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Mormonism: Has Anything Changed?
 Is Mormonism Now Christian?

DVD by former LDS Elder,
 Jim Spencer
Perhaps the most important video presentation on Mormonism since "The God Makers." Jim Spencer's knowledge of Mormon history, doctrine, and practice and his God-given ability to communicate the facts make this DVD a must for every serious student desiring to understand the Mormon Church from a truly Christian perspective. Nearly 2 hrs in length.
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 Reagan Barger DVD
Defending the Fath!
Four part television series from Christ in Prophecy with Dr. David Reagan
This DVD includes all four of Eric's "Christ in Prophecy" TV programs airing internationally for the second time in July and August, 2010 with Dr. David Reagan and Nathan Jones of Lamb and Lion Ministries.
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 Divorced DVD
 Divorced From Church?
 How Apostasy is Scattering the Sheep
 Today, many precious saints have been forced to leave their churches due to truly biblical or doctrinal disputes. If you have, you are NOT alone!
 With alarming numbers of once-trustworthy denominations and leaders trumpeting varieties of Liberalism and Emergent and other heresies, what is the dedicated Bible-believer to do? Should we stay or must we go? In this important message, Eric Barger utilizes biblical apologetics as he approaches the problem, offers solutions, and outlines reasons to both leave and stay in a congregation.
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The REAL Jesus
 vs. The Counterfeits
 This timely message holds important apologetic insight to help you identify the many cultic versions of Jesus being promulgated today. Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses, Christian Science, The New Age Movement - they ALL have a "Jesus."
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Is Your Church dvd
Is Your Church New Age, Emergent, or Christian?

This comparison of New Age and Emergent beliefs against the backdrop of biblical Christianity will not only expose the many likenesses shared by New Age and Emergent philosophies but it will also help equip viewers with discernment in understanding and recognizing real, authentic Christianity.
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Shadow Government DVD
Shadow Government
John Wilson wakes up, gets ready for his day and heads to work. He has no idea that he's being watched, tracked and studied. Is he a threat to national security? No, he's an ordinary American citizen. What if new laws, media propaganda and secret societies label John a danger to society? And what if all this sets the stage for a biblically-prophesied global government run by the antichrist?
This docudrama features the input of Gary Kah, Chuck Missler, Jack Kinsella, Kathryn Albrecht, and many others.
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Discernment DVD
 The Death of Discernment:
How The Shack Became the #1 Bestseller in Christianity
 Learn about the unbiblical, unorthodox theology contained in this runaway bestseller and how it threatens to deceive untold numbers of both Christians and seekers in our midst.
(Eric Barger's most sought after video teaching ever!)
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The MOST Dangerous Cult
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 Emergent DVD
The Errors of the Emergent Church
Emergent philosophy has invaded nearly every once-safe denomination. In this seminar DVD, Eric defines Emergent thinking and terms, concisely exposing the leaders and errors of the Emergent Church.
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Bringing Twilight Out Into the Son
Twilight Bklt
"Blockbuster books and hit movies confuse evil with good."
Twilight is adversely affecting millions, which is why we encourage you to order Eric Barger's informative new booklet, Bringing Twilight out into the Son, today. Request several copies to give to friends and family. Having a few on hand for the Twilight fans you encounter could make a dramatic eternal difference. This booklet is now in its 4th printing!
More Concerning Glenn Beck
Many Issues - Little Discernment
Several weeks ago I began formulating "An Open Letter Concerning Glenn Beck" that appeared in my last email update.
Like many of you, I have appreciated Glenn Beck's research and his stand concerning public policy and politics. Knowing that he was a Mormon, I was genuinely hoping that he was an uninformed, peripheral Mormon who really didn't understand the teachings and doctrines of the LDS Church. We now know that this is not the case.
There are so many facets to explore here, it's hard to know just which ones to address first. Here are just a few of the moving parts to this story.
- Christian leaders who don't understand (or who just want to ignore the fact) that Mormonism teaches false doctrine that includes a different Jesus, a different gospel, and a different spirit than that which is reflected in the Bible - exactly as II Corinthians 11:3-4 warns of.
- Christian leaders who shockingly don't care that, by their presence at Beck's late August events in Washington, DC, or on his TV program, they are in effect endorsing the mistaken notion that "Mormonism is Christian." Regular viewers know that Beck has turned his attention to talking about "God" constantly, saying that "America's only hope is God." I concur! Only problem is, which God? Interestingly, on his Sept. 17 TV program Glenn decided to make comparisons between the "revolutions" of Jesus, Moses, Gandhi, and
Martin Luther King Jr.! Bringing Jesus down to earth sounded more like Brian McLaren and I'm wondering whether anyone else caught the clear implication of Universalism.
- Beck's series of videos from that clearly enunciate his reliance on and understanding of Mormonism, including his admission that the Mormon Temple ritual guides "80% of our marriage."
- The backlash now being experienced by brave Christian leaders who have opposed Beck's Mormon evangelism - even though each and every one that I know of has applauded his public policy stands.
- The general lack of discernment displayed by so many professed Christians concerning Mormonism and false doctrine in general. It's like, "Glenn is a Mormon? Who cares! He's our leader."
- The thinking displayed by many Christians that, regardless of Beck's recent bent to preach Mormonism, he alone can lead us to save the country.
- How grateful and exonerated Mormons are that Beck is (in their eyes) helping to inch closer to the fulfillment of Joseph Smith's "White Horse Prophecy" and thus save the United States and our Constitution. (Smith said, "The time will come when the destiny of the nation will hang upon a single thread. At that critical juncture, this people will step forth and save it from the threatened destruction.") I have asked, "Is Glenn Beck the 'John the Baptist' for Mitt Romney?"
- Today we are relatively free of religious persecution in America. Yet shocking numbers of self-professed Christians are now ready and willing to surrender biblical truth and principles in a perceived effort to save the country. In view of that, how easy it appears Antichrist's initial work will be!
Every day I encounter the cry of "You are too narrow," or "Don't be so legalistic," or the real capper, "You are judgmental and pharisaical." As the letters we've received indicate, there are a lot of people upset that I and others have touched the sacred cow named Beck. However, what can I do? I am not saying "Don't watch Glenn Beck." I AM saying watch with biblically discerning eyes. This is exactly what we said on Jan Markell's "Understanding the Times" radio program back on August 28 when Jan, Brannon Howse, Ed Decker and I took two hours to examined the whole Glenn Beck phenomenon and controversy. (Listen to program online here.) We were careful to give credit to Beck for his courageous stand concerning America and the corruption that is currently gripping Washington. But we also gave the stern warning that many are confused by Beck's marked turn into airing his religious beliefs. I asked on air that day if Beck could be "John the Baptist" for Mitt Romney in an attempt to normalize Mormonism for the Salt Lake City leadership? Today, nearly a month later, I believe even more that this could be the agenda. (God, please give us a candidate for President who knows You and will serve You!)
No matter what the penalty in the end, the choice for me is easy. I made the decision long ago that truth would always win over popularity. What is happening concerning Glenn Beck and Evangelicals is just the sort of mess that results when cultic doctrine is confused with Christianity - all in the name of a noble cause. I must reiterate that the bottom line for informed believers is the fact that many unsuspecting people are being led to believe that Mormonism is nothing more than a quirky or perhaps more enlightened Christian group. That thought cannot stand unchallenged.
I believe that Christians need to reevaluate the way we are thinking on issues like this. Regardless of how grieved we are over the current direction of our nation, our allegiance must be first to God and to His Word. As my friend Pastor Sam Buckingham said to me recently, "We are not the Republican Party and the Church had better figure that out." Let's remember that Glenn Beck chose to make religion a main aspect of his daily program. We may have been uneasy with the fact of his professed Mormonism, but I don't know of anyone in discernment ministry who decided to just attack Beck. Its not with Glenn where the problem lies, anyway. Its with Mormonism. However, Beck's insistence on teaching Mormon doctrine and convoluting it as "Christian" must be answered, no matter how unpopular doing so may be with some. I trust that those who oppose us now will in time see my point. I just pray that the price of backing Beck and ignoring the Bible doesn't equate to souls lost for eternity. If I didn't think that was already the case, I would never have taken up this issue.
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 Note: After the September 9 email "An Open Letter Concerning Glenn Beck" we received many, many emails...far too many to reprint. Here is just a sampling, along with Eric's responses.
Uncalled For!
Your e-mail on Glenn Beck was so uncalled for, it is no wonder many-many people get turned off on Christianity.  He has not tried to proslatize for the Mormon Religion.  He's said, he's a Mormon and called for all faiths to join together for Faith, Hope and Chairity.  "You" people need to worry more about bringing people to Jersus than going after Glenn Beck.  I had enjoyed listening to you, but realize that you are more of a threat of losing souls for Christ than any Mormon. You have a very haughty spirit.
- Nancy (Oklahoma)
"Mormon Bashers..."
Please remove me from your list, I would much rather have a Mormon in the white house than this president that is destroying the United states of America. And I do not like Mormon Bashers. As long as you keep you eyes on Jesus as your salvation who are we to be the ones that write peoples names in the Lambs book of life.
I want to see our country saved as badly as anyone does. The issue, however, is that the Mormon Church is passing itself off as "Christian." Would you be silent is Muslims, who speak of "Jesus" regularly, began doing the same? When does one draw the line? Do we only renounce overt evil when false doctrine (which Jesus warned us of an astounding 14 times) may indeed be the most heinous because so many may be captured by its subtleties?
I don't know how much clearer (or kinder) I can be. Mormonism is not now and never has been "Christian." It is responsible for damning the souls of millions of people for eternity. How can we be silent and by our silence seem to agree with their stance that they are but a more enlightened Christian denomination?
The fact is that I'm one of the people who actually love Mormons enough to tell them the inconvenient truth and surely care about God's Church enough to challenge it about crossing into the kingdom of the cults.
I have instructed that your email address be removed from our database. I'm sorry to see you go.
Visit Eric Barger and Take A Stand! Ministries at: - Now in our 27th year of "TAKING A STAND!" 

Note: Bill wrote a long letter in response to me
explaining that his entire family are Mormons. He related that at his aunt's funeral he believed God told him that she (a Mormon) was in heaven. He insisted that as long as people had a personal relationship with Jesus they would be saved. For me, this is the hardest part of dealing with the issue of Mormonism and Glenn Beck. I hope everyone who has been disturbed about this controversy will carefully read what I wrote back to Bill here below.
I'm not trying to be argumentative but this is a very serious matter. I do need to reiterate the question..."which Jesus" is taught in Mormonism? That is the question. You need to carefully read Paul's warning in II Corinthians 11:3-4. The warning there is concerning "different" Jesus'. Indeed, there are many versions of Jesus...they are all counterfeits but one. The Mormon Jesus is the spirit brother of Lucifer according to Joseph Smith. Mormonism's Jesus was a man who became a "god" and who was not the Creator of all things as the New Testament indicates. According to Mormonism, he was one of many gods. This doesn't sound at all like the Jesus of the Bible, does it, Bill?
A person can sincerely believe in a "Jesus" until they are blue in the face but if the Jesus they have believed in is a counterfeit, can they be saved??? To believe so is to say that God blesses ignorance and, if that's true, then witnessing about and preaching of the Jesus of the Bible really doesn't matter much. In fact, if its OK to just self-style our religion to be based upon any idea (of Jesus) that we want, then perhaps the universalists are right? Do you see why this matter of which "Jesus" is of absolutely stunning eternal significance? I wish that sincerity was all that counted, Bill. However, this is surely one reason why Satan is called "the deceiver." He is serving up counterfeit Jesuses and it's damning untold souls every minute.
Visit Eric Barger and Take A Stand! Ministries at: - Now in our 27th year of "TAKING A STAND!" 
A Pastor's Perspective

Eric, thank you for your article about Glenn Beck and his Mormon beliefs.
In my years as a pastor, I was continually having to teach people the truth of Mormonism. Our nation's churches are filled with pastors and people who think Mormons are Christians. I have said for as long as I can remember, that Mormons will do whatever it takes to convince the world that they are Christians. One day I expect to see a cross on each Mormon building. That should convince people.
One thing I have not seen anyone pointing out is the Mormon belief that they will convert the USA and turn it in to a Mormon Theocracy. Joseph Smith taught it, Brigham Young taught it, and I don't think the LDS have ever refuted that doctrine.
Keep up the good work.
- Pastor Jim (Texas)

Pastor Jim is referring to the "White Horse Prophecy." It was referred to at length in the August 28 "Understanding the Times" radio broadcast with Jan Markell, Brannon Howse, Ed Decker and I. (Listen to hour one here and hour two here.) 
One Reader's "Dear John" Letter
Dear Glenn Beck,

Glenn, you've changed. You no longer seem like the talk show host I first fell in LIKE with. Maybe I just didn't see it coming, because now that I look back on things, I should have read the signs. Little red flags here and there. I am a woman, and like most women, I have a memory like an elephant, and I now recall one thing that I now know was a clear tip-off.   My husband remembers it, too. If YOU DON'T, then just go back into your archives and you will find it. You said that the people who hold to "ONLY ONE WAY" [as in, "one way of salvation"] are actually the most dangerous folks in the world.
Glenn, that's ME. As a born again believer in Jesus Christ, I now know that there is, indeed, ONLY ONE WAY. You confused me for a while, because you would call yourself a "Christian". I am not confused any more, as I have looked into the religious beliefs of Mormonism, and that is NOT what
truly born again evangelicals believe. We do NOT believe that Jesus Christ is the "spirit brother" of satan, or that G-d the Father was once a man, or that the planet kolab (sp?) is a real place, or that man can become a god-little OR big "G", and........................on and on and on. Oh yes. I did my homework on this one. You call yourself a "Christian"----does that mean that I, for one second, could ever call myself a Mormon?? Oh, no, my friend. They are not the same. And quite frankly, it seems like a type of bait-and-switch.
I thought you were one of us, politically, too. I really did. I was with you on upholding the constitution (although I certainly don't think it was "divinely inspired!) I was with you on gun rights. States rights. Many other issues. Now I hear you saying outright that so-called "gay marriage" is not so much of an issue for you. I hear you kinda soft on abortion.   I hear your "can't we all just get along" mantra over and over and over. And seriously, since YOU are the one who insists on dragging religion into it, I have to say NO, we can't all just get along. Not religiously, that is. Hurting others in the name of any god/God is WRONG, but we are separate, you and I.   Muslims are separate from me. I CANNOT be called back to the "god" you hold up, because you uphold a false god.    THAT is indeed, THE ISSUE that divides us now. And you did that yourself. If that earns for me being called the most dangerous woman in America, so be it.
A preacher I've got. I don't want a Mormon preacher. Just think, I said to myself, the whole country being exhorted to go back to "god" whether he be the invented god of Joseph Smith or the invented god of the practitioners of the "religion of peace" or the works/righteousness "god" of Ratzinger-and-crew who resides in a wafer and is re-sacrificed on catholic altars hourly. Can't be "one" with the Hindus, or the Buddhists, or the new-agers, or the atheists. Can't do it.   The only God that seems to be strictly off-limits is THE God of Very God, The Lord Jesus Christ, who was God from all eternity past, and IS God-in-the-Flesh RIGHT NOW, sitting at the right hand of the Co-Eternal Father. That very Lord Jesus Christ, Himself, claimed that He was THE WAY, THE TRUTH, THE LIFE. He claims exclusiveness. No one gets into the one and only heaven except by the way HE said we must go. No planet kolab. No spirit babies. And if my ONE WAY attitude makes you upset, you'll need to take it up with Jesus THE Messiah, Himself. He's the One who said it.
Yes, you had me fooled for a while. I thought you were "my guy". You were smart and well-read and patriotic, and funny. I loved you for all of those things. Do you think I would have chased you down because you are a Mormon, or turned off the radio simply because of that? Of course not. Christians are not, hopefully and generally, petty. We love freedom. But I just can't be relentlessly proselytized any longer either. So, I say, you brought this on yourself. With many broken relationships people will say "it's me, it's not you". In this case, Glenn, it's you. We could have been such friends. I thought we were. Can't sit in the Beck church any more. I love you Glenn. I love you enough to tell you the truth. I will pray for you, and I sincerely hope you get truly and soundly saved. Sometimes you seem so close to that. May THE Lord open your heart to true Shalom. I'll miss the Beck I USED to hear, and the Beck who made me laugh so often. Go back to politics, guy, and book reviews, and even the occasional goofiness. You'll be better off for it.
- K. G. (Minnesota)
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Real Jesus vs Counterfeits logo 
Is Glenn Beck's "Jesus" the authentic, one and only Son of God or is the Mormon "Jesus" one of many counterfeits? Ask yourself, is YOUR version of Jesus the one reflected in the pages of God's Word, the Bible, or was he once a man who became one of many gods? Can YOUR Jesus save a soul eternally or does he lead you to a religion based on your own righteousness?

2 Corinthians 11:3-4 exhorts us to beware of imposters named "Jesus." Galatians 1:8-9 demands that anything claiming to be of God must harmonize with the original apostolic faith. If someone proclaims "Jesus," it is our responsibility to be sure that they are referring to the biblical Savior - the REAL Jesus.

In this video clip Eric Barger addresses the crowd assembled for the Lamb and Lion Ministries conference in Allen (DFW), Texas, June, 2010. It is excerpted from the seminar DVD "The REAL Jesus vs. The Counterfeits."
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