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 December 6, 2010

Hello Friends,

Athletes tell me 50-90% of their sport performance is mental. But more than 90% of their training is physical!?! Mental toughness separates the best from the rest.

I am excited to offer you a new cost-effective way to get your mental training this winter. Details below. Space is limited, so call 616-233-3480 to register today.

- Dr. Eddie

P.S. - Please forward to a friend or teammate who could benefit. Or sign up together!  See you in January.

P.P.S. - Am I crazy? I like running in this cold weather.

Mental Toughness Training 

You spend hours every week developing your physical skills, but it is your mind that controls your body. Do you have the mental toughness it takes to be your best?

Sport psychologist, Dr. Eddie O'Connor, is offering this 6-week training program designed to make you more determined, focused, confident and in control under pressure. Each workshop involves active development of practical skills that you can start to use immediately at your next practice or game:

         On A Mission. Training starts of with a self-assessment. What are your mental strengths and weaknesses? What kind of players do you want to be? How do you build a legacy and where do you find the motivation to achieve it? We'll put a plan together to get there.

         Beat Negative Thinking. You know how to think positively, but what do you do when that doesn't work? Dr. Eddie teaches you how to overcome doubt and negativity.

         Take Control. Every athlete gets nervous. Develop the relaxation and focusing skills necessary to keep anxiety in check and perform your best under pressure.

         Confidence is Key. Confidence doesn't just happen. It is often too fragile and based only on your most recent performance. Learn the 7 steps to building confidence that lasts.

         When Things Go Terribly Wrong. Mistakes happen and you need to know how to deal with them. Choking should never happen. Dr. Eddie explains why it does and what you can do to avoid it.

         Killer Instinct. Dr. Eddie reveals his #1 Mental Toughness Training Tip for you to dominate your opponents and consistently play (and practice) with intensity.

To allow for individual attention and discussion, space is limited to only 12 athletes so register now!

Who:     Athletes that want to improve their mental game

When  Tuesdays from 5:30 - 6:30 PM                      January 11, 18, 25 & February 1, 8, 15

Where:  Performance Excellence Center at                               1155 East Paris Ave., SE                                       Grand Rapids, MI 49546

Cost:      Only $199 for all 6 workshops                                     ($49 each if you want to attend only a few)

To Register:      Call 616-233-3480

** All athletes will get:

         Written summary of all the skills learned and instruction on how to keep improving when training is finished

         25% off your first individual consulting session

         FREE subscription to Dr. Eddie's Mental Toughness Newsletter with monthly tips delivered straight to your inbox

         $50 off coupon for a team workshop - you pick the topic!

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