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fantasyofflight.September  2012
Helmet Camera Shares the Bird's Eye View
Experience the thrills of flying a unique historical aircraft... from the point of view of the pilot in command. Kermit has been wearing his new helmet-camera frequently these days, creating fantastic video that allows all of us to go flying with him.
Kermit wearing helmet cam in Alb Aug 2012
Kermit in helmet cam (aka "Kermie Cam") aboard Albatros.
While the Albatros video is being edited, you can check out Kermit's flight in the replica 1909 Herring-Curtiss Pusher--virtually through Kermit's eyes. Talk about a rare view!  
GoPro - Kermie Cam - Curtiss Pusher
Kermie Cam - Curtiss Pusher
Lost-in-Time Characters
Bring History to Life at Fantasy of Flight

Ever since they slipped through the time-space vortex and tumbled into the hangars, Fantasy of Flight's wild-and-wooly characters have created quite a stir... and now they are sharing their priceless lore! As it turns our, the romantic and thrillings days of the Past have plenty to teach us about facing the challenges of the Present.

Next time you are at Fantasy of Flight, check your activity schedule for one of these or another exciting new feature:


Rosie the Riveter We Can Do It 
 Rosie: A Riveting Experience
 More than just a familiar face, Rosie the Riveter is an All-American icon--with muscle and sass. And she wants to teach YOU to rivet. Join Rosie's team and learn how the little rivet saved the world.
Golden Age of Aviation: Cure for America's Blues
Smilin Jack in action
During the Great Depression of the 1930s, Americans looked to the skies and invested their dreams in the nation's aviation renaissance. Join Smilin' Jack as he brings those daring days and thrilling heroes to life through storytelling and song. Features "Spirit of St. Louis," Ford Tri-Motor, and Gee Bees.
The Spirit of the Fighter
Dash wants to fly
It takes a special spirit to climb into a fighting aircraft and take to the skies. Nobody knows that better than our "lost in time" Lt. Dash McCloud. With his trademark enthusiasm, Dash will reveal the ingredients that go into the fighting spirit while showing off some fantastic combat aircraft. Features Fokker Dr-1, "The Picadilly Princess," and other great fighting aircraft from both World Wars.



Romance and Passion take Center Stage for "Letters Home"


At the sixth and final installment of its 2012 Legends & Legacies Symposium Series- "Letters Home: Love, Courage & Survival" on Friday, Oct. 12 and Saturday, Oct. 13, Fantasy of Flight will honor the art of letter writing and share incredible stories of wartime bonds preserved by pen and paper.



Annual Pass Holders

Bring-a-Buddy for Free!!

bring a buddy b-17  

The annual pass to Fantasy of Flight is even more valuable during the summer. Through September, pass holders may bring a friend at no cost. Some rules apply, of course. 


And if you don't have a Fantasy of Flight Annual Pass, what are you waiting for? Sign up today!

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"Letters Home" Guaranteed to Touch the Heart
Pass Holders Special
October is Fun Filled
Kermit's Adventures Abroad

Plan Ahead for 

 October Fun 


 Scouts with Tuskegee Airmen

 Attentions Scouts:  

American Heritage Camporee 

October 5-7


In addition to enjoying a once in a lifetime opportunity to rub elbows with genuine war heroes, Scouts earn merit badges and have a unique camping adventure at the home of the "World's Greatest Aircraft Collection"!!! Limited time only. Sign up today!


nightFlight artwork

 Paranormal Investigation fans:

 nightFlight: Phase 3.

October 20 and November 3.


The wait is over! Tickets are NOW on sale for Fantasy of Flight's legendary one-of-a-kind adventure: guests learn the lore to participate in an authentic Paranormal Investigation. Take a gander at the data already gathered on the website. Doubters may come to nightFlight, but chances are they will leave as Believers!


Plus... Starting October 1

The much anticipated return of

The Real Florida Tour

Trolley Rack card 178KB 

  ... and the revival of everyone's spooky holiday favorite:

  The Haunted Hangar Storytelling Tour


Fokker DR-1 Triplane 


According to Fantasy of Flight's ace storytellers, "Aircraft are vehicles of intense sensation." Are those sensations responsible for all the spooky tales that haunt old airfields and follow vintage aircraft? What can we learn from them?


The daily Haunted Hangar Storytelling Tour unspools entertaining yarns that are a little eerie and also quite inspiring: Lindbergh's companion spirits, the ghost of the Red Baron, "The Lady be Good," and the dreaded "Dead Stick Landing!"

This special tour is offered daily throughout the month of October.

KermitBritishAdventureKermit's British Adventures
Kermit and Shuttleworth pals Aug-Sept 2012  
As this newsletter sails through the ether to your mailbox, Kermit is in England with a bevy of other aviation legends--including Gene DeMarco--flying the thrilling skies above Shuttleworth and checking in on some UK projects. Like everyone else, all of us at Fantasy of Flight stay tuned into Kermit's own Facebook page to keep up with his whirlwind adventures. Sounds to us like he's decided to stick around for Duxford, which promises to be another great show! And, wait a minute, did he just say he may be getting another aircraft!?!?!?!  Never EVER a dull moment!

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FL resident special Summer 2012
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