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April 2011

The Blue Max Graphic

 April 15, 16, and 17 at Fantasy of Flight

The Premiere Vintage and WWI Era

R/C Aircraft Competition


Don't miss this three-day event which features an adjudicated Static Judging and Fly-In Competition with awards for static display and aerial maneuvers. Aircraft is limited to those built between 1903 and 1919.

Blue Max 2010 Dawn Patrol photo      Blue Max 2010 Dawn Patrol 2

Click here to download and print The Blue Max participant registration form. Preregister from now until 4.10.2011. Onsite registration Thursday 4/14 from 3 to 6 p.m. & Friday 4/15  from 7 a.m. to 12 p.m. For Flight Rules & Rules of Engagement, click here.

Legends Legacies banner 2011 

 DoolittleEventCalculated Risk:

The Extraordinary Life of Jimmy Doolittle


Join us on April 15-16 for a touching tribute to the extraordinary life of Jimmy Doolittle as told by his granddaughter and author, Jonna Doolittle Hoppes, who will present an intimate view of theJ. Doolittle in bomber life of this aviation pioneer and World War II hero who led the famous Doolittle Raiders.


James Doolittle's aviation accomplishments represent a cross section of the most thrilling and innovative components of the 20th century. Racer, record-breaker, scientist, academic, strategist, soldier, leader, survivor, war hero.  Despite being a risk taker (first outside loop ever) and speed demon (won all the major racing trophies), he valued science over instinct, evident in his pioneering work in instrument flight. Even so, he engineered and led one of the most bold and courageous air missions of all time: the raid on Tokyo, which compromised the morale of the enemy and rebuilt the hope of Americans.


 Learn more about Ms. Hoppes and her work. 


Learn more about all the Legends & Legacies programs here.

ConnieGloryConnie Returns to her Glory 


Connie and aerial property March 2011 

Frequent visitors to Fantasy of Flight have noticed that the beloved Lockheed Super Constellation L-1649-A Starliner has returned to its position of pride near the front gates AND has gotten some new paint. This extraordinary aircraft never fails to animate the memories of those days when passenger flight was romantic and exciting--worth dressing up for!


Ralph Petterson, who tracks all the latest "Constellation News" for, just published notes from his expedition to Fantasy of Flight's Connie, which warmed all our hearts and gave a nod to the fascinating history of the Connie.


Connie profile March 2011

The color scheme harkens back to its glory days in the service of Lufthansa Airlines in the late '50s and lease-duty as the "Air Force One" for Chancellor Konrad Adenauer of Germany.


MustangsMustangs Sparkled on Land and in the Sky


 The roar of the classic Rolls Royce Merlin was met with the growl of the classic Ford engine as Fantasy of Flight's 14th Annual Mustangs & Mustangs went off without a hitch.


This thrilling event sparkled on a sunny Saturday! Over 450 Mustang car owners earned the admiration of many as their gorgeous autos reflected in the shine of their namesake, the legendary WWII P-51 Mustang aircraft. 


Despite the years, both versions of the Mustang are certifiably sexy beasts! And Mustangs & Mustangs still can't be beat for fun and excitement.


BoyScoutBlastBusy Boy Scout Camporee  

Boy Scouts 2011 group w KW and Barrington Irving

Over 500 scouts enjoyed an unforgettable mid-March camporee weekend at Fantasy of Flight, learning all about aviation, camping, and earning the coveted Aviation badge. Among the many thrills was hanging out with Kermit Weeks and Barrington Irving, the youngest man ever to fly round the world solo!



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Legends and Legacies: James Doolittle Event Coming Up   


Constellation Update


Mustangs & Mustangs Shine in the Sun!


Boy Scout Weekend a Blast! 


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WhatsKermitUpToWhat's Kermit Been Up To?


KW at Cookin Men 2011 


Kermit and Chef Cory served over 400 hungry folks at the Cookin' Men event (see March newsletter). The dish: Naked in Jamaica rum cake made with his own rum called--you guessed it--"Naked in Jamaica."


KW in Curtiss Pusher 2 seat 030711 


Kermit just acquired an utterly unique and flyable 2-seat Curtiss Pusher, which gives Fantasy of Flight a virtual fleet of Curtiss Pushers. (Three!) The new Pusher will be arriving in just a few months.

SpottedonFacebookRecently Spotted on Facebook
 Fantasy of Flight fan Tyler Thomas of Tampa posted some remarkable works of art, which he created from photos he took during a visit to the collection.

Tyler Thomas C Model
Tyler Thomas Gee Bee and Sunderland
Tyler Thomas Nieuport
Tyler Thomas Super Solution

Plus check out the delightfully dramatic filming of an otherwise ordinary landing of the Duck recently at Sun 'n Fun. Created by our own Facebook maven Kevin McNulty.  
UpcomingEventsUpcoming Events 


Calculated Risk: The Extraordinary Life of Jimmy Doolittle

(Part of Legends & Legacies Symposium Series)

April 15-16


The Blue Max: Vintage and World War I R/C aircraft competition

April 15-17


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