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August 20, Monday - Ballet Jr. Appt, Apprentice, and Company Levels begin technique classes


August 28, Tuesday - Faculty Meeting


August 29, Wednesday - Nutcracker Lead Roles Audition (Jr. Apprentice, Apprentice and Company Levels)


August 30, Thursday - Nutcracker Lead Children roles (Juniors and Jr. Apprentice Levels)


September 4, Tuesday - Classes start

Office Hours in August:  (Closed on Saturdays and Sundays during the summer) 


August 6-10 - 3:00-7:00 PM

August 13-14 - 9-2PM, 3-7PM

August 15-17 - 1-7PM

August 18-30 - 1-8PM   






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topWestlake School for the Performing Arts
"Greetings from Aberdeen!"

At the time of this writing, 18 dancers, 4 parents, 3 teachers, and myself are on our 8th day in Aberdeen, Scotland. We have been posting on the WSPA and Artists in Motion facebook pages as many pictures and daily recaps as we can to keep our WSPA family in the loop of our activities each day. We are having an amazing time.  If you are not a friend on facebook yet, click on the left hand side and be a friend. 


Meanwhile, I hope you, too, are having a great summer! WSPA three-week summer intensive zipped by so fast as incredible talents pushed hard to improve their technique. Take a look at some class photos of our campers taken by teacher Victor Ursabia. I congratulate and thank all the students who joined us for all their hard work. Their success is our success, and there is nothing more rewarding to us dance educators than to see them progress.


We have some great news to share so do take the time to read our stories. 



What you can look forward to next year! 



Faculty News 


HOT Summer News 


Outstanding Students 



Preparations for Fall - Finding the Right Class for your Child  



See you all next month when classes begin on September 4!!!


Malu Rivera-Peoples
Westlake School for the Performing Arts


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auditionsFinding the right class for your child - Auditions for Placement
girls in training
ballet class for age 3-6
  Classes for the beginning levels are limited to 12 to 15 students only.  The office cannot register more than 15 students in a class unless they have been advised by the teacher to accept more. Combination classes for ages 3-6 will be limited to 12 students only.

Please bear with us in the months of September and October until all students are assessed and placed in the appropriate classes.  If you would like your child to try classes other than the classes recommended in the list, you may make a request in the office.
Here's how to audition for a class:  (An audition is needed only IF the class was not recommended to you.)
1. Register in the office for an audition slip. There is a $18.00 fee for each class you try out for. This fee will be credited to the tuition
payment if the child is accepted.

 2. Give the teacher the audition slip prior to the start of the class.
3. The teacher will assess your child in class, and will write on the audition slip which class is recommended.  4. Take the audition slip to the office where you can register for the
whole school year.  The office WILL NOT register your
child unless they receive the audition slip signed and approved by the teacher.  

IMPORTANT NOTE: On the first day of classes, teachers will have a roster of registered students. Any student not listed in the class roster or who does not present an audition slip will be sent back to the office.  

whattolookforwardtoWhat You Can Look Forward to Next Year


If you have not done it yet, register now and join a promising year ahead of us. WSPA will be embarking on its 22nd year with talks on a full length ballet production, a musical production, travels to Hawaii, and major competitions.  WSPA never fails to make the year packed with challenges for both students and teachers.  Join us for another exciting year of dance!!!!!


Office Hours in August:  (Closed on Saturdays and Sundays during the summer) 


August 6-10 - 3:00-7:00 PM

August 13-14 - 9-2PM, 3-7PM

August 15-17 - 1-7PM

August 18-30 - 1-8PM  

facultynewsFaculty News


People come to our lives for a reason and when it's time for them to go, we have no choice but to accept our lives without them.   Change may be daunting, but in WSPA, we welcome change as an opportunity for growth and for better things to happen.   


Just as we had welcomed these teachers to touch our lives, we will have to say goodbye and move on with greater hope for what's to come.


Lauren Main De Lucia - Ms. Lauren will be leaving us this Fall. She accepted a teaching job in Contra Costa where her and her husband, Jedd, recently bought a house. Ms. Lauren will be truly missed, especially for her calm and authoritative but caring manner of teaching. In the four and a half years she worked in WSPA, she has truly made an impact on our students. Not only has she given them solid technique and beautiful choreography, but most importantly, she groomed them to be more responsible and appreciative of their art. I, personally, will be missing her for her professionalism, talent, teaching and administrative skills. Ms. Lauren will teach the upper levels when the students return for classes in mid-August for a week. We will have our going away party then and a chance to say our goodbyes to a wonderful teacher.


She will be replaced by Mayo Sugano in the first quarter as I continue to do an extensive search for the next ballet master.  Click here to read Mayo Sugano's Bio


Nene Nemenzo - Auntie Nene will no longer teach in WSPA on a regular basis. She has kindly agreed on subbing for Uncle Anthony in September and October and hopefully will be available to sub throughout the year as needed. The free time will allow Auntie Nene to have more freedom to accept invitations to teach and travel. She has had to turn down opportunities to compete, teach and finish her master's degree while juggling her time as teacher and choreographer for both WSPA and her halau, Nemenzo,. We wish her all our best, and we thank Auntie Nene and the entire Nemenzo family for all the support they have given to WSPA. My heartfelt gratitude to Auntie Eli for being a mentor, a teacher, but most of all, for embracing WSPA with open arms at the time we needed them.  WSPA and I have been truly blessed by the Nemenzo family.


Uncle Anthony will continue to be Te Orama's director and will be working closely with company members, Camille Edralin, Morgan Chang, Jessica Manalo, and Reina Victoria as the faculty for the General School Polynesian Classes.


We all look forward to Te Orama participating in San Jose Fete 2013!


Patrick Rivera Cruz - Patrick has added LA as another home address.   We will be seeing less of Pat this year, as he makes Los Angeles his second home while he travels all over the world teaching workshops and dancing. A great turn-out was had in the APT and Company auditions this summer, and a great future awaits our Hip Hop Program as its director Pat brings in treasures of knowledge and experiences from his travels. Taking over while he is away are Aggie Loyola, Jason Rillera, and Matthew Montenegro. As Pat's mother, there will be no goodbyes from me but only 'Have a safe trip, Son, and see you soon!'


Anna Carnes - Miss Anna is now dancing with State Street Ballet. It is in Santa Barbara, California.   She will also be touring a lot with the company all over the country.   Anna began substituting at WSPA in 2008 and joined the faculty thereafter in 2009.  She will be missed by all her students she has inspired in the General School and most especially by those she has successfully prepared to join the Performance Program.  She says she has enjoyed working in WSPA a lot and look forward to returning someday. 





2012 Summer Intensive sizzled through the foggy days in Daly City. Students did not mind the fog as they welcomed the cool air against their sweaty and hot bodies that worked endlessly for 3 hours. A big thank you to the wonderful faculty who worked daily with our ballerinas.   Guest ballet master, Victor Ursabia, from the Philippines, and teachers Lauren Main De Lucia, Jessica Manalo, Reina Victoria and Tasha Hamilton.  A wonderful culminating performance was had that also featured some of the works for Aberdeen.


In the Professional Division, Victor Kabaniaev held two sessions of 3 separate groups for the hardworking ballerinas that travelled far from Canada, Texas, and Fremont to attend the grueling, hard core training of Mr. Kabaniaev.   The second session that began on July 30 will be ending on August 17.  Those wanting to audition for acceptance to the Professional Division for Dance Year 2012-2013 must let the office know of your intentions. 


Miko Fogarty takes the Bronze Medal - Validating Mr. Kabaniaev's world class level of training, 15-year old Miko Fogarty who has trained under Viktor's tutelage since she was 9 years old had another successful competition at the world's most prestigious ballet competition, the Varna International Ballet Competition held July 15- July 30. Miko took the Bronze Medal along with two other dancers in the Junior Division of age 15-18. Congratulations Miko for your success and a big Thank You to Mr. Kabaniaev for preparing Miko in all 6 classical variations and two contemporary works for this competition.  In every dancer's life, there is a coach/teacher who leads the child to success.


Hip Hop Summer Intensive Recap by Matthew Montenegro

Every year we offer our students currently enrolled in our school a chance to further develop their craft of dance with Summer Intensives. They have a chance to learn from choreographers from The Company for the first two weeks, learning new routines every day, with each one presenting them a new set of challenges. What has not changed is the opportunity for people not enrolled in our school a chance to drop-in and take classes from us. Some take because they have an interest in our style and what we have to offer, others hope to gain familiarity with the style, as it is unique on its own; with the hopes of doing well at auditions culminating in this three week Summer Intensive.

Our last week offered an opportunity for the members of our camp, as well as others, to learn from choreographers outside of The Company. High energy, dynamic, and different is what can be said for each class. Each class brought forth a new style, a new way of teaching, a new way of learning. It has definitely challenged the participants of the Summer Intensive with a new set of choreographers each year.

Whatever the reason, we welcomed over 250 dancers in 15 classes, bringing in those already enrolled at our school, as well as dancers traveling from elsewhere just to take our Summer Intensive. Each year I look forward to Summer Intensive, I am excited for the teachers that we bring out, and I am especially excited for the students who take class. I can whole-heartedly say that each class gave their hearts, and as much as the choreographers took away from the classes they taught, the students have gained so many lessons and experiences from this Summer Intensive. A special shout-out to the members of The Company that taught this summer: Pat Cruz, Matt Montenegro, Jason Rillera, Agnes Loyola, Jeffrey Flores, Alan Manosca, and Andrew Nunez. A very big thank you to our guest choreographers: David Lim, Mikey Mesina, Jaffar Smith, and Amanda Grind.

The highlight at the end of each Summer Intensive, is when both APT and The Company hold auditions for their respective teams. Over the weekend, 138 dancers (48 for APT and 90 for The Company) came out to audition. A long and thorough audition provided us with many promising young dancers looking to train within our style and learn what we are all about. There was a lot of talent, and we are more than excited for a new and upcoming year.   



MEETHTEOUTSTANDINGSTUDENTSMeet the Outstanding Students of 2012


Three WSPA Students are recognized for their exemplary attitude, work ethics, commitment and dedication to their art.  


Miko Fogarty, Bronze Medalist 


Miko Fogarty prepared 6 classical variations and two contemporary works under Viktor Kabaniaev throughout the year for Youth America Grand Prix.  Before earning a place in the Top 12 of the YAGP New York City Finals, Satoko (Miko's mother) announced that Miko will be participating in the Olympics of Dance - The Varna International Ballet Competition.  Miko Fogarty has just turned 15 and was going to be one of the youngest competitor in the competition.  Miko worked hard to be able to perform well in a competition she had no expectations for herself other than to be enriched and inspired by the incredible high level of competition in Varna.  Her attitude alone made her a winner.  It was not the placement she was after, but the experience of being able to compete in such a prestigious competition and hopefully get to watch the amazing talents it features.  Low and behold, she surprised herself with much excitement when she passed each two rounds and finally taking home  a distinction - the Bronze medal, after the Finals.  Congrtulations, Miko Fogarty, you continue to be a true model for all WSPA students for your admirable work ethics, discipline, and passion for dance.



Meet the 2012 Outstanding Students

Kira Fargas-Mabaquiao - 2012 Outstanding Senior Student

My name is Kira Fargas-Mabaquiao, I'm 15 years old and am an incoming junior at Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory. I started dancing at WSPA when I was 3 years old, and it has been my home ever since. With both my parents having been dancers, I've dreamt of living the life of a dancer ever since I can remember. Starting with sitting in a circle and learning how to pointe and flex my feet, to being Clara in WSPA's Nutcracker in 2006, to getting my first pair of pointe shoes, to traveling to Macau and Aberdeen for dance festivals, I have always found a sense of joy in dance.

Throughout my years at WSPA, I've done many competitions and performances and I can honestly say that the girls I have danced with over the years are not only my friends but have become more like my sisters. As we continue to encourage and support each other, we grow together as dancers, as well as in our everyday lives. The teachers at WSPA who have helped strengthen my technique and develop my artistry have also been an enormous part of my maturing as a person, pushing me to excel in everything I do. I discovered a deeper passion for dance when I attended the summer intensive at the San Francisco Conservatory of Dance. I was privileged to learn from teachers and choreographers such as Summer Lee Rhatigan, Alex Ketley, and Malinda LaVelle, who inspired me take my dancing to another level, encouraging me to delve into the more personal side of the art form, and I have truly fallen in love with it.

After I graduate high school, I plan to attend college to study dance and psychology. I also hope to start dancing in project based contemporary works, and eventually achieve my dream of dancing in a professional company. I see myself being involved in the dance world for the rest of my life, and I am happy to say that it all started at WSPA.

Jasmine Cruz - 2012 Outstanding Junior Student

My name is Jasmine Cruz and I am ten years old. This fall, I will be attending 5th grade at  Commodore Sloat Elementary School in SF.  I have known that dance is my passion ever since I walked into Studio C and joined the circle of students in Ms. Joanna and Ms. Emma's class. I had to remember that I broke my leg three months before recital and could not practice for 2 months. However, I begged my parents to let me dance the year end performance and I did it!  I was only 3 years old then! That was when I began my dance training at WSPA.  At age 5, I was accepted into the performance program and since then, I have had the privilege of performing for community service and in productions like The Nutcracker. Last year was especially memorable because I got to portray the role of Clara. That was a dream come true! I have also had the honor of representing WSPA in numerous ballet competitions these past three years. Competitions are always positive, learning experience for me no matter what the results turn out to be. Just being on stage and performing has always been the most fun for me!
Dance is my life. My passion and love is what drives me to dance. The support that I   constantly receive from my family and teachers inspires me to do my best and improve.  Dance has taught me to work hard, manage my time well, and to always have a good work ethic. My dream is to become a professional dancer in the future but I also want to be a nurse so that I can take care of my parents when they grow old.

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Unfortunately, because Malu Rivera-Peoples is not able to return on time for the festival, WSPA will not be participating this year.  WSPA is looking forward to accepting the invitation to participate next year.
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Summer Intensive Photos captured by Victor Ursabia
(We apologize for  not being able to photograph Camp 2, Prof. Division Intensive, and other sessions of the Musical Theater Camp)

Camp 4 - 2012 SI
Camp 4 - with teachers Victor Ursabia and Lauren Main De Lucia

Camp 3 - 2012 SI
Camp 3 - with teacher Lauren Main De Lucia

Camp 1 - 2012 SI
Camp 1 - with
teachers Reina Victoria and Jessica Manalo

Musical Theater Camp
Musical Theater Camp - with teachers Katie Kerwin and Camille Edralin

Culminating Performance - Camp 3
Culminating Performance Showing Camp 3 by Lauren Main De Lucia

Camp 3 - with teacher Victor Ursabia