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fantasyofflight.July 2012

Be sure to add your signature to the Tony Jannus Commemorative Stamp petition  which recognizes the centennial of the world's first commercial passenger airline flight.

Fantasy of Flight is proud to be constructing a replica of Jannus's Benoist seaplane that made that flight across Tampa Bay on January 1, 1904. Follow -- Fantasy of Flight's blog strictly devoted to the process of building the plane and re-enacting the flight exactly 100 years after the original flight.


Golden Hill Preview 
Earns Applause
What is Golden Hill?  20,000 additional square feet of space which Fantasy of Flight has opened to the public in "Preview" mode as we prepare a Grand Opening. This new space is fillled  with exciting future projects. Essentially it is the world's coolest waiting room for airplanes on the path to restoration.
Now that the space is accessible to guests, we are enjoying their enthusiastic response.  This from the very first guests to enter Golden Hill:

"We've been coming to Fantasy of Flight for years and have always wanted to get over to the other side.  And now we have. I had half-expected it to be chaotic and disorganized, but it is laid out beautifully. Everything is accessible and easy to appreciate. It's good to see genuine pieces of history preserved for everyone to enjoy and to know they will one day fly again!"


 Golden Hill 1st guest Jim Squires and Julie Davies with Joe and Alex 

In photo:  First guests Jim Squires and Julie Davis with Fantasy of Flight tour guide Joe Black and attendant Alex Price, standing in front of Boeing B-29 Superfortress "Fertile Myrtle," located in the brand-new Golden Hill facility at Fantasy of Flight.



Eyes in the Skies:
Thrilling Test Flight Videos
Curtiss Pusher Test Flight -- June 2012
Curtiss Pusher Test Flight -- June 2012
Check out the first test flight at Fantasy of Flight of the reproduction Curtiss Pusher. According to Kermit, "Talk about a blast! This thing is a bit on the scary side for the moment as it has no stability and you have to fly it ALL the time. I made three passes down the runway and eventually got above the tree tops until the crosswind got a bit much. I'll continue to play with it when it's calm and work up to actually going around the field!" A few days later, Kermit did indeed make a turn!
Albatros First Florida Flight -- June 2012
Albatros First Florida Flight -- June 2012
 Not long after flying the Pusher, Kermit took his newly-acquired Albatros D.Va for its first flight since it arrived in Florida. This replica of the legendary German WWI aircraft was built by Peter Jackson's shop The Vintage Aviator, Ltd. in New Zealand. Kermit got a chance to fly the plane down there before it was crated up for shipping to Fantasy of Flight. However, this was its first flight in the U.S. --- and very likely the first flight of any Albatros in the U.S. in a very long time! Though the plane uses hard rubber mockups for machine guns, the engine is in fact an authentic Mercedes 200hp straight six-cylinder engine which makes sweet music in the air!


Plan Ahead for

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Attentions Scouts: 


Mark your calendars for the American Heritage Camporee at Fantasy of Flight!  October 5-7

 Scouts with Tuskegee Airmen


Don't let the warm weather fool you:


It's time to start thinking about Holiday Parties! Fantasy of Flight accommodates all occasions and group sizes.



O-Club Party

In This Issue
Golden Hill Preview is a Hit
Test Flight Videos
Mark your Calendars & Plan Ahead
Dash McCloud Adds Character to the Hangars
Pass Holders Special
An Opportunity to Help Students in Need
G. Willie Visits the Trautmann RoadAir
 Welcome Dash!
Dash and Penny
Dash wants to fly the D-model Mustang.
Penny doesn't think this is such a good idea!
As happens with some frequency at Fantasy of Flight, the time/space vortex ripped open for a nanosecond, and through it tumbled our latest "Lost in Time" cast member: Dash McCloud.
Dash--a young pilot fresh from 1944--had just concluded his advanced training when he slipped through time and landed at Fantasy of Flight. He is pretty confused about where (and "when") he is now, but he knows one thing for certain: he wants to fly a Mustang... and now he is surrounded by them!  So far, it's a no-go for the flight, but this chipper and good-hearted lad is keeping the dream alive. In the meantime, he is happy to share his enthusiasm with guests.
Next time you visit Fantasy of Flight, keep an eye out for Dash and his "lost in time" pals, all of whom call this fabulous place home.

Annual Pass Holders


For Free!!

Two Albatros aircraft on patrol



The annual pass to Fantasy of Flight is even more valuable during the summer. Through September, pass holders may bring a friend at no cost. Some rules apply, of course. 


And if you don't have a Fantasy of Flight Annual Pass, what are you waiting for? Sign up today!

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 G. Willie Mail Call Graphic

Hey Willie!  I noticed a remarkable vehicle called a Trautmann RoadAir in the collection. Who is Trautmann? And most importantly, is this finally the flying car I was promised as a kid?


Respectfully yours, 

Rarin' to Go


Dear Rarin',


Even a sky jockey like me (and Mr. Weeks) know a brilliant mind when we see one. The RoadAir was developed in the late '50s by Herbert L. Trautmann, an inventor who had a number of patents. 

Herbert L Trautmann in RoadAir 

His flying car did indeed fly... just once in 1959. The spirit of innovation is celebrated at Fantasy of Flight, which makes Herbert Trautmann's accomplishment a splendid example of our mission: to light that spark within!


Peter Trautmann shares artifacts with KW

Recently Mr. Trautmann's grandson, Peter Trautmann, dropped by to present the boss with an original drawing, photos, and a model. They also offerred me some piloting advice!


RoadAir flying advice from KW and Peter Trautmann


Blue skies to one and all,

G. Willie 

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