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 May 16, 2012
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Yearbook Ads
Grand Finale Rehearsal
Calendar of Events
21st Anniversary Gala, Lion King, and Recital Showcase
Island Festival Recap
Year End Barbecue
Competitions, Travels, and Community Shows
2012-2013 Registration
Year End Picnic
An Invite to the Year-End Picnic!!!!

Be our guest, it's our treat!!!  Parents, Teachers, and Students worked so hard all year, it's time to just chill and enjoy for a day!!!!  Let's have fun!!!! Click here for more details.







DID YOU KNOW . . . you can place a Personal or Business Ad in the Yearbook
SAMPLE CAPTION: Congratulations, Jasmine!!!
Love, Mom and Dad!
The Yearbook is always extra special!!!!!

Make this yearbook a treasured memorabilia for your child.  Place a personal message with your child's photo for as low as $125 for a quarter of a page.  Our students have been known to read and browse through all the pictures and messages in the yearbook endlessly.  Your child will be delighted and will feel special to have her solo picture and a loving message from you.  You may submit photos from the past competitions or performances.


 Grand Finale Rehearsals!



Tap, Jazz, and Musical Theater Students of the Performance Program will be preparing for a Finale, which will lead to the end of the show's Grand Parade.  All General School students will be participating in the parade. 


You should check your child's stage rehearsal schedule and make a note of when you need to be at the theater for the parade rehearsal. 


Meanwhile, the selected classes of the Tap, Jazz, and Musical Theater programs will start learning their segments during regular classes right after the IDC competition.  Everyone will come together to rehearse as follows:   (If you are unable to make it to ALL the rehearsals and performances, 

Saturday, June 9  3:30-5:30  WSPA
Saturday, June 16  3:30-5:30  WSPA
Skyline rehearsals:
Sunday, June 17  4:00-4:30
Monday, June 18  6:00-6:30  and  6:45-7:15
Tuesday, June 19  6:20-6:50 and 7:10-7:40
Wednesday, June 20    6:30-7:00


 May, June, and July Calendar of Events!
May 25-28  CSTC (MT Vocalists)
May 30 Recital Tickets go on sale to Backstage Volunteers

May 31 Recital Tickets go on sale to the General Public
June 11 - June 16  Perf Program Evaluation Handed Out
May 25-28 School closed - Memorial Day
June 2 - First day of registration for the Year 2012-2013

June 3 - Year End BBQ

June 17-24 - Year-end Recital Week
June 25-July 13
First session of both MT and Professional Camp
July 9 - July 27 Our Summer Camp
July 16 - August 3  Second Session of MT
July 30 - August 17  Second Session of Prof Division

top Greetings!

Our year-end culminating recitals are just a few weeks away.  I am excited and proud to finally showcase all the students' work on stage.

Please take the time to read all the important information below.

2012 RECITAL - Show line-up, technical rehearsals, showtimes, Tickets, etc.


The much awaited line up of shows and stage rehearsals are now posted in the office.  This line-up is still subject to change as deemed necessary.  Please let the office know if your child's multiple dances have been inadvertently placed back to back.  Click here for more information and to view the line up of each show.


AUDITIONS for the Performance Program 

Click on " Auditions for the Performance Program " to know more about the Program and the schedule of the auditions for ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, Polynesian and Musical Theater.  Please note that the audition date for the Professional Division has been changed to September and will no longer be held on June 2.

Student Evaluations
Your student will receive an evaluation prepared by the teacher showing your child's strengths as well as what needs to be improved on.  Student Evaluations for the General School will be handed out in the next couple of weeks.  Evaluations for the Performance Program will be handed out the week after the IDC Competition.  Please be sensitive to others and keep your child's evaluation in confidence. If you wish to have a parent conference with the teacher, please feel free to make an appointment in the office. 


A roster of master teachers will be teaching in the intensives this summer.  Take advantage of the 10% savings by enrolling in two intensives.  For more information on our summer intensives, click here.  


For the serious student taking the dance intensives, click here.  Our guest teacher from the Philippines is Victor Ursabia.  He hails from Manila and is currently the school director of the Cultural Center of the Philippines Dance School.  He will be coaching Filipino International Ballet Competition Silver Medalist Candice Adea  at the Helsinki and Boston Ballet International Competitions prior to joining our students in the summer.  For his bio, read here


 For a quick reference of what's ahead, click on the headlines on the left and  check out the calendar of events.


Last but not the least, it is with great care we approach our plans for next year, making sure we get the utmost productivity from our teachers, students, and studios.  You will be receiving the Registration Packet for year 2012-2013 fairly soon.  Read on. 


I look forward to seeing you all soon at the Skyline Theater in San Bruno.


Malu Rivera- Peoples

 School Director 


recital  21st Anniversary Gala, Lion King, and 5 Recital Shows!!!!

We will be handing out a Recital and Stage Rehearsals Handbook to every family which will explain the policies and procedures in preparation for the recital.  Make sure you receive yours.


Show Line-Up
Teachers and the office staff have double checked the students with multiple dances but if you find your child performing back to back, please let the office know immediately.  Click on each show below to view the line up.  (The Lion King production show and rehearsal schedule will be available in early June.)

Father's Day Gala -
Sunday, June 17, 2012, 7:00 PM Show
We begin the celebration with a "Father's Day Gala", celebrating the school's 21st Anniversary on Father's Day, June 17, 2012.  It will have an exciting line up showcasing all our competition teams from Juniors to Company Levels. 

Lion King - Friday, June 22, 2012, 6:00 PM Show
THE LION KING PRODUCTION - The Musical Theater Performance Program brings to life the songs and the endearing story of Simba from Broadway's hit musical "The Lion King".  Be awed by our students' vocal and acting skills.

Recital Showcase - Saturday, June 23, 1:00 show and 5:00 show ; and Sunday, 10:00 am show, 1:00 show, and 5:00 show
Our little stars will dazzle the stage with their songs and dances while intermediate and advanced students show off their learned skills. Our recital shows will be an hour and thirty minutes long with no intermission featuring the beginning through advanced level students. We will be keeping all the performers backstage until the end of the show.

Stage Rehearsals are as follows:

Show 1 Rehearsal - Gala, June 17, Saturday
Show  2 Rehearsal - Lion King, June 21, Thursday
Show 3 and 4 Rehearsal - June 18, Monday
Show 5 and 6 Rehearsal - June 19, Tuesday
Show 7 Rehearsal - June 20, Wednesday

Tickets will go on sale on May 31, at 3PM.
We have not raised the price of our tickets in the past six years.  We are not raising the price of our tickets for this year either.  

Keep in mind we have limited seating, so purchase your tickets early before we sell out.  We apologize for not being able to offer multiple show passes this year due to the limited seating.

Backstage moms and front of house volunteers must sign
up with Debbie Knutson before May 31. (We are assuming all our
room moms will be backstage moms. If you are unable to be a
backstage mom, let Debbie know before May 20.)


Volunteers will be given a Staff I.D. badge for the recital show, allowing them access to the backstage area and into the audience during the show.
Students will not be allowed to bring guests backstage.


Backstage volunteers will have the chance to purchase their tickets in advanced  on May 30.  All tickets will be available for purchase on May 31 at 3PM.

We are limiting the number of tickets to 4 per family until June 7, one whole week from May 31.  After this date, parents can purchase additional tickets. 

Please be reminded that your account must be in good standing before purchasing your tickets to the recital.   

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island  Urban Paradise Island Festival by Lily Edralin 


"We don't volunteer because we have to.  We volunteer because we want to help the students of WSPA and, hopefully, teach them that there is a world beyond their wants and desires; that they too can make a difference."


 On Saturday, the 5th of May, Artists in Motion Bay Area sponsored Urban Paradise's Island Festival which was held at WSPA's courtyard.  It was a day full of fun and entertainment!
Kumu Hula Anthony Manaois led the festivities and Emcee'd the event with performers from Te Orama, Otea Api's Island Breeze, Nemenzo's Manava, Auntie Nene's and Auntie Camille's General School students, Hip Hop Company, APT, and ADV, Tatiana Manaois, and Musical Theatre Company.
Vendors sold their wares of Polynesian items and crafts, jewelry, and Tupperware, while volunteer parents ensured the children enjoyed their day playing games and winning prizes.
Our special thanks go to Kumu Hula Anthony, all our guest performers, Leonora Pineda and the class parents who participated, the Polynesian Performance Program families who donated the raffle baskets, the parents who took the time to help set up and clean up after the event, Debbie Knutson and Matthew Montenegro for organizing the student volunteers, and Cylyn Montero and her team of food booth volunteers.

We don't volunteer because we have to.  We volunteer because we want to help the students of WSPA and, hopefully, teach them that there is a world beyond their wants and desires; that they too can make a difference.
Thank you for all your support!  AIM Bay Area  





 We thank you for a wonderful year and we invite you to join us for a fun-filled family day!!   



 Sunday, June 3 - 12:00 - 4:00 pm
hosted by WSPA AND AIMBA


Year-end Picnic
Family Fun Day!!!!
Thank you to all our devoted staff, faculty and families for the continued patronage and support for the children and their aspirations in dance. It has been a rewarding
year for all and it is time to party and celebrate the success, the fellowship,
and the wonderful memories.
Bring your lounging chairs and blankets, enjoy the sun, play games, have some burgers and hot dogs, and just chill.

Meal Tickets - Our Treat!  Parents and the enrolled student will be given a free meal
ticket each.  Other guests such as siblings, family and friends can purchase
meal tickets in advance for $5.00. Your meal tickets are available
in the office starting May 21.  Please pick up your meal ticket as soon as possible so we can plan on the number of people coming. 

Save the date and join us, it will be FUN, FUN, FUN!!!!!!!

  competitionsCompetitions, Travels, and Community Shows

YAGP New York Finals Results, April 22-26

Jasmine Cruz and Miko Fogarty placed in the Top 12 of their categories in the Precompetitive and Juniors Division respectively.  It is a good win to make it to the top 12 among 5,000 competitors in an international competition.  Jasmine received very high scores in her classical and contemporary while Miko having danced all the way to the Final Round after two elimination rounds was awarded a scholarship to the Princess Grace Academy in Classic Dance in Monaco, Monte Carlo.  Way to go, Miko and Jasmine!!!!
Miko, looking pleased and relaxed after the final round with Jasmine Cruz, Jonalyn Montero, and Alyssa Viray, plus Jonacy Montero peeking from behind.

World of Dance L.A., April 7 - APT takes Third!
Congratulations to APT for winning Third Place at the World of Dance Hip Hop Competition in Los Angeles Convention Center on April 7.  Placing third out of a strong line up of almost a dozen Junior teams in the largest urban dance competition, APT stayed with clean lines and precise technique without gimmicks or tricks.  A big Thank You to the members of The Company, the senior hip hop team, for going to L.A., giving moral support and standing by their younger brothers and sisters.  The Company and APT take pride in being a family!!!!

A great job well done by its director, Pat Rivera Cruz, its choreographer Jason Rillera, and mentor, Matthew Montenegro.

Pacific Island Competition, Sacramento, April 28-29 
A proud Michael Poni shows off his certificate and price.

Congratulations to Michael Poni, the one and only representative of Te Orama at the Pacific Island Competition.  Michael began his Tahitian training under Kumu Anthony Manaois last year.  After an unprecedented success as a beginner, winning along side the entire Te Orama at the San Jose Fete, he got inspired and enrolled in the Tane Class taught by Auntie Nene this year to continue training in Tahitian.  Michael jumped at the first opportunity to compete as a soloist last April and competed against 7 other boys in his age division of 7-8 taking the Third Place successfully.  Good job, Michael, we are proud of you!!!!

International Dance Challenge, May 19-20, 2012, Hayward

WSPA returns to the International Dance Challenge after being away for two years.  We invite everyone to come and watch the outstanding ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, contemporary, and Polynesian performance programs ensembles and solos compete for adjudication, trophies, and cash prizes.  Admission is FREE

Chabot College, Hayward - Click here for the schedue.  WSPA is Code H.

Good luck to all our dancers - toi toi toi!!!! 
Spotlight Competition and California State Talent Competition
  Several Musical Theater Student vocalists have opted to go to Spotlight Competition (same weekend as IDC) and the California State Talent Competition (May 25-28).  We wish them all the luck as they venture out to test their vocal skills.

Body Rock Dance Competition, San Diego, May 26, San Diego

The Company travels to San Diego to return to Body Rock with another awesome set.  For more information on the competition, visit their facebook page and  click here. 

World Ballet Competition, Florida, May 28-June 3, 2012

Jasmine Cruz and Alyssa Viray will be competing in the Introductory Category as 10 and 11 year olds at the World Ballet Competition after being accepted through a video audition.  Ms. Tina will be the accompanying teacher and coach in Orlando.

Good luck Jasmine and Alyssa!!!!  We are proud and rooting for you both from California!!!!  To know more about the competition

25th International Ballet Competition - Varna, July 15-30, 2012

Miko Fogarty, under the tutelage of Viktor Kabaniaev, will be competing in one of the world's most prestigious competition that was established in 1964 in Varna, Bulgaria.

For its prestige, almost all the brightest stars of the ballet world in the last three decades have received their first international recognition as laureates of the Varna competition.  Some brilliant names are as follows:   Natalia Makarova, Mikhail Barishnikov, Sylvie Guillem, Yoko Morishita, Martin Van Hamel, Fernando Bujones, and Maximilliamo Guererra.  To know more, read here.

Miko has been preparing 6 classical variations and two modern pieces to perform, and will be the youngest entry in the junior division of age 15-18 years old.

We are proud of you, Miko!!!!!  Try to catch Miko and teacher, Viktor Kabaniaev, in the movie "First Position", a documentary that followed 6 students at the Youth America Grand Prix.  It is now showing in San Francisco.

Aberdeen International Youth Festival, Scotland, August 1-12

A delegate of 20 dancers will be representing WSPA at the AIYF's 40th Anniversary Celebration in Scotland.  They will be dancing classical, modern, and hip hop works by Lauren Main de Lucia and Patrick Cruz.

They leave SF on July 30 and will be returning on August 13.  
 registrationEarly Registration for Year 2012-2013
July Packets to be distributed now.


In the past, students received the registration packet by mail in July.  This year, each student will be receiving the packet of information that contains the recommended classes by the end of this week.


We are approaching next year's schedule with great care making sure our teachers, students, and studios, achieve the utmost productivity.  


It is in this regard that we ask everyone to register early for the programs they intend to attend so we can plan accordingly. Tuition does not need to be paid until September, however, registration and yearbook fees must be paid by June 16, the last day of classes before we go into our recital week. Registration will begin on Saturday, June 2, 2012.



With this early registration, we are hoping to serve our parents and students better by forwarding the dance schedule early enough for families to plan around on.  Remember, tuition does not need to be paid until September, but registration fees must be paid by June 16, the last day of classes before we go into our recital week.



Save 10%
Enroll in two summer intensives and enjoy the 10% savings on tuition.  Offer expires on June 1st.
 Offer is not applicable to Mr. Kabaniaev's 3-Week Intensive.


Offer Expires: June 1, 2012