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This Sport Psychologist Doesn't Believe In Positive Thinking! 

I'm serious. Honestly, has anyone ever really beat negative thinking? Ever have just one day where all your thoughts were positive?


I didn't think so.



If you are thinking positively, don't stop. You'll play more confidently, perform better and probably have more fun. But if you can't turn it around, don't worry about it. Recent research has found that challenging these negative beliefs can make the negative thoughts more powerful! This happens because when our beliefs are challenged, we invest in them more strongly. We more vigorously defend them as true.


Do you remember a time when you were down on yourself? Maybe a teammate tried to cheer you up by focusing on the positive. You probably responded with a list of mistakes you made, ignored the good, and emphasized the negative.


I teach my athletes to not listen to their mind when it is giving opinions. Evaluative thinking gets in the way of performance and interrupts what your body is trained to do. You'll hear your mind, but don't listen. Trust your training and let your mind chatter in the background (like a radio in the room you're not paying attention to). You will find that your behavior is independent of your thoughts and you can do things your mind says you can't.


Sports are played on the field, not in your head.



Learn to Ignore Negative Thoughts  


Dr. Eddie teaches a skill called "defusion" that is effective in helping patients get out of their head and back into the game. Call 616-233-3480 today to set up a consult.



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