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Legends Legacies banner 2011LegendsLegacies 

Join Fantasy of Flight as we present American heroes who bravely and honorably fought for our country.  These are rare opportunities to learn American history through the eyes of those who made it and those committed to sharing their amazing legacies. 


DDay ParatroopersD-Day: The Invasion of Normandy

May 13-14


Symposiums at

10:30 AM and 2:30 PM

Followed by meet-and-greet opportunities.


 Encounter courageous men who participated in one of the greatest surprise attacks ever, the assault that led to the liberation of WWII Europe: D-Day. The Normandy Invasion came overnight with parachute and glider landings, naval bombardments, massive air attacks, and amphibious beachfront assaults. Months in the making, it required the coordination of thousands of Allied Forces and was an operation so mammoth that once set in motion, there was no turning back.   


Currently scheduled to appear: 

Chief Master Sgt Richard Ortega: Most decorated veteran in US military history.

Clifford Kantz: C-47 Pilot - Dropped paratroopers and paragliders

Howard Huebner: Paratrooper

Andre Laferriere:  Boatswains mate 2nd class/landing craft


Hellcat over Carrier for Pacific WarThe Pacific War:  Power and Pursuit 

June 10-11


Initiated on December 7, 1941, with the attack on Pearl Harbor, The Pacific War pitted Allied powers against the Empire of Japan, engaging the U.S. for the first time in battle with a non-European enemy in his theatre of operations. The cultural and strategic requirements would test the spirit and strength of all combatants--on land, sea, and in the air. The challenge of life on aircraft carriers and remote islands, the engagement of fearsome kamikaze, and the legacy of the atomic bomb are just a few of many possible topics.


Learn more about all the Legends & Legacies programs here.



Looking back on

Jonna Doolittle Hoppes presents JD April 2011Calculated Risk: The Extraordinary Life of Jimmy Doolittle 

Last month's Legends & Legacies program featured the wit and wisdom of Jonna Doolittle Hoppes, granddaughter of General James  Doolittle, a legend of 20th century aviation. A spirited presentation celebrating General Doolittle's life and accomplishments thrilled guests. Ms. Hoppes was eager to share her motivation for telling her dad's story: "The reason I talk today is because every story is an important part of the fabric of who we are. My price for being here is for you to find a way to record your own story. Our history will be lost is we don't do our part to protect it." All of us at Fantasy of Flight soundly agree!



Jonna Doolittle Hoppes and Gee Bee R-2 April 2011
Jonna Doolittle Hoppes and the Gee Bee R-2, one of many aircraft flown by her legendary dad, Jimmy Doolittle 


KermitNewZealandKermit's Very Fine Adventures

  KW and PJ with Alb in NZ April 2011

Kermit Weeks, creator of Fantasy of Flight, is smiling in the above photo for several good reasons:

Two Albatros aircraft on patrol
Two Albatros DVa aircraft from The Vintage Aviator 
  •  In the top photo, Kermit is shaking hands with his friend, fellow aviation enthusiast and renowned film director Peter Jackson (The Lord of the Rings, King Kong).
  • Peter Jackson and associates have been building fully-operational, flying replicas of classic World War I aircraft at their workshop, The Vintage Aviator, in Wellington, New Zealand, near where he is shooting his new film The Hobbit.
  • Among their newest and coolest aeroplanes in production at the workshop is the gorgeous and legendary Albatros DVa, which Kermit has been flying in the airshow and getting to know for a very good reason... 
Proud new Albatros owner
Proud new Albatros owner! 
  •  Kermit has just acquired the Albatros plus another unnamed World War I-type aircraft that is still top-secret... and under construction. Kermit's Albatros is completely unique in that it sports an original Mercedes engine and other original equipment. Truly one of a kind! Check out this video of Omaka Airshow highlights that starts off with Kermit flying the new Albatros!
  • Soon both aeroplanes will make the journey to Florida, so all of us at Fantasy of Flight are smiling too. And we bet you will feel the joy when you visit these fully-functional examples of early military aircraft at Fantasy of Flight!
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In this Issue:


Legends and Legacies: D-Day, Pacific War, and Reflections on Doolittle  


Kermit's Adventures in New Zealand


Military Appreciation Month 


World War I Immersion Upgrade


The Blue Max Award Winners


Let's Stuff the Bus


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May Marks National Military Appreciation Month


Fantasy of Flight is pleased to honor the brave individuals of our armed forces by extending free admission to all U.S active-duty, retired, and reserve military, May 1-31. Guests must present a current ID to qualify for the free general admission ticket. Not valid with any other offers or discounts.

WWIImmersionUpgradeWorld War I Immersion Experience Upgrade is Complete
While World War I ended in 1918, Fantasy of Flight keeps it alive to the delight of guests who visit the the World's Greatest Aircraft Collection's World War I Immersion Experience: "The Winds of Change."  
WWI Immersion Aces Emerge April 2011
A thrilling sound/light/video presentation in a realistic trench warfare battle enviroment immerses Fantasy of Flight's guests in the excitement and tremors of the Great War as they travel back to the momentous time when the world greeted an innovative new military technology--aviation--and encounter the aces who flew into battle. 

Trenches of WWI

Warfare and life would never be the same! Next time you are at Fantasy of Flight, let the "Winds of Change" move you.
The Blue Max Graphic
The Winners are In! BlueMaxWinners 

The Blue Max R/C Challenge and Fly-In took place April 15-17 at Fantasy of Flight, featuring an adjudicated Static Judging and Fly-In Competition. Aircraft was limited to those built between 1903-1919. Award winners were as follows:


Iron Cross (top static):

  • Kit=Todd Bixby-1/3 scale Sopwith Camel
  •  Scratch=Rich Feraldi-1/3 scale Albatros DVa
  • ARF=Bruce Horvath-1/4 Fokker D-VI
  • BUSA=Scott Lee-1/3 scale Sopwith Pup

Blue Max:

  • Kit=Doug Pierce-1/3 Fokker D-VII
  • Scratch= Rich Feraldi as above
  • ARF=Bruce Horvath as above
  • BUSA=Scott Lee as above 

Fantasy of Flight Model Citizen=Steve Thomas

Best Entente=Scott Lee as above

Best Central Power=Rich Feraldi as above

Pilot's Choice=Scott Lee as above


Check out some of the terrific Facebook  photo gallery shots taken by fans of the Blue Max R/C show. 

Blue Max 2011 Lineup 

 Blue Max 2011 pilot view

Blue Max 2011 Liberty V-12


It's Time to Stuff the Bus

Stuff the Bus image

StufftheBusPartnering with the Kiwanis Club of Winter Haven, Fantasy of Flight is proud to help "Stuff The Bus" by collecting school supplies to benefit the Polk Education Foundation. As a thank you, Fantasy of Flight is offering visitors who donate school supply items from the accepted list $5 off full-priced adult general admission for each donation, May 1-September 30. 


Review the list of the much-needed school supplies that will qualify for the admission discount and provide support to Polk County school children. The admission discount will only apply for items listed and donated school supplies must be presented at the attraction's admissions counter to qualify for the discount.  Not valid with any other offers, discounts, annual passes or special events.