have nothing to do with the task at hand.
  2. See the big picture in your successes and failures. After the game, evaluations of Brady were critical and glowing of Eli. If only one play changed (e.g., the Patriots recovered one of the Giants' fumbles returned returned it for a score), the Patriots would have won. Brady and Eli would have nothing to do with it, but Brady would be applauded for a great game and Eli criticized for what he did wrong.
    • Don't overgeneralize what your success and failures mean based on the outcome. Look at the process of each performance. Recognize the good and opportunities to improve in all outcomes.
  3. Don't protect yourselfEveryone wants to avoid disappointment, so we give less effort as we protect ourselves emotionally (which causes the failure we wanted to avoid!). Players did a great job of giving 100% the entire game (e.g., Gronkowski's diving catch attempt on the last play). And I've never seen an athlete that gave 100% and suffered after a loss. So be willing to lose big so you can win big.


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