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September 2011

We have dropped plenty of hints about something special... Now prepare yourself for an utterly new adventure up in the air...  Wing Walk Air images


Some call it a "Ropes Course." But we prefer to call it a "Confidence Course" because it will convert meek-and-mild you into a Thrill-Hungry, Wing-Walking, Super-You! Three levels of adventure at 40+ feet and 33 challenges plus 600 screaming feet of zip line--all over water and parallel with Fantasy of Flight's legendary runway...


Is that enough to push your boundaries?


We'll see you at Wing Walk Air. Coming Fall 2011. Watch Fantasy of Flight's website for more developments, including special rates for Annual Pass Holders!

LegsAndLegsEscapeLegends Legacies banner 2011

 During World War II, American Prisoners of War (POWs) utilized a variety of tactics and innovations, from encoding messages to creating elaborate tunnel systems. The Great Escape was a mass exodus attempt from a camp which thGreat Escape poster 2011e Germans considered to be practically escapeproof. However, the prisoners formed an evacuation committee and developed a way to free themselves.


Legends & Legacies  symposiums provide the audience with an opportunity to learn first-hand the personal struggles, challenges, and accomplishments of these amazing Americans. Although the path was not always easy, they faced their challenges with amazing courage and strength. Don't miss these rare opportunities to meet and celebrate real heroes. Learn more about this captivating event, which will take place on October 14-15.


nightFlight artwork

nightFlightPhase3nightFlight Fans Rejoice!

New Dates Announced for Phase 3

October 1 and 29


Phase 1 and 2 of nightFlight netted a treasure trove of paranormal evidence and have focused the next phase of the investigation to seek out specific "high response" areas at Fantasy of Flight.


Welcome to nightFlight Phase 3:


 Who are "Melissa" and the British spirit who urge us to stay in the Carrier Deck?

  Are those long-gone Rosie the Riveters who whistle and call at the B-17?

 What prompts the emotional vortex that repeats itself in the Officers Club?

 What new data awaits our investigators during Phase 3?


Reservations are now open for the October 1 and 29 nightFlight investigations. Click here to make your reservation now.

SikorskyAnnualSikorsky's "Parents"

Check Out its New Pad


A celebrated recent visitor the the hangars, the Sikorsky S-39, was recently up for its annual inspection. Like every other aircraft (and many humans), this airplane is highly specialized and has its own unique qualities. Dick and Pat Jackson, the good folks who originally restored and currently own "The Spirit of Igor," travelled all the way from New Hampshire to guide the Aircraft Department through the details of its annual. Also, Dick was happy to familiarize Kermit Weeks with all its systems during a shared test flight.


Sik 39 with Dick Pat and Kermit August 2011

Dick and Pat Jackson celebrate "The Spirit of Igor" with Kermit Weeks.

Dick and Pat's passion for this aircraft dates back to 1964, when they tracked the then-decrepit hull from deep in Alaska. Starting with that hull, they invested 40 years in searching out every component and lovingly rebuilding it. Pat remarks, "It's not it. It's them! It probably took five different aircraft to make this one!" They tell the whole story on their fascinating website.


Having the airplane as a visitor  in the collection is a point of pride for Fantasy of Flight. And Dick and Pat agree that it couldn't be in better hands than Kermit's.


LoveisintheAirAirplanes aren't the only thing...

Love is in the Air too!


For years, we've been saying vintage aviation is wildly romantic, and now the proof is in! No less than four recent guests have departed their visit to Fantasy of Flight forever altered. They Marriage Proposal Gregorywalked in as single folks, but they left engaged.


Gregory Painter and Maritza Osorio had their first date at Fantasy of Flight. A year to the day later, they returned. Gregory dropped to his knee and proposed to Maritza in front of the Ford Trimotor.


 Marriage proposal Wynn and Lana

In another romantic moment only a month later, Wynn Watson asked gently for the hand of Lana Warren in the Officers Club. The B-24 provided just the right mood lighting.


Both young ladies said, "Yes!"


By the way, did we happen to mention that Fantasy of Flight is a great venue for a wedding?

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Legends & Legacies: The Great Escape


Benoist XIV Blog Premieres


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Roar n' Soar: R/C Aircraft


Sikorsky S-39: A Visit with Igor's Folks


Scouts American Heritage Camporee


Engaging Guests at Fantasy of Flight


Pass Holders: Bring a Buddy


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Fight Breast Cancer at Fantasy of Flight 

BenoistBlogBenoist Aircraft Build Chronicled 
on Benoist Blog

 Benoist with Jannus waving

January 1, 2014 marks the centennial of the world's first airline flight, which took place in nearby St. Petersburg as pilot Tony Jannus flew a Benoist XIV, carrying a single passenger 23 miles across Tampa Bay. The Florida Aviation Historical Society 
is planning a spirited celebration of the historic event at the exact spot and moment (plus 100 years) the original flight took place.


But what about the aircraft? Since the original Benoist is long gone, Fantasy of Flight is building an exact replica, which Kermit Weeks will pilot across Tampa Bay at the centennial event. Daily visitors to Fantasy of Flight get an up-close look at this project during the daily Wood Shop Tour with restoration expert Ken Kellett. 


And those of you eager to watch the whole process can check out the new Benoist2014 blog.


Upcoming entries will explore the research process as well as share all the thrills and travails that are part of bringing old airplanes back to life! It's sure to be fun, and we welcome you along for the ride.

2011 RnS logo
RnSRCAircraftSaturday & Sunday
November 12 & 13


R/C Aircraft
Smaller in Scale
But Full-Sized in Spirit

 R/C airplanes at RnS

From the moment of its inception five years ago, Roar n' Soar has celebrated Radio Controlled Model Aircraft, proudly partnering with event organizer Steve Thomas of Bob's Hobby Center to present a wildly popular scale model aircraft feature. 


What makes Roar n' Soar special? Says Steve: "Our pilots enjoy Roar n' Soar because they are flying in a unique environment. Historically, we pair the R/C aircraft to complement what Kermit is flying. When he flew the Fokker Triplane, we did a Triplane demonstration and mirrored his maneuvers." He adds with a chuckle, "From some perspectives, you couldn't tell the real one from the model!" 


The R/C aircraft segment is one of the most high-spirited locations throughout the event. In November, check out the Radio Controlled Model Aircraft and say hello to Steve!

R/C fun at Roar n' Soar

R/C fun at Roar n' Soar

ScoutsAmHerCampScouts American Heritage Camporee

September 23-25

Scouts with Tuskegee Airmen

Scouts gather with Tuskegee Airmen at the C-Model Mustang.

Don't miss a Scouting Adventure that will be remembered around campfires for years to come! Scouts meet extraordinary American veterans whose contributions have gifted us with a heritage of honor, pride, and courage. Learn more and register quickly. This event is filling up! 


Learn how to participate in the American Heritage Camporee.

PassHoldersBuddyAnnual Pass Holders: Bring a Buddy for FREE
Fantasy of Flight Annual Pass

Share the world's greatest collection of aircraft with your favorite buddy this summer. All Annual Pass holders are invited to bring a friend along to visit Central Florida's premier aviation attraction for free through September 30. 

Big Pink Ribbon Banner

On October 22nd Fantasy of Flight is proudly hosting two great events in the fight against breast cancer. We have joined hands with the American Cancer Society and Making Strides Against Breast Cancer together with The Big Pink Ribbon initiative. Together we can find a cure!