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Includes all seven messages by Eric Barger, Gary Kah, Dr. Ron Rhodes and host, Jan Markell 
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The MOST Dangerous Cult
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The Errors of the Emergent Church
 Emergent DVD 
In this seminar DVD, Eric defines Emergent thinking and terms, concisely exposing the leaders and errors of the Emergent Church.


Ministry Update Dec 1, 2009  
Preaching the WHOLE Truth
Presenting the truth without compromise is not popular in many religious circles today. With a great volume of "feel good" and "happy" half-gospels being offered, those who buck the trend and offer messages laced with words such as "sin," "judgment," "holiness,"  "Satan," and "repentance" are commonly viewed as narrow, old-fashioned or even Neanderthal. Actually, the preaching of the whole, authentic Gospel, with all of its convicting themes, never has been "popular." What is different now than in times past is that yesterday's Evangelicals were primarily interested in winning and then building strong, righteous disciples. In our day, however, many have decided to market themselves in such a way as to engage in a sort of popularity contest. This is symptomatic of the last days. Doesn't it make sense that, if one is attempting to use marketing techniques like we're seeing now, sermons pertaining to righteousness and surrender - let alone sin and hell - wouldn't be considered? These themes are relics from a bygone era and are considered counterproductive to the prevailing wisdom churned out by today's gurus of church growth.
The Modern Church Growth Movement has literally formulated "another gospel" by dictating that the stated goal (growth) cannot be achieved unless these and other biblical themes are sufficiently toned down or simply eliminated. With the pressure to be "positive" - and to fill the seats - countless pastors are now caught in what is nothing less than a web of compromise. Over the past 20 years, many leaders have become at least somewhat aware that the world is growing increasingly hostile to Christianity. This, coupled with eschatological views that fail to recognize just where we are in time, seems to be the crux of why Evangelicals have steadily shifted to user-friendly themes instead of sound Gospel preaching. They said "the numbers are shrinking" and instead of holding steady with God's Word they fashioned a solution based on man's desires instead of God. With the approval of their peers, many pulpiteers have settled on what works instead of what is right. The rude awakening ahead is that, regardless of how much tinkering is done with presentations or how nicely packaged Christianity is made to be, the majority in the culture just isn't going to buy what even the best salesmen in the Church Growth business are selling. The world is gearing up for what will eventually become a full-blown rejection of biblical truths. To try to stave off this inevitable end, the "feel good" preachers will continue to drift further away from the Bible and eventually find themselves completely entwined in what is commonly referred to as "the kingdom of the cults." In the end, nothing is going to attract the world to our doors - nothing except a Holy Spirit-born reality that they are hopeless and destitute without the forgiveness and cleansing found only in the Savior.
One of my favorite quotes concerning this comes from a collection of essays known as The Old Cross and the New by the prolific 20th century Christian writer, A.W. Tozer. He stated, "We who preach the gospel must not think of ourselves as public relations agents sent to establish good will between Christ and the world.
"We must not imagine ourselves commissioned to make Christ acceptable to big business, the press, the world of sports or modern education. We are not diplomats but prophets, and our message is not a compromise but an ultimatum."
Count me in with Tozer - Amen!
So, if your pastor has fallen for the siren song of the incomplete, counterfeit "positive" gospel, pray fervently that he would have a holy encounter with the righteous God. If your pastor has avoided the enticing, compromised counterfeit and is holding onto the real, authentic gospel, pray that he would stay close to God, full of His Spirit, and remain strong in conviction and character. At a time when the world is demanding we offer up something less than the truth to gain their approval, may the people of God instead rally around the preachers of righteousness - regardless of how unpopular to some the message may be.
It is these things that our ministry tries to instill in the Christian leaders of today - and tomorrow. Thank you for your support and prayers to see this goal realized - one man, one woman, one church at a time.
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Nazarenes Resist "Emerging" Apostasy

Dear Brother Barger,
I've seen your excellent piece on "How to Spot the Emergent Church." Thank the Lord we have pastors who are not swayed by this current foolishness!
Please find my check enclosed. I'd appreciate it if you would send me a few copies. I'd like to pass them out in my church here in (city withheld) and I want to send one to my good friend (name withheld) at the (Nazarene Theological) Seminary where I fear this apostasy is "emerging."
Thank you for your efforts and consideration.
In Christ,
- (Name and State Withheld)
Eric's Note: Without divulging too many details, this letter is from a professor emeritus inside the Nazarene university system. We sent him several DVDs and "How to Spot Emergent" brochures. Praise the Lord for his efforts!

RE: Eric on "Christ in Prophecy" TV
Dear Take A Stand!,
I couldn't walk away from the TV when the discussion with Eric started.  The topics discussed concern me in a great way.  I look forward to the next Christ In Prophecy program. I will keep Eric in my prayers and I look forward to the CD and any other materials.
- Gary (WV)
I have been watching Mr. Barger on the television program Christ in Prophecy, presented by The Lion&Lamb Ministries.  I have been very impressed with Mr. Barger and the program.  Being a fairly new Christian, I too want to be discerning and surely want to "Take A Stand"! I thank you for your ministry and I look forward to hearing more from you.
- Susan (MA)
Eric, Man, I just happened to catch you on a Program with Dr Reagen Lion and Lamb I believe it was. I was SO Glad to hear I'm not the only one who see the Apostasy coming in. Actually, as Jude says crept in, Secretly. I got on your web site and found SO much great Info! I found out about rick warren, and bill hybels, and about the Signing of A Common Word Between Us and You, MAN You have got to be kidding! How completely Ignorant is the Body of CHRIST? Well I think It's NOT Ignorance! I believe it is a Plan.

Well, I did do a Class Sunday on this Falling Away. I started with Esk.3:17-21, I have to be a Watchman! Our Pastor has Encouraged ALL the leaders in the Church to attend Bill Hybils Leadership Conference, WITH TONY BLAIR!!! COME ON, Where is just a Little discernment? I talked to the Pastor Last year when Hybils had Jimmy Carter! I'm Having such a hard time staying at this church. I asked the Pastor if he would Like me to step down from teaching, since I do not agree with having Catholic Priests come and speak at our church. The Pastor told me "But Mark There are about 65% of our people are X- Catholics!" I said I Know but they are X Catholics! They came HERE to Hear the Truth, not some watered down version of The Truth! I told him You give people Mixed signals, I'm sure they wonder why they left if we welcome them. He said he did not want me to leave, and asked me why I would even ask that question. I told him as Lovingly as I could.... That If I was Pastor I'd have to ask him to step down for his beliefs. He didn't know what to say. The LORD has blessed me with a class around 60 to 75 people, But the more it grows the more James 3: 1 Scares me! I must share the truth at all times, But It's HARD being odd man Out! Well, I'll Pray for you and You pray for me! I'm not formally Educated, But I've been through some real deep waters in my Christian Life! I might not have gone to Bible School, but I've studied for 22 years now and I KNOW what the BIBLE SAYS! and I have this simple belief in his HOLY ETERNAL UNCHANGING WORD! and on this I will Stand after doing ALL to Stand. I will check out more of your web site and sent some money to help keep you going! Mr. Barger, Continue to Preach the WORD. We are In the Days Paul told Timothy about in his last letter to him Chapter 4. I will Earnestly Contend for the Faith... Until Our LORD returns.
- Mark (IL)

Eric's Note: Mark,
Obviously, I too am very concerned about the Church in general and the Nazarene's in particular. It is frankly shocking and seems to have commandeered the Nazarene schools and leadership. Without a genuine Holy Spirit-led revival it will only get worse.
My advice: warn everyone you can to return to once again believing the Scriptures. The New World Order is exactly where Warren, Hybels, McLaren and others are taking anyone who will listen. 
Anyway, just in case you didn't see the menu please see: for more on Emergent and Nazarene's.
Many blessings as you fight a good fight! 
Classic Signs of Emergent Church

Dear Eric,
I cannot begin to tell you how thankful I am that you are so valiant for God.  I have for several months followed your newsletters on the Emergent Church and on that book, "The Shack".  How glad I was recently for the insight I gained from your ministry.  My family is in the process of looking for a new home church in our area, and I saw a billboard on the side of the road advertising a church that looked interesting.  I went home and looked them up on the internet.  All looked really good, they seemed to be a Christian assembly, made several references to God's Word, etc., until just by "chance" (thank You, Holy Spirit!) I clicked on the personal info of the pastor. There it was...his favorite book was "The Shack". As I dug deeper, I saw some of the classic signs of the Emergent Church coming out in his philosophy and the "mission statement" of the church.  If you had not been so valiant in speaking out against these deceptions of the adversary, I would have missed them, for they were very subtle. It's pretty obvious we won't be visiting that church, and that I can warn my Christian friends and neighbors away from it.  Thank you again for your ministry!  May God continue to bless you as you do a mighty work for Him!
Be blessed in Christ Jesus,
Julia (VA)
Eric's Note: Considering the many derogatory and negative comments we receive for simply standing against error, emails like Julia's are a real blessing! 
Understanding The Times Conference
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Eric Barger
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Gary Kah
* Astounding Developments in the Global Society
* The Coming Globalization: Obama, the Middle East, Interfaithism and the Vatican

Dr. Ron Rhodes
* Why Perilous Times are Now in Overdrive
* It's Out of This World: The Glory of Heaven

* Questions and Answers
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