August 2011 Memorandum
August 2011 MEMORANDUM
TO Southern Sustainable Farm and Food Organizations
FROM Jim Lukens, Southern SAWG Executive Director
SUBJECT Your Participation in our Colleague Organizations List
DATE August 12, 2011

We have redesigned our website at Southern SAWG, and one of the things that has changed is our list of organizations that are our colleagues in the sustainable food movement. On our new site, this list is strictly "opt-in". We want to avoid misrepresenting your organization or including on our list unless you want it there.

But we want it there!

Please opt-in by sending me an email ( with the following information about your organization:

• Name
• Mailing address of primary administrative office
• Best general telephone number
• Best general email address
• A very brief (250 characters) description
• Website address

Only the name, description, and web link will appear on our website. The list will be organized by state in which the primary administrative office is located.

I encourage you to visit our new website ( This site is a stripped-down model, and it will to develop and grow through time. If you have suggestions for how our website can serve you in your work, share them with me.