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On November 21st the Washington Times reported the following:

"A federal judge will hear arguments Monday on a preliminary injunction against one of the most contentious ballot measures in this month's elections -- an Oklahoma referendum that banned state courts from considering international or Islamic law when deciding cases.

U.S. District Judge Vicki Miles-LaGrange already had blocked certification of SQ755, which passed Nov. 2 with 70 percent of voters backing the measure. Monday's hearing in her Oklahoma City Court will focus on a request for a restraining order that would block the law from taking effect until the lawsuit has been resolved." (see story here)

There was indeed a hearing on November 22. However, there has been a nearly complete news blackout concerning what happened that day. So the question is, why? As the old TV ads used to say, "Inquiring minds want to know." I easily found dozens of articles and news accounts reporting the original court ruling, which blocked the certification of the new law. However, in more than an hour of reading headlines and searching on the Internet, I found just one news report - that right, just one - that gave any information concerning the November 22 hearing. The Edmond Sun reported, "At the end of Monday's roughly two-hour hearing, U.S. District Judge Vicki Miles-LaGrange said she needed time to sort through the evidence and cases cited before determining if she will grant a preliminary injunction extending the restraining order until a final decision is made." No future court date was mentioned in the Sun article.

One can only guess whether the extreme silence from other major media outlets is directly related to political correctness. Since, in the estimation of those media members wanting to be accepted in the elite crowd, the ballot question was nothing more than a redneck effort to deny Muslims their "rights," then the less said about it now, the better. We can presume that they are counting on Judge Miles-LaGrange eventually ruling in favor of overturning the will of the people. After all, since the ACLU has chimed in that the law is an unneeded provision and Barry Lynn, executive director of Americans United for Separation of Church and State, has assured us that Americans have no reason to fear Shariah Law, then why fight it? So what, that the measure passed by a 70% vote? No big deal. Did someone suppose this is America or something? How old-fashioned, anyway. Just like numerous left-leaning congressmen repeated during last year's health care debates, "We're not worried about the issue of constitutionality here."

The REAL Issue

On November 16 the Washington Times ran a terrific editorial titled, "Sooner state Shariah: Oklahoma leads the charge to preserve constitutional law" (read story here). That, my friends, is the real issue here. For as frightful as the proposition is to force our courts to consider the horrors of Islamic Shariah law when judging in our society, the notion of a single liberal jurist overturning what amounts to a landslide vote of the people illustrates how completely out of control the Federal bench - in fact, the Federal Government - actually is.

Every reader here (at least those in the U.S.A.) should be concerned with this Federal power grab to circumvent the clear will of Oklahomans in favor of defending the likes of C.A.I.R. (Council on American-Islamic Relations), which filed the suit on November 4. Why even bother to vote, some would ask. Just as the liberals in Washington State counted and recounted votes until they could finally crown Christine Gregoire governor, not once but in two successive elections, Judge Miles-LaGrange's ruling has proven how useful it is for the elites to have wacked-out jurists in high places, as one single judge has successfully stood against and could conceivably overcome the overwhelming majority vote of the people.

The Oklahoma suit, filed by C.A.I.R.'s Oklahoma executive director, Muneer Awad, alleges that his First Amendment rights are impuned by SQ755.

The Edmond Sun
reported that "The lawsuit, based on Awad's faith-based will, asserts that SQ755 violates the First Amendment's Establishment Clause barring government bodies from making laws respecting the establishment of religion."

Awad stated that "...he became concerned when he learned that SQ755 would exclude Islam from the courtroom and put the religion in a negative light in Oklahoma."

Never mind the rights of 70% of Oklahomans. Never mind that the U.S. Constitution was never written with Shariah in mind. Never mind that we are fast becoming a nation being held hostage by small minorities who wish to change us and our Constitution into what they want. And since when has Shariah ever been included in the proceedings and decisions made in Oklahoma courtrooms? If Awad hasn't noticed, those of us with eyes and ears have great reason to view Islam in a negative light. It surely didn't take a referendum of the voters to change anyone's mind on that!

I believe that this is just the sort of vehicle that Muslims have been looking for to begin the slow process of attempting to dismantle the U.S. Constitution. The global elite and bleeding hearts of the left wing must also be licking their chops as well.

Clearly, the elite class, which desires to rule the people, cares little for the Constitution and writes its own set of laws as it goes along. In the case of Oklahoma and the certification of SQ755, this one judge is about to allow the proverbial camel's nose into the tent and set a precedent for Shariah - and international law - to ignore and in effect overrule our national and state sovereignties.

Thankfully, however, Oklahoma is not the only state with people brave enough to reject international and religious law. According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, Oklahoma has now joined Louisiana and Tennessee in banning international and religious laws, with Arizona, Florida, South Carolina, and Utah all considering such protections. The bottom line here is that, if we care about our freedoms (such as the the right to free speech in witnessing for Jesus Christ), nothing, I repeat, NOTHING should be allowed to trump or replace U.S. Constitutional Law in our country. The global elite have been pushing us in the direction of acquiescence to international law for decades and administrations such as the current bunch in Washington, D.C., have proven useless when it comes to defending our laws against encroachment of the internationalists. It is no overstatement to say that Obama, Holder, and their crew have shown a detestation for us as a nation and obviously favor almost anyone except those whom they are sworn to protect and the Constitution they are bound to uphold.

About Shariah...

If one doubts the severity of allowing Shariah (aka "Sharia" and "Shari'ah") Law to be integrated in Oklahoma courts, then take a few moments and watch the video clips related to this topic that I've added to our YouTube channel. (To view clips, click the images below.)

In closing, I want to return to the question I posed earlier: why the apparent news blackout concerning the November 22 hearing? As I mentioned, I have scanned page after page online looking for any mention of it. Also, I have personally contacted The Oklahoman, The Washington Times, and USA TODAY newspapers, and inquired of friends in Oklahoma. No one seems to have heard a word about the SQ755 hearing. Perhaps more than just the one reporter for the Edmond Sun has indeed spoken up, but wouldn't you think that more than one brave soul in the local Oklahoma media would have reported on the outcome? I'm sure that 70% of voting Oklahomans and a number of us elsewhere want to know.

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