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fantasyofflight.comMarch  2012

Splash-In Graphic

We are thrilled to host the Splash-In on Thursday, March 29th, as part of the 38th Annual Sun 'n Fun Fly-In. Visitors will witness a variety of seaplanes and amphibious aircraft perform water landings and takeoffs with the entire afternoon devoted to competitive flying. Fantasy of Flight's own Grumman Duck and the legendary Sikorsky S-39 are scheduled to be featured together with the PBY Catalina and Short Sunderland, which will be on display at the attraction.


Everyone is invited to watch the planes splash down, meet the pilots, and join in the fun! Find out how to attend. 



March 2-3

Amazing Women "Break All Barriers" in Symposium Series

  2012 L&L Amazing Women block image

From the bravery of the WASP, the first females to fly military aircraft, to the strength and motivation that was symbolized by the non-traditional roles of "Rosie the Riveter," the women of WWII made an impact on the world and gave hope for new generations of "barrier-breaking women."  Join us as we feature extraordinary people including original WASP, Rosie the Riveter, and history makers of today.
  Historical photo of four WASPRosie the Riveter We Can Do It
 Next Symposium: April 13 &14 

L&L 2012 Bomber crew 

P-51D MustangMustangs & Mustangs Photo

 Mustangs & Mustangs Graphic

15th Annual

Mustangs & Mustangs

March 31


Who doesn't love a Mustang, whether it's a Ford Mustang from any era or a P-51 World War II fighter?


This annual spring car and vintage airplane show, now in its 15th year, is the only Mustang event that showcases both restored P-51 Mustang aircraft and Ford Mustang autos of all eras, ages, and styles.


Show cars compete for a "People's Choice" award, and the rare, restored P-51 fighters perform live aerial demonstrations.


Children's activities, entertainment, and photo opportunities are part of the special event, which each year attracts new fans with a shared passion for the restoration of aircraft and automobiles.


Fantasy of Flight general admission is required to attend this event. Parking is $5.00. To Register for Mustangs and Mustangs 2012 Click Here.

Fantasy of Flight Scout Camporee

BoyScoutsOffers Merit Badge

and Plenty of Fun 

 Boy Scout Troop with Nose


Scouts of all ages will gather at Fantasy of Flight in Central Florida for the Annual Scout Aviation Camporee, Friday, March 16, through Sunday, March 18.


Troops will earn merit badges with the help of aviation experts and interactive activities and experiences with some of the attraction's more than 40 rare and vintage aircraft. Fantasy of Flight has hosted thousands of Boy Scouts over the years, where troops have come on a mission to earn their merit badges and have enjoyed bonding over their fascination with flight with their fellow Boy Scouts.

 Boy Scouts 2011 learn their way around the AT-6 with Andy

"There is no better place to get the aviation merit badge than Fantasy of Flight because aviation is what they do," said Lynn Brown, scout master of Nokomis, Florida-based boy scout troop 1001. "Some places try to accomplish the program with printed materials, pictures, and write-ups, but to actually be there is definitely another dimension of learning that really boosts it up. When Kermit fires up the Mustang, it doesn't get much better than that."


 Boy Scout group thumbs up 2011


As a former Boy Scout, Fantasy of Flight founder Kermit Weeks is proud to provide an educational venue for scouts to immerse themselves in the captivating world of aviation. "Fantasy of Flight's hands-on, interactive learning experience will inspire and fascinate scouts of all ages," said Weeks, who began a successful construction of an aircraft at the young age of 17. "I am so excited to welcome back our intrepid and inquisitive scouts for another successful Camporee!"


Learn more about the Scout Camporee.

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nightFlight: New evidence and photos
What's Happening in the Collection
Orange Blossoms in the Air

nightFlight artwork


nightFlight: Phase 3 

New Evidence

and Photos Posted 

Upcoming Event Date:

March 10


Phase 1 and 2 of nightFlight netted a treasure trove of paranormal evidence and have focused the next phase of the investigation to seek out specific "high response" areas at Fantasy of Flight. Check out the new evidence and photos.


nightFlight guest explore B-17 102811

nightFlight guests test EMF 102811 

nightFlight guests in training 102811

Reservations are now open for the March 10 nightFlight investigation.

What's Happening in the Collection?
Plenty as it turns out.WhatsHappeningonRamp

DC-3 Hugo Kermit Frank Glenn Moss 022712

Good friends Frank and Glenn Moss as well as pilot Hugo Mathys dropped by to visit Kermit and Fantasy of Flight in the Candler Field Express, a gorgeous DC-3.



 Benoist progress ken andy steve kermit 022712

Kermit just returned from his travels and met with Steve Littin of Vintage Auto and Rebuilds in Ohio. Steve came in to discuss his progress on the six-cylinder Roberts engine that will power the Benoist XIV flying boat Kermit will fly on January 1, 2014, in celebration of the centennial of the very first commercial passenger flight. Steve's visit gave everyone on the project an opportunity to assess where they were and to share observations as they moved forward. Watch for ongoing updates. In the picture: Ken Kellett, Andy Salter, Steve Littin, and Kermit Weeks


Fokker D-VIII Test Flight
Fokker D-VIII Test Flight


 On March 1, Kermit cranked up the glorious 160-hp Gnome rotary engine in his Fokker D-VIII, which was truly music to our ears. Andy has chased out the last of the gremlins in the engine. The test flight--which follows nine years of hangar time--was a thrill for everyone. According to the boss, the new prop makes all the difference.


Fok D-VIII and KW post flight 030112
Kermit and Fokker D-VIII post flight.
It's Orange Blossom Season OrangeBlossomSeason
Orlampa is filled with the most gorgeous and true-to-Florida atmosphere of the year. A deep whiff of the blossoms' perfume is sure to summon a smile.

Orlampa Express emblem

Experience the Orlampa Express Orange Grove Tour--just for the smell of it! 

MarkYourCalendarsMark Your Calendars!  


March 2-3

Legends & Legacies -- "Breaking All Barriers":

Amazing Women in American History

See Brochure


March 16-18

Boy Scout Aviation Camporee

 Learn More


March 29

Sun 'n Fun Splash-In at Fantasy of Flight

Learn More 


March 31

15th Annual Mustangs and Mustangs

Learn More

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