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fantasyofflight.October  2012
Romance and Passion
Take Center Stage for
"Letters Home"




At the sixth and final installment of its 2012 Legends & Legacies Symposium Series- "Letters Home: Love, Courage & Survival" on Friday, Oct. 12 and Saturday, Oct. 13, Fantasy of Flight will honor the art of letter writing and share incredible stories of wartime bonds preserved by pen and paper.


Some grew up as high school sweethearts before World War II separated them for long periods of time. Others met their "true love" in a foreign country and had very different experiences. But most were deeply connected to each other through written letters, sharing all their hopes and prayers. Hear their stories of love, hope, and support through one of America's darkest times.


Check out the exciting Legends & Legacies 2013 brochure to plan for events scheduled in the year ahead.

The Trolley is back on the road...

... and the scenery is stunning.

 Check out "Real Florida"


Trolley Rack card 178KB 

Kermie Cam: Fly in an Albatros over Shuttleworth!!!
GoPro - Kermie Cam - Albatros over Shuttleworth
A view not seen since 1918--as beautiful as it is rare!

A message from Kermit Weeks about this video: "You Are There! Come fly the Albatros with me over the beautiful countryside at Shuttleworth Old Warden Aerodrome in England. This plane is one of the magnificent works of art built by Peter Jackson's The Vintage Aviator Limited in New Zealand. This is my first flight over here with this aircraft, so let's take to the skies... Maybe we'll run into Gene DeMarco from TVAL piloting the Re-8."

For more of Kermit's adventures--both at home and abroad--keep an eye on his Facebook page. No telling what may turn up!
Veterans Day at Fantasy of Flight
Watch this space and the Fantasy of Flight website for exciting announcements about very special plans for Veterans Day weekend at Fantasy of Flight.  An apt tribute to the spirit of the men and women who served will be the order of the day; however, the event promises to be a blast for the whole family!
In This Issue
"Letters Home" Guaranteed to Touch the Heart
Real Florida Explored
Kermie Cam: Flying in the UK
Veterans Day
Supernatural Thrills
"Lindy" Premieres

October Offers Supernatural

Thrills and Chills 

nightFlight artwork 

Paranormal Investigation fans:

nightFlight: Phase 3

October 20 and November 3

The wait is over! Tickets are NOW on sale for Fantasy of Flight's legendary one-of-a-kind adventure: guests learn the lore and participate in an authentic Paranormal Investigation. Take a gander at the data already gathered on the website. Doubters may come to nightFlight, but chances are they will leave as Believers!


Check out the special nightFlight website to learn more and to see the newest data, which is scheduled to premiere within the next few days.


 nightFlight guest explore B-17 102811 


 ... and the revival of everyone's spooky holiday favorite:

nightFlight photo: Spirit of St. Louis 


The Haunted Hangar Storytelling Tour

According to Fantasy of Flight's ace storytellers, "Aircraft are vehicles of intense sensation." Are those sensations responsible for all the spooky tales that haunt old airfields and follow vintage aircraft? What can we learn from them?


The daily Haunted Hangar Storytelling Tour unspools entertaining yarns that are a little eerie and also quite inspiring: Lindbergh's companion spirits, the ghost of the Red Baron, "The Lady be Good," and the dreaded "Dead Stick Landing!"


This special tour is offered daily throughout the month of October.

The Spirit of Lindy
Soars in Kids' Hearts
Fresh off the presses and its popular premeire at the Reno Air Races, Kermit Weeks's new childrens book The Spirit of Lindy sold swifty to eager readers who had experienced the charms of its predecessor All of Life is a School.
Spirit of Lindy book cover

In the new book, "Lindy" is a little plane with plenty of energy who faces the adventure of a lifetime! Heading out all alone into unexplored territory, he yearns to push his boundaries. Will he bring the big prize back to his pals? And what will he learn along the way?


Inspired by the legendary accomplishments of his hero Charles Lindbergh, Kermit Weeks shares a powerful vision with a new generation of young readers through The Spirit of Lindy, from his "All of Life is a School" series.


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