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at Fantasy of Flight

Aerial photo of Fantasy of Flight's grounds


Fantasy of Flight is stretching its wings yet again, refreshing some time-honored features of its unique facility, while adding brand new exciting ones.


  • The formerly bumpy road to sparkling Lake Agnes has been resurfaced and restored, making a tram-trip to the lake a breezy and delightful journey.
  • Some thrilling expansions and brand new structures are getting ready to appear. Their purpose is simple: to create more opportunities "to light that spark within!" In addition to spark-lighting, we intend to give the World's Greatest Aircraft Collection some breathing room...and maybe offer an opportunity for guests to get a little closer to its treasures.
  • This expansion also opens up space as some long-awaited new additions to the collection roll in. (The Albatros was just the first of several aircraft surprises that are percolating...)

The effect of all this is going to be profound!


Picture a new energy in the facility... new tours... new adventures... new opportunities to light that spark within! And--believe it or not--the biggest and most exciting new addition has yet to be announced.


Prepare for a whopper of a surprise! Watch this space.



Ford Tri-Motor in the Limelight 

Ford Tri over Lake June 2011

FordLimelightFlorida is truly beautiful from the Ford Tri-Motor

In salute of the inaugural flight of Direct Air Airlines' new route to our local Lakeland Linder Airport, Fantasy of Flight rolled out the red airplane--the Ford Tri-Motor--for a special flight. The passenger list was a group of goodwill ambassadors from Hagerstown/Washington County, Maryland, who served as the first passengers on Direct Air's premiere of the Hagerstown-Lakeland route. We figured such intrepid travelers deserved a sense of what the very first airline passengers experienced in 1929, so up they went in the Tri-Motor, piloted by none other than our own Kermit Weeks. 

Ambassadors from Hagerstown after Ford flight June 2011
Hagerstown ambassadors and Kermit Weeks after Ford Tri-Motor flight

In preparation for the flight Kermit and the Aircraft Department wanted to make sure it was passenger ready, which naturally meant a few test flights... an opportunities to grab some fun flight video. To see the world from the POV of the Ford Tri-Motor passenger, check out the latest entries to our YouTube site. 

Florida Attraction Assn Board 062611

Florida Attractions Association Board is willing to work to accommodate the traveler

Also recently at Fantasy of Flight-the Board of Directors of the Florida Attractions Association, hosted by their new chairman, Fantasy of Flight's own General Manager Kim Long.The Florida Attractions Association was founded 62 years ago in 1949 by five attractions to promote and advance the interests of the attractions industry. FAA has since grown to a membership of 94 leading attractions, 85 associate members, and 38 state parks. 


DesertSpecialsSummer Berries = Yummy Compass Rose Dessert Special


Chef Cory tempts Jack and Rosie

Chef Cory has been tempting staff and guests with the sweet goodness of fresh summer berries cascading over whipped crème and delicious angel food cake. This is just a single example of the many new items that crop up as one of Chef's revolving specials. Rumor has it that a new menu is in the offing... and we all take delight in Chef's experiments.

Kermit shows guests the TriMotorKWDropsRope 

You never know what can happen during a visit to Fantasy of Flight


A couple visitors were nearby when one of the pilots was putting a plane away and making minor engine adjustments. As they leaned in to see what he was doing, he invited them for a closer look. Turns out the pilot in question was Fantasy of Flight owner Kermit Weeks and the guests, Sherry and Michele, were tickled for the view beyond the ropes! (By the way, they signed up for Annual Passes before they left!)

A tiny hint to our loyal readers:
Mid-July might be a really good time to keep an eye on Fantasy of Flight's Facebook page. If everything goes according to plan, a big "adventure" may be underway.... It's worth watching!
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Ford Tri-Motor in the Limelight


Compass Rose Special Treats


Kermit "Drops the Rope" for Guests


Summertime Kids Program: Take Off & Soar


Fantasy of Flight Salutes Honor Flight Veterans


Pass Holders: Bring a Buddy


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Roar n' Soar
Friday & Saturday
November 12 & 13,

SummertimeKidsSummer Time is the Right Time to 

Take Off and Soar!


 Kids in Cessna window

 Summertime offers Fantasy of Flight a special opportunity to light that spark within some of the youngest members of our community. So this year, we've introduced an exciting new program: summertime youth groups a super special outing that feeds the head, the heart, and the spirit. Kids enjoy educational and fun-filled adventure activities with entertaining time-traveling characters.

Eddie Cotterpin shares spellbinding science (and fun)  


 So far, it's been a barrel of fun. Take Off and Soar starts off with a "Snoopy vs. the Red Baron" Dance Party, and then the kids depart on special adventure activities with the likes of Rosie the Riveter, Smilin' Jack Eagle, Eddie (EMC2), and Gary the Tour Dude.  

 Rosie and youngsters


Even though the adventure activities are a ridiculously good time, they also strengthen science, language, aviation, communications, and teamwork skills.  



HonorFlightHonor Flight Vets Receive an All-Star Send Off

 Honor Flight celebration July 2011


A fly-over by Kermit Weeks in the C-Model Mustang, a towering tethered balloon, and a visit from popular Fantasy of Flight characters Smilin' Jack Eagle and Eddie Cotterpin celebrated a spectacular send-off for military veterans from Spring Haven Retirement of Winter Haven as they headed off to Tampa for their Honor Flight to Washington DC. Honor Flight is a program funded by private individuals for WWII veterans to fly to the nation's capitol and visit the WWII museum built in their honor and various other war memorials throughout the city.


PassHoldersBuddyAnnual Pass Holders: Bring a Buddy for FREE
Fantasy of Flight Annual Pass

Share the world's greatest collection of aircraft with your favorite buddy this summer. All Annual Pass holders are invited to bring a friend along to visit Central Florida's premier aviation attraction for free through September 30. 

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