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August 2011

Legendary C-47 Dakota N1944A

is Coming Home to Fly!

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Despite popular rumors, one of the most legendary World War II aircraft flying, the C-47 Dakota N1944A, will not be put in mothballs. In fact, this beloved hero is coming home from a long stay in Europe to take a place of pride in the flying aircraft collection of Kermit Weeks, owner of Fantasy of Flight in Polk City, Florida.


Of the remaining collectable World War II aircraft still flying, very few actually saw duty. And of those, eveKermit embraces C-47 propn fewer have the war record of N1944A:

  • D-Day Invasion
  • Operation Market Garden
  • Battle of the Bulge
  • Crossing of the Rhine
  • Repatriation of POWs at war's end

Its journey from the UK to the USA requires a North Atlantic crossing, flown by award-winning pilot Weeks and Verne Jobst, who has 8,000 hours in DC-3s. Making up the crew of the trans-Atlantic flight is Glen Moss (flown two crossings, one in a DC-3 and last month in a Cessna), who is consulting on the flight, and Fantasy of Flight Aircraft Department staffers Andy Salter and Wayne Root, both of whom bring vital mechanical skills to the operation.


C-47 crew in Iceland

N1944A and Fantasy of Flight crew in Iceland:

(l to r)  Andy, Wayne, Glen, Verne, and Kermit

















The route includes elements of the "Great Circle Route,"  but according to Weeks, they may deviate slightly to what he jokingly calls the "Great Scenic Route." N1944A will make its Homecoming debut in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, where it will be displayed for a few months, before flying south to Fantasy of Flight. 

C-47 departing Kemble photo by Graham Wasey

N1944A departs Kemble Airport, UK, and begins its journey home (Photo: Graham Wasey)

Weeks has fulfilled his promise to provide updates, photos, and observations, which are posted as they occur. "Of course," reminds Weeks with a laugh, "This all relies on the technology. There will probably not be a 3G signal available in some of our locations."


Trans-Atlantic ferrying of significant vintage aircraft is becoming rarer and rarer these days, taking place only every 5 or 10 years. Weeks' last and only ferrying across the Atlantic took place in 1993, when he brought his Short Sunderland to the USA. He sees this flight as one of the last of its kind and certainly one of the most significant.


LegsAndLegsEscapeLegends Legacies banner 2011

 Great Escape poster 2011

During World War II, American Prisoners of War (POWs) utilized a variety of tactics and innovations, from encoding messages to creating elaborate tunnel systems. The Great Escape was a mass exodus attempt from a camp which the Germans considered to be practically escapeproof. However, the prisoners formed an evacuation committee and developed a way to free themselves.



Aloysius T. Outhouse III Makes his Debut at Fantasy of Flight

SgtOuthouseDebutJoining Fantasy of Flight's ever-growing cast of characters is Sgt. Outhouse, a deeply dedicated military training

Outhouse Eddie and Jack at TriMotor engine

Outhouse is shown the ropes by Eddie Cotterpin and Smilin' Jack

instructor, who believes that the problems of the world would end if everyone lived by two abiding principles: Discipline and dedication.


Lucky for Outhouse, he was born into a military family--a direct descendent Tiberius Augustus Romulus Outhouse, who led the decisive charge at the battle of Magillicuddy's Kneecap and was awarded the Order of the Rose Garter with a Peanut Cluster, posthumously. Every member of Outhouse's family has chosen a military path, even his mother who was a drill instructor for Jackie Cochran's famous WASP pilots (her alarm clock played "Reveille"--one of the few songs that brings a tear to the eye of Outhouse) and his 2nd cousin Ludmilla Outhousekovna who trained the Night Witches. 


Next time you are at Fantasy of Flight, give Sgt. Outhouse a salute... or he'll make you drop and give him twenty.

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Claire and Marty Ferry share a smile with Kermit Weeks at 2010 Roar n' Soar.

According to Marty, the participants look forward to RnS year after year because it is all about "sheer pleasure and the fellowship of people who cherish the beauty of classic raceboats." Judging from the crowds at the lake every year, they are in good company.

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Mr. Weeks ---We visited Fantasy of Flight for the first time on Sunday. Our family (mom, dad, son - 8yrs, son - 5yrs) completely enjoyed the experience!


Thank you for everything, especially for making your outstanding private collection accessible to the public; creating the perfect balance of entertainment and education with the various exhibits, planes on display, and live demonstrations operating all days; making the attraction available to working families offering Florida resident specials, also a benefit for working families.


--Kimberly C. from Florida

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